How To Make Money As A Kid (Age 6 And Up)

When I was younger, it was so much more difficult to make money as a kid than it is nowadays. While that wasn ’ t so big for the kids of my generation, it is making life a set easier for my kids .
My parents did a pretty good caper of teaching my brothers and me fiscal responsibility. But, I learned as an pornographic that there were actually quite a few gaps in my fiscal cognition base. As parents, we can only teach what we know. so, if there is something I don ’ metric ton know about finances and money, I am much more retentive in my education now .
I want my children to be more financially understanding than I was at their old age. A big separate of this education has been teaching them how to make some excess money, even when they ’ rhenium young .

In-person ways to make money as a kid

How To Make Money As A Kid (Age 6 And Up) - In-person ways to make money as a kid For younger kids, ages six and up, making money can be a little more unmanageable. But, most kids have a antic social media net to pull from. And they have their parents to back them up and help them find money-making opportunities.

Anything your child decides to do to make money should be run by you first. After all, kids can ’ thymine beget to a lot of these curious jobs without their parents ’ consent, or transportation .

  • Babysit. If your child is matter to in babysitting tied at the age of 10-12, then you, as the rear, can help find them babysitting gigs through your friends and neighbors. That way you are comfortable with the firm your child will be left alone at. Sometimes what is needed is a mother ’ second or don ’ randomness benefactor so your child would not even necessarily be alone .
  • Create a yard sale. Helping your kids go through their previous clothes, shoes, and toys is a bang-up way to help your kid make money. Have them set up a cubic yard sale and whatever money they make they get to keep .
  • Have your kids work for your small business. If you are freelance and have any tasks your children can help you with, then you can pay them to do therefore. The tasks can vary by senesce. But even younger children can help with things such as sorting and shredding mail .
  • Organize people’s stuff. If your 11 or 12-year-old child has an center for organizing, then they may be able to offer this service to others. You ’ ll motivation to help them find people that will let them organize for them, with your aid, of path .
  • Walk dogs. Walking dogs is something that most kids love doing, and most adults could use aid with. Plus, if the two of you can do it together, then you both get some bracing air and exercise besides .
  • Wash cars. If your child is younger, they can offer to wash the neighbor ’ second cars. once they get older and can legally work with a workplace let, some car washes might be uncoerced to hire them .
  • Water plants.  Help your child find families that are vacationing, sour long hours, or are aged and good could use a helping hand with their plants .
  • Yard work. Yard exercise is something most of us need help with regularly. If you are volition to loanword out your yard equipment to your kids, then this could be a capital money-making opportunity for them in your region. not to mention, it ’ second barely easy money .
  • Making jewelry. This activeness gets to bring out the creativity in both you and your child. There are so many different ways to approach making jewelry, that the sky is about the limit with what you can come up with together .
  • Selling t-shirts. Designing and selling t-shirts together has never been easier than it is today. You don ’ t need a graphic architect and a shield printer anymore. There are plenty of websites geared towards creating your own t-shirts, marketing them, and selling them such asShopify ,Zazzle ,Teespring ,CafePress, and more .
  • Become a product flipper to their peers. One of my stepchild has been flipping candy and shoes to his school and neighborhood peers. If your child has a good eye for a distribute, then this may be a good money-making option for them .

Online ways to make money as a kid

If your child is more digitally grok, then they may be more tend to find ways to make money on-line rather. Either way, your child should ask your permission before they embark on ways to make money. Since they are minors, they need parental license to engage in these activities .

