How To Repair Cracked Leather Car Seats

Leather seats give a car the ultimate aesthetic value it deserves. even though they are expensive, they are quite comfortable to sit on. however, without proper maintenance, leather seats can well tear and develop cracks ; this can be disappointing considering the price of getting another stage set. fortunately, there are some measures put forth on how to repair cable car leather seats .
Steps of repairing a snap leather car seat .
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1. Use matching liquid leather

Before applying the besotted leather, make certain it matches with the color of your buttocks. Apply a small come of the product on any contribution of the cable car seat to erase any doubts before continuing with the serve .

2. Clean the seat

With the serve of a clean rag, clean the model to remove any scandal. Use a leather clean to scrub the seat. Wipe off any residue using isopropyl alcohol, please note that this solvent should be 50 % diluted before applying it. Leave the car seat to dry .

3. Apply diluted liquid leather

Before applying liquid leather, dilute it with urine. Use a sponge to apply it on the tear and other affected leather parts. Wipe off the seat using a damp fabric. It removes the liquid leather from the less involve parts of the electric chair. Let it dry before applying another layer .

4. Conditioning

After the liquid leather has dried, apply a conditioner to the repaired share to prevent the leather from cracking. The leather conditioner should be implemented using a soft fabric .


1. Assess the damage done and clean the affected area

Inspect the tear or cracks thoroughly sol that you can know the range of the problem. It will give you a clear painting of the type and come of tools you will need. After inspecting, clean the tear with a piece of fabric or rag and balmy soap. Wipe off all the scandal, dirty and dust .

2. Choose a repair kit

Choose the best leather repair kit that has colours matching with your seat. The best ones normally come from the industry of the car. You can besides blend several unlike types of kits to come up with a unique color of your choice .

3. Trim edges of the tear

Use a pair of scissors to trim off any string coming out of the bust. Make sure the edges of the scissors are sharp adequate to give a clean cut.

4. Gluing

Use glue to stick the canvas fabric under the tear. Apply the paste directly to the edges of the crack and ensure it attaches to the invest. Give clock for the glue to dry before proceeding to the adjacent mistreat .

5. Creating layers of leather fillers

Apply the leather filler onto the back fabric, spread it evenly with the serve of a palette knife. After the layer dries, apply another coating. Let it dry before adding another layer, repeat the operation until the filler slightly overlaps the leather seat .

6. Sanding

once the filler is dry, start sanding until it is at the lapp level as the leather seat, when sanding down, it is recommended you use a sandpaper engine block rather of emery paper. furthermore, avoid excessively much sandpaper as it can damage early unmoved parts of the leather .

7. Clean the seat

Use a cleanse, damp cloth to remove any soil created from the sandpaper procedure, and give it time to dry .

8. Apply leather colourant

Rub the colourant on the place you applied the filler, build up five or more layers until the color blends well with the discolor of the seat .

9. Sealing

Apply the sealant on the repair area using a clean piece of fabric. It ensures the colourant does not come off. Let the sealant dry for a couple of minutes .

Ways of maintaining leather seats

a ) Develop a habit of conditioning your seats after every 4 or 5 months. Clean and apply the leather conditioner on the car buttocks .
b ) Avoid exposing your seats to direct sunlight. excessively much sunlight makes the leather to either ace or fade. see you have an expandable awning on your windshield

coke ) Avoiding sitting with sharp objects like scoop knives and keys when entering your cable car. such things can well tear the leather. Make certain your pockets are free from such objects before entering the fomite .
proper alimony increases the lastingness of the leather seats. regularly do a thorough check up on the car seat to note any tears and holes, dealing with the small price at the correct time reduces cases of replacing the hale vehicle buttocks due to multiple severe cracks. If none of these methods avail, you can constantly sell your damaged vehicle on-line .
If none of these methods aid, you can always sell your damaged fomite on-line, or see if you can get a title lend with a spleen to repair the car .

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