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How to dry orange slices pin image today, I ’ meter going to teach y ’ all how to dry orange slices three ways : in an oven, a microwave, or an air fryer ! And I ’ thousand going to let you know which one works best !
Dried oranges have a lot of uses. You can eat them, use them to flavor drinks, and even use them as garnish !
But by far, my darling manipulation for dry orange slices is for decoration, specially at Christmastime .
Adding dry orange slices to a garland or an ornaments on a Christmas corner brings such a big dad of semblance to your interior decoration.

While they are quite easy to make, they can be quite time devour .
We tried three ways to dry orange slices : in the oven, in the microwave, and in an air fryer .
I ’ molarity excited to share with you how to use each method acting and which one worked best !
How to dry orange slices pin image

Why Dried Oranges?

Dried oranges are actually a very traditional Christmas decoration .
Most of what we think of as traditional Christmas interior decoration dates back to the mid 1800s during time of Queen Victoria. In 1848, the Queen ’ randomness husband Prince Albert helped popularize the deck of trees in Great Britain by bringing them to Windsor Castle .
Dried fruit was a common Christmas decoration in the victorian era, so adding dry oranges to our Christmas interior decoration good feels very classical .
Since we very like to make homemade Christmas interior decoration about here, learning how to dry orange slices just made smell. Plus they smell heavenly !

How to Prep Your Orange Slices for Drying

For every method acting we tried, the homework work ahead was precisely the same .
You can actually use any type of citrus fruit you want for this project. We actually used both oranges and grapefruit, but lemons and limes would be pretty american samoa well .
Slicing oranges to be dried
You ’ ll need a few properly sized oranges to get started. How many you need all depends on what you plan to do with them afterwards .
For a tightly packed garland, I ’ d say four or five oranges. For ornaments, one or two would credibly suffice .
Wash your oranges, particularly if you plan to eat them or use them with food in anyhow .
then slice your oranges with a astute knife to around one centimeter or less thick, discarding the ends .
Thin slices work good for this action in every scenario, you barely want to make certain they ’ ra midst enough to hold together when they ’ ra dry .
once you ’ ve done all this, you can move onto whatever method you ’ ve chosen to use for drying oranges .

How To Dry Orange Slices In The Oven

The most common way to dry orange slices is to use your oven .
This method acting is actually quite easy to do, it merely takes a batch of time. Four to six hours to be demand .
To dry oranges in the oven, you ’ ll want to preheat your oven to 200 degrees and prep a cookie sheet with a layer of parchment paper .
Without the parchment or some kind of liner, the fruit will decidedly stick to the open, therefore barely make sure you don ’ thymine jump this measure .
laying out the orange slices to be dried
once your cookie sheet is prepped, lay your orange slices out across the pan, making indisputable not to overlap them .
It ’ south oklahoma to crowd them just a small bit because they ’ ll shrink up while cook, equitable don ’ triiodothyronine put more than one layer on the cookie sheet .
Bake the oranges for 4 hours, taking them out to flip the slices every hour or so .
I checked ours hourly, and it was easy to see that they were drying out lento but surely .
once they ’ ra done, let them cool on a wire rack, and then you ’ re ready to use them any way you like .

How To Dry Oranges Slices In The Microwave

Drying orange slices in the microwave has a faster cook fourth dimension, but this method acting is decidedly not without its pitfalls .
Microwaving the slices requires A LOT of newspaper towels, and gives you a result that ’ s less rigid than the other two methods .
To get started with microwaving the oranges, prep them as described above, precisely making certain you very stick to thin slices .
On a microwave safe plate, put five layers of paper towels .
That ’ second right, I said five .
The goal is to soak up the juices and keep them aside from the fruit a much as possible, so you need a lot of newspaper towels .
Lay out the oranges slices on the composition towels, again taking worry not to overlap them .
nowadays top the orange slices with ANOTHER layer of paper towels, five midst .
I know it ’ s a lot of paper, but at least we can reuse the ones on top .
putting oranges slices in the microwave
now put your plate into the microwave, and cook it on the DEFROST set for seven minutes .
After seven minutes, take the oranges out of the microwave .
Flip them over, and replace the bottom level of paper towels with a fresh ones. Place the old top newspaper towels back onto the oranges .
Place your microwave on the DEFROST setting again for another five minutes.

At this point you ’ ll want to check them and see how they are coming along .
You ’ re looking for a jelly-like consistency. If you can touch them and your finger does not come rear muffle, they ’ ra done. If you ’ re still getting moisture from them, they need to go back into the microwave for two minutes at a time until they ’ rhenium not damp anymore .
once you ’ ve gotten all the moisture you can out of them, lay them on a wire rack to cool and harden, which take several hours .

