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If you ‘ve been making Kombucha for a while, you know that the SCOBY ( mother culture ) grows blockheaded with each batch. Learn how to divide a SCOBY so you can share with friends, dehydrate it, give it to your pets, or add it to your SCOBY hotel !
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You ‘re making Kombucha, and it ‘s going capital .
But after respective batches, abruptly you notice your SCOBY ( the mother acculturation ) has gotten so boastfully and thick it ‘s taking over the jar.

What to do ? Divide it !
not only can you share the extra with a acquaintance, but your Kombucha batches will besides turn out all the better for it .
On nowadays ‘s # AskWardee I ‘m showing you how to divide your Kombucha SCOBY the right way !

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The Question: How To Divide A Kombucha SCOBY?

Elaine M. asks :

Would you consider talking about how to deal with the Kombucha SCOBY — it ‘d help to see how you divide it, etc. I have the continuous brew system and “ Mildred ” has precisely about taken over. Should n’t have named her — now it ‘s unvoiced to think about doing away with a part of her… oh my .

My Answer

Elaine, you ‘re in a pickle. Those SCOBYs take over ! So get ‘s lecture about how to divide them and/or store them .
Mildred will forgive you. 🙂
If you've been making Kombucha for a while, you know that the scoby (mother culture) grows thicker with each batch. Learn how to divide a Kombucha scoby so you can share with friends, dehydrate it, give it to your pets, or add it to your scoby hotel! |

What’s A SCOBY? What’s Kombucha?

What is a SCOBY ? It stands for symbiotic culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. It ‘s the mother culture that brews your Kombucha — a probiotic, ferment beverage we LOVE !
It ‘s glistening ( when wet ) and looks a snatch weird. Like a sea creature, actually. A round discoid something or early you ‘d imagine you ‘d find out deep-sea diving. 🙂
It can be legato or chunky. Some check holes and have ragged or stringy edges. adenine long as there ‘s nothing fuzzed on them, black/white/brown/grey specks are normal, besides. ( Find out if your SCOBY is healthy hera. )
pouring golden-colored Kombucha over a stack of SCOBYS in a half gallon glass jar, with more jars of Kombucha brewing in the background
And how does brewing Kombucha make ? You combine the SCOBY with angelic tea ; the SCOBY floats to the top and feeds on the sweetening in the tea for a few weeks until you ‘ve got a bubbly fermented beverage with beneficial acids and bacteria .
At that indicate, you pour off the liquid, then start again with more dessert tea. What gets poured off is your finish Kombucha, which you can drink right away or do a second base ferment in sodium carbonate bottles ( we do this a fortune ! ) .
By the way, we use the Continuous Brew Kombucha System pictured above. You can read more about that in my review here .
hands holding two pieces of a Kombucha SCOBY over a small bowl

When To Divide Your SCOBY

therefore what happens with the SCOBY is… it grows as it makes consecutive batches of Kombucha .
It grows to fit the supreme headquarters allied powers europe of the container, which normally means a round of golf disk because Kombucha is most frequently brewed in round off glass jars or ceramic brewers .
And as it floats in your angelic tea, it thickens up, besides. New growth appears on top as lighter-colored layers, while the older SCOBY shifts down and turns black orange-brown .
If you do n’t parcel some ( or create a SCOBY hotel ), you ‘ll soon be overrun .
In this case, if the SCOBY gets besides large ( more than 1-inch blockheaded ), it ‘s not good for the Kombucha because it ‘s excessively much SCOBY for the liquid and the older SCOBY is n’t american samoa good at making Kombucha as the young separate .
So… to keep your Kombucha brew balanced and efficient, I recommend dividing the thick, growing SCOBYs .
many SCOBYS stacked and suspended in a jar of Kombucha

What Should I Do With The Extra SCOBYs?

Keep the newest growth in the brewing container and with the extras, you can…

  • Share with a friend.
  • Give it to your pets.
  • Add it to the compost.
  • Put it in your SCOBY hotel.
  • I’ve even heard of people making jerky from their SCOBY!

Why Divide Your Scoby?

As I mentioned above, if you do n’t divide your SCOBY it will just continue to grow chummy and dense .
After a while, the ratio of sweet tea to SCOBY will be out of whack. not only that, but the older SCOBYs are n’t as efficient at fermenting the sweetness tea, so you may begin to notice an off-flavor, or your Kombucha may take longer to get to the desired taste .
hands peeling apart a Kombucha SCOBY over a small bowl

How To Divide Your Scoby

It may look soft, but it ‘s actually got a tough, about coriaceous texture. Put a tongue to it and you ‘ll find out it does n’t actually want to be cut .
You have 2 choices for dividing it .

  1. The easiest choice, which also makes the most sense for brewing, is to peel off some of the SCOBY horizontally so that you’re down to a 1-inch thick piece. Put the younger part (the top) back in your container, and pass the older part (the bottom) on.
  2. Or, you can cut off a piece — just use a very sharp knife or it will resist.

Do n’t worry if your classify SCOBY gets rips or holes in it when dividing, as new SCOBYs mature on top, those holes will fill in and continue to thicken with each raw batch .
And that ‘s how to divide your Kombucha SCOBY. Pretty bare, justly ?

hands holding two pieces of a Kombucha SCOBY over a small bowl




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How to Divide a SCOBY

If you ‘ve been making Kombucha for a while, you know that the SCOBY ( mother culture ) grows dense with each batch. Learn how to divide a SCOBY so you can share with friends, dehydrate it, give it to your pets, or add it to your SCOBY hotel !

Cook Time



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  1. With clean hands, carefully remove your SCOBY from your Kombucha vessel .
  2. Peel off the bottom layers until you ‘re left with a 1-inch thick SCOBY .
  3. partake, compost, exsiccate or place in a SCOBY hotel the remaining SCOBYs .

Recipe Notes

  • Be sure you’re working with clean hands and clean utensils whenever you’re handling the SCOBY.
  • If you’re having a hard time separating the layers of your SCOBY, you can also cut it with a sharp knife.
  • To save your extra SCOBYs, learn how to store them in a SCOBY Hotel.

stack of Kombucha SCOBYS suspended in a jar of brew, with a glass of golden-colored Kombucha in the foreground

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How do you divide or share Kombucha SCOBYs?

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