  • Take online surveys. I love taking on-line surveys and so do my kids ! These can be a fortune of playfulness, and since the kids are on their devices more frequently than not, they might a well be making some money at the lapp time. Some of our front-runner on-line survey sites areSwagbucks and Opinion Outpost
  • Create illustrations. If your child likes to create illustrations, then they could make some money with this skill. Get them adecent illustrating tablet and intuitive software ( I suggest clip Studio Paint Pro ) and they will be on their way. A capital web site to have them set up a portfolio on isDeviantart .
  • Make crafts or jewelry to sell online. If your child loves to create jewelry and crafts, then selling them on-line may be a bang-up way for them to make money as a kid. The most popular web site for things of this nature presently isEtsy .
  • Make YouTube videos. Our kids today are engineering grok, right ?YouTube is a platform where some properly money can be made if your child loves to create videos. A fortune of kids have been creating videos specifically for YouTube to get the distributor point of making money. For model, kids can be merchandise testers and make video recording of them testing out products from different companies. even if your kid merely wants to make video talking about particular subjects ( video recording games, how-to-videos, etc. ), they can place ads in their videos to start generating income. As a rear, however, you should be monitoring this money-making avenue closely .
  • Sell their old stuff online. There are many unlike platforms for your kids to sell their honest-to-god gorge on-line. Some of our favorites areeBay ,Facebook Marketplace ,Craigslist ,Poshmark, andAmazon .
  • Start a blog. If your child loves to write, starting a web log at a young age could potentially help your kids get to the point of monetization by the time they could in truth use it. Writing a web log can be a draw of playfulness, but it can take a while to start making money with a blog. so this could be more of a longer-term goal that kids can grow into over the years .
  • Start taking photographs. Taking photograph can be a great way to put your child ’ s hobby to good use. Some of the best sites that might be bequeath to pay them for their photographs areEyeEm ,Foap, andScoopshot .
  • Streaming. If your child is already boastfully into watching streamed alive content, then it may be time for them to start creating their own. live stream throughTwitch is a great way to get them started .
  • Selling digital goods. Creating an ebook or a course is a great direction to begin selling digital goods with very little overhead .
  • Making music. If your child has a musical auricle, then this may equitable be the money-making writing style for them. One of the best places to get started is withSpotify .
  • Create games.  One of my children is huge into video games and is constantly coming up with ways for the games to be better. If this sounds like your child, then it may be time to investigate creating their own plot and monetize it ( trust me, it ’ s a lot easier than it sounds ) .
  • App tester. Since most of our kids are very embedded in the digital world, it only makes common sense for them to make some money by testing apps. There are quite a few places your child can begin doing this, but two of the best places to get started are withTesterWork andUberTesters.

When can you start teaching your kids about money?

How To Make Money As A Kid (Age 6 And Up) - When can you start teaching your kids about money tied when kids are identical little, you can still begin to begin teaching them about money. When kids are toddlers, they are extremely inquisitive and have a strong desire to learn. It is besides during this timeframe that they begin to strongly mirror your behavior .
indeed, it makes natural sense to begin introducing them to the mind of money when they are in this frame of mind. Around this old age, I began teaching my children about money a few unlike ways :

  • Taking them to the grocery store memory to look at the monetary value tags .
  • Having them tell me how many fingers something cost .
  • Showing them the different ways you can pay for groceries ( credit/debit card, cash, check, EBT card ) .
  • Buying a play cash register and plastic food to have a profess grocery store shopping trip at home .

If you start with basic lessons and pretend dally like this, then building on this fiscal foundation is a lot easier as your child ages .

Benefits of teaching your kids about money

The benefits of teaching your kids about money are about endless. specially in nowadays ’ sulfur society where most of us have more debt than income. If you can begin teaching our kids about money when they are actually young, then they will grow up knowing more than you did .

The value of a dollar

One of the biggest, and easiest, lessons to teach your children about money is the value of a dollar. This lesson can begin with the grocery memory model from above. A good way to do this, depending upon their long time, is to tell them how much money you have budgeted for this particular grocery store trip. then, they can help you add up all of the items as you go .
When kids do this, they get to see a physical case of how much groceries in truth cost. once this concept is grasped, the future step is to give them a humble total of money to spend on their own. Start with $ 1 or $ 2 to see how far that little bit of money doesn ’ t actually extend .

How to save for long-term goals

Opening up a savings history for your kids is a great way to help them begin to save money for long-run goals. When they are younger, they won ’ thymine have access to withdraw funds themselves. indeed, you will be in cathexis of what they can take out .
A adept way to drive this point home is to have them choose something large that they would like to save for. Depending upon their old age, that can vary wide. But some items to consider may be :

  • bicycle .
  • Skateboard .
  • Video games .
  • Gaming console .
  • earphone .
  • furniture .
  • Trip .
  • car .
  • College .

once you and your child have chosen their big token, then you can help them break down the total cost and how long it will take to save the money to get there. The conduct is that they won ’ thymine be able to take the money out of the savings account until they have the full amount due for the detail .
This can very help keep them laser-focused on the boastful goal and hopefully get them concerned in finding early ways to make money as a child .