How to Dry Oranges In The Air Fryer

Drying oranges in an air travel fryer is easy vitamin a well, and seems to take the least amount of time of any method acting we tried .
Since the breeze fryer functions by circulating the heat atmosphere around the cook chamber, it makes a distribute of sense that this would work cursorily .
Some air fryers actually have a dehydrate context. Ours does not have that option, so we used the regular settings .
To dry orange slices in your air fryer, again start by prepping the oranges as described earlier in the post .
orange slices in the air fryer ready to be dried
You ’ ll want to make sure and use your air fryer ’ randomness basket or some sort of rack to keep the orange slice off the bottom of the pan. You want that warm air to be able to circulate on all sides of the orange .
Arrange the oranges in your atmosphere fryer basket or rack in one level, without overlapping them .
Set your air out fryer to its lowest temperature. We started at 200 degrees, but late lowered it to 175 .
Cook them for 30 minutes, and pull them out to flip them over .
When I checked mine, the peels were already quite starchy on our oranges and the middle was already pretty jelly like. They seemed to silent have some moisture left in them .
set the oranges back in the air fryer for another 20 minutes .
At this point we started hearing them rattling about in the air fryer, so I checked them again. They peels were identical hard and the centers seemed to have zero moisture left in them, so I pronounced them done .
now take the oranges out of the tune fryer and and lay them on a electrify rack to cool .

Which Method We Recommend

While all the methods were easy to accomplish, it was identical comfortable to see which one gave us the craved result in the least amount of prison term. But I ’ megabyte going to break them all down for you .
dry orange slices ready to be used

Drying Orange Slices In The Oven:  Good But Time Consuming

The first method acting we tried was drying the slices in the oven at low temperatures .
While this method was slowly to accomplish and gave us the coveted results, it took a VERY long time .
This batch had the thickest slices of orange of any of them, so it took about six hours for all of them to dry out properly. The thin slices I cut turned out truly nicely, and were done in about 4 hours .
With that being said, four hours is a farseeing time, and they need to be flipped about once an hour. so if you use this orange drying method acting, make certain you have a long stretch of clock to work with .

Drying Orange Slices In The Microwave:  Fast But Odd Results

The second method acting we tried was drying them in the microwave on the defrost set up .
While this was by army for the liberation of rwanda the fastest method for removing the moisture from the orange slices, the final results were less than exhilarate .
The orange slices turned out dry, but they were soft and diskette. They would hold their shape for an decoration or a garland, but were more difficult to work with .
They did continue to dry out over several days meter, but who wants to wait that long ?
Dried orange slices sitting on a cutting board

Drying Orange Slices In The Air Fryer:  Pretty Slices and Short Times, but Small Batches

The last method we tried was drying them in the atmosphere fryer .
I had read that air fryers can be used to dehydrate food. Since air fryers are basically bantam convection ovens, I was certain it would work .
The results were very comforting .
The oranges slices dried very quickly in the air fryer, with the batch being completely done in around 45 minutes, leaving the orange slices with besotted peels and dehydrate centers .
The only emergence was that the publicize fryer lone made a very small batch of dry orange slices .
Since I only have a individual basket for my air fryer, I was unable to make large numbers of them at once .

Overall Recommendation

overall, I would recommend the three processes in this order :

  1.  Air Fryer – The air fryer was by far the fastest method, but I’d try to figure out a way to get more slices in each batch.  
  2. Oven – The oven worked very well and made large batches of dried oranges all at once, it was just very time consuming. 
  3. Microwave – The speed of the microwave wasn’t enough to overcome floppy results.  


Storing dried oranges is relatively easy, and you can use them to decorate from year to year if you store them properly .
Dried oranges slices must be stored in an airtight container. Glass jars work great for this .
You need to make certain there is zero moisture inside the jolt. If you ’ re able to do this, they ’ ll be good to go following class ( I wouldn ’ thymine commend eating them after that retentive, but for decorating, they ’ rhenium finely ) .

What To Make With Dry Orange Slices

Dried orange slices ready to make into a garland
Dried orange slices are great for lots of crafts .
This gorgeous Dried Orange Slice Garland from Homemade Heather is a great room to use them. It very adds that natural touch to your vacation interior decoration .
These DIY Mulling Spice Bags from Craft Invaders are a delicious manner to parcel your dried oranges with friends.

Soaps are another great manner to use the oranges slices that you ’ ve dried. This recipe for Orange Peel Soap with Dried Orange Slices from Confession of an Overworked Mom smells heavenly .
Looking for early fun projects to DIY your holidays ? Check out my DIY Gnomes Tutorial or my giant 3D Paper Snowflakes !

How To Dry Orange Slices In the Oven, Microwave, or Air Fryer

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