How to Make Corn Bags

The backyard lawn game known as “ cornhole ” —or depending on where you live in the country it could besides be known as bean bag pass, tailgate toss, baggo or bags—is a playfulness game where players take turns throwing bags of corn at a slant wood platform with a hole in the far end. If you get your bag in the hole you score 3 points, and if your bean bag stays on the chopine you score 1 point. The first base team to reach 21 points wins. It is such a great summer backyard game ! I recently showed you how to build a cornhole dining table and said I ’ five hundred be back with a branch tutorial for the corn whiskey pocket. today I am going to show you step by tone how to make corn bags for your cornhole boards .
how to make corn bags

Step 1: Measure your material and cut.

You need two different fabrics in order to make four corn bags for each type of fabric. Outdoor framework, duck cloth or canvas tent work good for this project. Cut 16 7″x7″ squares of framework to make your corn whiskey bags. If you have a framework cutting board and synchronous converter tender, you are fortunate. Simply measuring stick 7 inches by 7 inches and cut a strip of fabric and then cut that airstrip every 7 inches. If you don ’ t have these tools on hand, just improvise. I used a fictile Square to measure my 7″x7″ framework squares. I drew on the framework with a fabric pencil and then cut the squares by hand .
how to corn hole bean bags

Step 2: Place fabric squares on top of each other wrong side out.

once you have your 16 squares cut, 8 in one framework and 8 in another, place two matching fabric squares together wrong side out .
fabric squares

Step 3: Sew each cornhole bag twice (double stitch).

Since you ’ ll be throwing these bean bags with 1 sudanese pound of corn inside, you want to make surely they stay sewed closed ! Game Over if corn goes flying everywhere : ). Start 2/3 of the manner down one side of your square and stitch all the manner around the square until you reach the slope where you began. Stitch 1/3 of the way down that side being surely to leave a 1/3 col in the center. You need a station to fill the base with corn thus don ’ triiodothyronine sew it wholly shut. Repeat this summons therefore that each square is double sewed and secure. Turn the bags right-side out and push the corners out with your finger or the eraser end of a pencil .
sew cornhole bags

Step 4: Fill bags with corn and sew shut.

Each cornhole base needs to be filled with 1 impound of corn. This ends up being approximately 2 cups of corn. If you have a feed shop near you, then buy 8 pound of feed corn. I went to Target alternatively and bought popcorn : ). To make filling the bags easier, use a funnel. ( I created one with some menu breed from the recycling bank identification number. ) once your bag is filled, rate a few straight pins to hold the bag in put and sew the opening shut. You could use framework glue and then hand stitch the afford closed if you want a procure and finished front. I precisely ran it through the sewing machine to save time .
corn hole bag how to
When you are finished, admire your cunning corn bags ! Throwing cunning bags onto cunning boards makes this game sol much more fun to play .
corn hole bean bags

The bags have taken a draw of abuse and so far so full. I was a little concern about the framework I used because it ’ s not ampere thickly as canvas but it ’ s held up fine so far. They slide beautifully on my boards and I ’ ve scored quite a few points with them indeed I ’ d say they are a success : ). I ’ five hundred sexual love to hear if you decide to make your own so let me know if you do so .
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