What disposable income really means

As kids get older, they start to understand a bite more about bills and how much things price. Teaching them about monthly recurring animation expenses is a truly good example to impart before they fly the cage. I know my first years as an adult were spent living hand to sass and eating the cheapest foods I could find. This was because I had little to no money since about everything I made went to support expenses .
Teaching your kids about what disposable income very means is exceptionally authoritative. This message can be taught in a few different ways. But, a great way to show them is to have them go through your budget with you. This way they can see what your recurring expenses are adenine well as any remaining money, or disposable income .
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How much retirement might cost and how to save for it

When it comes to retirement, I suggest telling your young kids to include this number in their monthly recurring expenses budget. This way they will be sure to put something away towards retirement every single month and not let it fall by the wayside .
How much retirement costs will vary depending upon where your child chooses to live and what they have planned for their retirement. This conversation will look different depending upon the ages of your children besides. No matter their old age, evening if they are saving merely a bunch of dollars per month, they will be well on their way towards a collocate of savings for retirement. And as they get older, they can begin to save more, as they are earning more .
This will be highly helpful to them due to the charming of compounding. If lone I had known about compound concern when I was a adolescent. Oh, how I would have made unlike fiscal choices !
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Overall financial independence

The biggest benefit your children will get out of you teaching them about money at a young age is the ability to achieve fiscal independence. This is a big one ! particularly because a lot of us, as parents, seaport ’ thyroxine even achieved this .
Since we, as parents, want our children to live a better life than we did, helping them to achieve fiscal independence only seems natural. And one of the best ways to teach them that is to get them involved in making their own money as kids .
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How your kids can put their hard-earned money to work for their future

once your kids start earning some of their own money, there are many things they can do with it. Of course, they could spend it on a draw of things they may want right immediately. But, it makes much more fiscal common sense for them to put their hard-earned money to work for their future .
There are a few different ways you help them learn this example. Some of my favorite options ( and we have done all of these ) are :

  • Put money into a high yield savings account.High yield savings accounts can range in the APY, but they are always higher than your typical brick and mortar savings account. You can find some of the best options for high yield accounts here.
  • Open an investment account. Helping your kids open an investment score is a great way to teach them about the stock market. This is specially on-key while they are younger when the stakes aren ’ thyroxine as senior high school with regard to them losing massive sums of money. Some very user-friendly options are populace and J. P. Morgan Self-Directed Investing
  • Put gift money into a UTMA account. When the kids are getting money gifted to them from a class member for holidays and birthdays, they should put it into a UTMA report. You can set these up as custodial accounts which will then be rolled over to them once they turn 18. These types of accounts let you help your kids choose which ETF ’ s and/or common funds they want to invest in after they have deposited the money into their UTMA account .
  • Invest in a Roth IRA with their earned income.  One of my favorite retirement savings vehicles for kids is aRoth IRA. however, your kids must have earned income in order to contribute to one. These types of accounts can be opened as custodial accounts, just like the UTMA accounts. You will deposit your kids ’ gain income into the bill and then they, or you both, can choose what they would like to invest in. This has become one of our favorite fiscal games around our family since our kids like to see whose investment choices are performing the best. Some big options for Roth IRAs are fidelity ,Vanguard, and Charles Schwab. not all investment firms offer custodial Roth IRA ’ second, so your choices here may be a snatch more limited than opening a Roth IRA history for yourself .


Teaching your kids about finances and how to make money as a child are extremely important lessons. But embrace the challenge with your youthful children as they become budding adults !

While you may not know everything about finances, learning newfangled things together might merely teach you both something valuable. And if your kids can learn to make extra cash now, when they are still children, then they will ultimately be much more divers and adaptable in terms of managing everything fiscal late on. Plus, they ’ ll get a small pocket money so they don ’ t have to keep asking you for $ 20 every time they want to go to Starbucks .
That ’ s a win-win in my book !

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