How to Remove Scuff Marks

materials for removing scuff marks from walls

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Walls can be painted, wallpapered, or tiled. These techniques will work effective on painted surfaces ( with a wallpaper tip thrown in ). For unpainted forest and tile walls, follow the tips for scuff marks on floors .

  1. Begin gently With Cloth and Water

    many bracing scuff marks can be removed by just rubbing the mark with a slenderly dampen balmy, white fabric. It ‘s constantly best to give it a attempt to avoid damaging paint. After dipping the fabric in water, apply a bit of atmospheric pressure and, if the punctuate is removed, buff the area with a dry white fabric.

    wiping scuff marks with a cloth and water

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  2. treat With Dishwashing Liquid

    If the scar did n’t budge, move to the future footfall. Mix a solution of one-half teaspoon of dishwashing fluent and two cups of warm body of water. Use the lapp soft fabric and scrub the target again. If it is about gone, but inactive visible, sprinkle a bite of baking pop on your fabric and scrub again. When the bell ringer is gone, wipe the spot with a damp fabric dipped in knit water and buff dry .
    using dishwashing liquid and water to remove a scuff mark on molding

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  3. Use a Melamine sponge

    The last thing to try is a melamine scavenge quick study ( like Mr. Clean Magic Eraser ). Dampen it and squeeze out the water. Scrub the mark with gentle, steady pressure. Do n’t be fanatic or you ‘ll lose some paint. finish by wiping down the area with a damp fabric .
    using a melamine sponge to remove scuff marks

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    sometimes nothing works or excessively much scrubbing leads to paint loss. When either of those things happens, you may be able to touch up the paint .

    • If you have some leftover paint, mix it thoroughly before you start to work. Pour a small amount into a disposable plastic dish or cup. If the paint is latex, dilute it with plain water, two parts paint to one part water. Use a commercial paint reducer for oil-based paints.
    • Dip just the tips of a paintbrush into the paint and wipe any excess onto a paper towel. Stipple (small dots) the paint onto the damaged area in a thin, even coat. Let the paint dry completely.
  4. Scuff Marks on Wallpaper

    Most wallpaper does not stand improving well to cleaning with water, and a heavy hand with the melamine quick study will leave you with holes or no discolor. Use an art gum tree eraser alternatively to remove scuff marks. For truly street fighter marks, try using the liquid detergent and water mix for walls but test it first in an inconspicuous locate to make sure it does n’t harm or watermark the composition .
    using an eraser on scuff marks

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How to Remove Scuff Marks From Floors

Floors are not dim-witted to replace, and scuff marks in truth show up on light finishes. As with walls, always start with the most aristocratic method acting to prevent extra damage to the shock. A good direction to prevent scuff marks is to ask people to remove their shoes at the door and have batch of help when moving big pieces of furniture .


  1. Remove Scuff Marks With a Tennis Ball

    When a black scuff scar appears on wood floors, grab a tennis ball ( a used one is just fine ). Use a sharp blade to cut an ten in the ball and then slip the ball onto the end of a broom or mop handle .
    target the ball over the scuff mark and apply some easy pressure to buff away the commemorate .
    Old tennis ball on green mop handle rubbing scuff marks off wood floor
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  2. Use an Eraser to Remove Scuff Marks

    An artwork gum or school pencil eraser will remove the marks from wood. Just make sure the surface of the eraser is clean. Rub the scuff set and then vacuum away any shavings from the floor
    Yellow eraser rubbing off scruff marks on wooden floor
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  3. Try a Microfiber Cloth

    Microfiber cloths are made up of thousands of fictile fibers that gently scrub away scuff marks. If the scuff is lighter and new, a bit of rubbing with a dry microfiber fabric will do the magic trick on wood floors. For older, heaver marks, dampen the fabric with apparent water and rub away .
    Blue microfiber cloth rubbing off scuff marks on wooden floor
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  4. deep Clean With Baking Soda

    The tennis ball, eraser, and microfiber fabric can besides be used on ceramic, rock, and laminate floors. But since these are a spot more durable than some forest finishes, you can besides add the easy grinding of baking sodium carbonate for tough scuff marks .
    Simply wet a cotton or microfiber cloth and sprinkle the mule with baking pop. Use the fabric to scrub away any evidence. stopping point by wiping down the area with a clean, damp fabric .
    Baking soda rubbed on scuff marks in stone floor with brown cloth
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  5. Remove Scuffs With WD-40 on Vinyl Floors

    If you ‘ve tried all of the early methods on vinyl floors to remove colored scuff marks, and nothing has worked, try some WD-40 .
    But first, try this potent solvent in an inconspicuous spot to make sure that it does n’t discolor your vinyl. When you ‘re indisputable it ‘s safe, spritz it on the scuff crisscross and wait about five minutes. wipe clean with a soft fabric.

    You may need to restore the radiance of your vinyl by using a good cleansing agent on the area .
    WD-40 sprayed on wood floor to remove scuff marks
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