How to Use Twitter Without an Account: A Quick Guide

Want to use Twitter without creating an report ? Learn all the ways to browse Twitter without signing up. Twitter ‘s popularity means that you ‘ll find everyone from business executives to entertainers on the platform. And while it ‘s capital for following your front-runner personalities or catching up on newsworthiness, not everyone wants to make a Twitter account precisely to check a few tweets .
thankfully, Twitter ‘s unfold nature lets anyone check out the microblogging social net without having to sign up. Whether you want to see what ‘s trending or keep an eye on one user ‘s tweets, we ‘ll show you how to use Twitter without an history .

Can You View Twitter Without an Account?

You can use many parts of Twitter without an explanation, but certain functions wo n’t work unless you sign in .
here are some parts of Twitter that do n’t work without an account :

  • Following accounts to create a timeline
  • Sending your own tweets
  • Replying to, liking, and retweeting tweets
  • Using the Media and Likes tabs to filter the tweets on someone’s profile

notice that Twitter once had a feature of speech that let you subscribe to tweets via SMS. Since this is no longer available, it ‘s not a feasible means to use Twitter without logging in .
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besides, without an history, you ca n’t use the Twitter app for Android or iPhone—the app asks you to sign in angstrom soon as you open it. however, you can utilize many of the below tips on your telephone by using a mobile browser rather. Just open Twitter in Chrome, Safari, or another browser—use an incognito window if you ‘re already signed in .
MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF THE DAY When you visit the Twitter home page in a background browser without signing in, it asks you to log in earlier doing anything. however, we ‘ll show you early links that let you get around this .

Browse Twitter’s Explore Page Without an Account

Since Twitter ‘s home page is a dead end without an account, you should rather start on the Twitter Explore page. On the For you pill, you ‘ll see trending topics across a kind of areas .
Click one to see extra information about it. This will include related tweets, plus videos, photos, and a drumhead of the event ( depending on the topic ) .
Twitter Explore Page
Use the tab along the clear to select a particular topic you ‘re concerned in, such as News, Sports, or Entertainment. Each one will bring up the biggest stories in that sector, which you can click to learn more about .
If you barely want to use Twitter to keep up on trending topics, this is an easy way to do so without an account .

Trends24 Twitter
If you like the idea of seeing trending topics at a glance but want more than what Twitter ‘s home page provides, some third-party services do a great job of collecting the biggest hashtags of the here and now. These do n’t require an account either .
Give these sites a attempt if this sounds like something you ‘d like :

  • Trends24: With a simple, hourly updated list of the top trending topics, Trends24 lets you see what’s been hot on Twitter over the past 24 hours. Highlight one to see how it’s changed in popularity over the hours, or click it to see more information and view it on Twitter. Use the dropdown at the top to filter by country; the default view is worldwide.
  • GetDayTrends: Here, you can check the top trending topics and hashtags from the past day; click to see how they’ve changed over time or in various regions. There’s also a date selector at the top of the list that you can use to check past data. And in addition to the top hashtags on the right side, you’ll see the hashtags that have been trending for the longest time.

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Search Twitter Without Logging In

If you ‘re looking for something specific on Twitter, the search barroom at the top of the Explore page is extremely helpful and works without an report. Type a username, topic, or anything else to see suggestions .
Twitter Search Example
chitter will show stories and accounts matching any of the words you enter. Click a story to see more about it, or hit Enter if you want to good search for the term .
Do n’t forget about hashtags on Twitter, which make it easily to find tweets related to a sealed subject. You can besides search for users with their @ username .
By default, search terms will show the Top yellow journalism. Use the yellow journalism at the top to switch to Latest if you want to sort by time rather of popularity. People will show accounts matching the term, while Photos and Videos filter to show only tweets containing media .

Twitter Search

Try Advanced Search on Twitter

Twitter ‘s Advanced Search is a extremely handy tool that amazingly does n’t require an account to use. With its many options, you ‘ll be able to locate the right tweet or drug user if the default search does n’t dig it up .
You can sort your results based on keywords or phrases, add hashtags, filter by linguistic process, add which accounts sent it or were mentioned in it, restrict by time, and even choose the minimum come of likes or retweets .
Twitter Advanced Search 2021
It ‘s bare to use once you get accustomed to it, and one of the most brawny tools any Twitter user has in their toolkit—with or without an history .

Read Tweets From a Particular User Without an Account

Twitter lets you read anyone ‘s tweets without needing an account ; all you have to do is visit their profile foliate. Keep in mind that you ca n’t see a profile if person has made their bill secret, though. Without an account, you are n’t able to request to follow them .
You can search for a exploiter on Twitter itself, as mentioned above, or search for the profile on Google. Just search for “ [ person ] Twitter ” and you should well find their account .

MKBHD Twitter Google Search
Searching on Google is often easier than searching on Twitter, since not everyone uses their real diagnose for their Twitter report. therefore, a Google search will probable offer better clues .
once you find the exploiter ‘s Twitter handle, you can bookmark that page to easily check it in the future. In case you prefer RSS, you can use to create a tip from a Twitter page .
otherwise, you can click on an bill ‘s name anywhere on Twitter to open its profile page. This makes it easy to see more from accounts that catch your eye .

Follow Twitter Lists for Many Accounts in One

You are n’t limited to following individual accounts on Twitter. chirrup Lists are collections of multiple accounts, allowing you to scroll through tweets from many people all in one locate. And these work even if you are n’t logged in .
They ‘ll help you keep tabs on Twitter communities that line up with your interests. For example, Twitter ‘s @ Verified bill has a list of Olympians .
Of naturally, without an account, you can only follow public lists. secret lists are off-limits. If you ‘re signed in, Twitter allows you to search for lists, but it ‘s harder to find them without an explanation. Try ScoutZen ‘s Twitter list search to discover ones that you ‘ll like .

Enjoy Twitter, Even Without Signing In

With these tips and tools, you can get a draw out of Twitter even if you do n’t have an account. They let you keep up with the capacity that you care about without getting sucked into endless tweets on your timeline .
No count whether you use an report or not, there ‘s a lot to know when you use Twitter. Be sure you understand how it works to get the most of it .

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