How To Hang Lights In a Room Without Nails: Try These 12 Ways

Whether you ’ ra transforming your home into a gay vacation wonderland or going for a bantam touch-up, lights can take your space to the adjacent level. Of course, you might already have a imagination of what the end result looks like – beautiful, relax, exciting, inspiring. The alone thing stopping you is the think of using heavy tools and putting holes in the walls. well, if you ’ re wondering how to hang lights in a room without nails, you ’ ve do to the good station .

How to hang lights in a room without nails

With just a little creativity and the properly supplies, you can hang lights and decorations without ever lifting a mallet. Check out these easy ways to hang lights without nails for the least nerve-racking hanging experience conceivable .

1. Use adhesive clips

With damage-free adhesive material hooks or clips, you can deck the halls without nails or tension. You can choose from diverse adhesive hooks and clips, depending on your needs. Some hold more system of weights and are helpful for wreaths or string lights with large shapes such as candy canes and snowflakes. Smaller hook are arrant for fagot lights and other decorations like banners and garlands. All you have to do is peel, cling, and voilà – now, you ’ re ready to see your space in a whole new idle .

2. Drape on furniture

There ’ s no rule saying you can lone hang lights on the walls or from the ceiling. If anything, draping lights on your furniture can help you illuminate your distance without extra supplies. Simply choose a piece of uncompromising furniture near an mercantile establishment, then grab your lights, and you ’ re good to go. Drape your lights over bookshelves, coffee bean tables, nightstands, television stands, and even the dresser for some extra vacation liveliness. It ’ s so easy you might never go back to using nails again.

string lights draped on bookshelf

3. Wrap around banisters

Make the holidays even more charming by lighting the path to your kids ’ room with string lights. Wrap them around your stairway banisters so that, when the kids run upstairs to sleep, they ’ re greeted by sparkling fairy lights that inspire their imagination. With a nearby mercantile establishment or extension cord, it ’ mho immediate to wrap lights around the bannister. Just set your cords up complimentary of tripping hazards to transform your space, whether seasonal or everyday occasions, wholly hassle-free .

4. Use brick and brick clips

Stockings aren ’ t the lone thing you can hang from your fireplace. Jazz up your living room by hanging rope lights right from your fireplace ’ s brick with brick clips. These clips are uniquely designed to hold onto bricks ( a typical challenge with ordinary clips ) without causing wrong or leaving residue behind. Each clip comes with one or two hooks for hanging your colored lights and adding some extra cheer throughout your home .
Complement your fireplace string lights with the HolidayPort USB Christmas Light. With this light, you ’ ll see a glad Santa and a bouncing Snowman blissfully dancing over your mantel. Plug the light into any USB port and snuggle up by the fireplace, listen to holiday hits, and drink hot cocoa. Your Santa and Snowman will transform your distance from merely cozy to amply immersed in vacation cheer .
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5. From a curtain rod

Make the most of casual family items by using them for multiple purposes. For exercise, although you ’ ve credibly merely ever used curtain rods to hang curtains, they ’ ra arrant for hanging string lights american samoa well. You can wrap the lights around the rod or use a few energy ties to secure them in place. Just like that, you ’ ll have upgraded your cozy nook by the window to a capricious fantasyland .
string lights on curtain rod

6. Transparent tape

now you see it, now you don ’ triiodothyronine ! diaphanous tape can create the magic trick of your string lights magically sticking to the walls with nothing holding them up. Use the strongest type of regular or double-sided crystalline adhesive material tape to support your lights in full. Some tapes can hold up to 15 pounds and withstand all kinds of weather. These tapes can make hanging lights on your balcony a total breeze .
When using tape, apply it merely to your lights ’ wires and not the bulb themselves. This way, you don ’ t obscure your lights and dial down the sharp impact your lights can have on by rights setting the mood .
clear adhesive tape

7. Wrap around household objects

When it comes to hanging lights in a board without nails, about everything in the sign of the zodiac has some sort of application. good as you can wrap lights around banisters, curtain rods, and furniture, you can wrap them around ordinary family objects. Again, there ’ s no rule that says you must only hang lights on the wall ! Let your imagination run godforsaken .
string lights draped over guitar

8. Staples

Let ’ s say you ’ re wondering how to hang lights in your room without nails because you ’ re worry about taking a hammer to the walls. You ’ re not worry about making bantam, nail-sized holes in the wall, though – those may be easier to patch and are overall less noticeable than a nail. In that case, stapling your string lights to the wall is a viable choice. It ’ s a quick process that does minimal wrong to your walls. Plus, most staples won ’ thymine obviously stand out from your wires or interfere with your transportive light .

9. Pushpins

You know that pile of pushpins you ’ ve somehow gathered over the years in a trash drawer but don ’ triiodothyronine very use ? Well, nail-free light is the perfect means to put them to use ! Though bantam, pushpins are mighty. You can easily insert them between the flex, tat wires of fairy lights and string lights — objects that aren ’ t heavy adequate to yank on a thumbtack .
Pushpins come in enough of styles deoxyadenosine monophosphate well – administration, colored, formative, open, fun shapes, you name it. Although they do leave small holes in the walls, these holes are much less detectable and way easier to patch up than with nails. You can leave your lights up all class or change them up to match every vacation that comes your way .
push pins

10. Adhesive putty

brassy substances like Blu Tack are reclaimable adhesives that support small items without leaving any holes in the rampart. It works best with fairy lights or other lightweight items. To use it, simply press the wire or LED bulb themselves into the putty at evenly separated intervals. Once the putty is pushed on the wall, just turn on your lights. You ’ ll immediately transform your room into an enchanting space – and, in the process, transform your thinker into something altogether calm .

11. Wire suckers

Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate let windows get in the means of hanging hanker string lights. You can press overcharge wire suckers, which are basically sucking cups, onto windows to hang cosmetic lights for any occasion. Put up your red and green LEDs to greet Rudolph and his friends, then swap them out for cordate lights for Valentine ’ s Day .

12. Galaxy projectors

String lights and fagot lights aren ’ t the only room to hang lights in a room without nails. You can besides turn to galaxy projectors for 900 square feet of wall or ceiling coverage from not even 10 feet away. This amount of coverage is more than merely light – it ’ s a way to in full immerse your room in incomparable sights and colors .
case in charge : the Sky Lite 2.0. It can fill every holiday, celebration, or relaxing night with glittering stars and motley nebula clouds that mentally transport you far beyond this planet. Control the colors, patterns, and effects right with just a individual tap on your call screen. then, sit back, relax, and let your lighting take you miles away – all without nails and hammers .
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