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If you ’ ve forgotten which email address you used with your Activision account we can help out. With the modern Call of Duty ecosystem encompassing Modern Warfare, Warzone, and Black Ops Cold War, there has never been a better time to get back into the Call of Duty games. alternatively, if you took a few months off from Warzone or Cold War, you might want to jump into the stigmatize newly Season 4 update plunge in June .
It ’ randomness not fair raw games, however. The newly PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles could potentially improve Call of Duty ’ randomness graphics and performance. Shifting over to these new consoles does mean that you might have to remember all your log in details again .
And when was the last time you actually entered your details in when logging in to Call of Duty ?

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If it was a while ago, you ’ ll necessitate to find which e-mail you used to sign up for an Activision account with or you ’ ll be in worry .

Which e-mail address is linked to my Activision history ?

If you ’ re already logged into your Activision Account on-line, then this will be a lot easier on you .
What you need to do is head over to the web site and then you ’ ll see your profile visualize, or lack thereof, in the top-right of the screen .
Click on this and then click on the My Settings option .
This will bring up your account information, including the electronic mail address that ’ south presently linked to your account. Of course, you might not be logged in, and that means it ’ s time to hope for the best.

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How to find out if you ’ re not logged in to your Activision account

If you ’ re not logged in then you need to head to the Activision account and try to log in, you ’ ll then need to select the ‘ Forgot your password ? ’ choice, and you ’ ll then start the fun bit .
The fun sting, in this case, involves entering every electronic mail address you think it might be and then checking the inboxes, spam folders, and debris folders to see if you get the password reset e-mail. If you need any hints, it ’ randomness credibly the same electronic mail you used when you first started playing Call of Duty .
We may have lied about it being fun… good-for-nothing.

Why is my Activision score saying disable ?

If you receive a message that says your electronic mail and password combination is invalid, one of two things has happened .
beginning, you may have merely entered the faulty password, and will either need to remember or reset it. Second, your e-mail may have been entered wrong which, again, requires you to find the linked one to your account .
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