How to Make Skype Close to System Tray


How to Make Skype Close to System Tray

By Skype users have the application open all day while chatting or doing video or sound recording calls. here ’ s how to get rid of the Skype picture without quitting it .
Skype users have the application overt all day while chatting or doing video or audio calls. If you have a bunch of programs outdoors during the day, taskbar space might be at a premium.

Update: This article was originally written for an old version of Skype. For the mod translation on Windows 10, you need to launch the app and go to Settings > General and turn on the “ On stopping point, keep Skype running ” switch.

Older Versions of Skype and Windows

Another irritation you might have noticed is that when you right-click the Skype icon and choose Close, it doesn ’ t remove the picture from the taskbar. here ’ s how to get rid of the Skype icon without quitting it. Skype

Make Skype Minimize to System Tray

To cure both problems, you can make Skype close to the System Tray, it ’ mho odd that the sic for this is buried in a bunch together of menu, but you can do it once and will be good to go. Launch Skype and go to Tools > Options.

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future choice Advanced options from the menu column on the right – it ’ mho at the buttocks. then in Advanced Setting uncheck Keep Skype in the Taskbar While I ’ thousand Signed in, then make certain to save the place setting. Advanced Skype Settings After that, you will need to close the Skype window ( hitting X not minimize ) and it will close to the System Tray at the lower right field. The area where the clock is — technically called the Notification Area. If you have conversations open, it will still display on the taskbar, but if you ’ ra not using it, it ’ s convenient to close to the system tray so it ’ s out o the way and you have more space for other things .

Smaller Taskbar Icons

Bonus Tip: To get more icons on the Taskbar, you can fit more by making them smaller. To do that, right-click on the taskbar and blue-ribbon Properties. then under the Taskbar yellow journalism, check Use Small Taskbar Buttons and snap OK. Taskbar Options After that, you ’ ll notice that several more icons will fit. This is great, but if you have poor people eyesight and fuss see, this might not be an option. Small Icons

so if you follow both of these tips, you can make surely you have more room for significant programs you need to open cursorily or entree the Jump List for.

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