How to Remotely Disable Your Lost or Stolen Phone

many of today ‘s most popular smartphones can be erased from afar if they ‘re misplaced or fall into the faulty hands. here ‘s how to do it. Our phones are valuable, but they ‘re easily replaced. The datum on them, however, is often a lot more important. Cell phones carry all kinds of personal and business information these days, so preventing them from getting in the improper hands is key .
While a roll personal address book wo n’t matter a lot to an unsavory type who finds a lose iPhone—they ‘d much rather merely sell the phone—cached on-line bank passwords, corporate documents, and VPN access are better off keep secure. That ‘s why many of today ‘s smartphones support a mobile kill interchange, besides called “ outside wipe ” capability. Remote rub lets you or an IT employee remotely erase the hand-held ‘s data in case it ‘s lost or stolen .
All of the major smartphone platforms have some kind of distant erase capability. There are several ways of doing it, such as installing apps on the handset, using a management cabinet on the IT side, or signing up for a cloud-based service. hera ‘s a summation of what ‘s out there for each platform. No topic which smartphone OS you or your employees use, you ‘re bound to find something that can help put your mind at ease.

The good newsworthiness is that the like features that enable the remote control disable can besides good be used to find the telephone. Most of today ‘s smartphones have some form of GPS capability. That means you can use the same tools just to find or locate the lost earphone in the first place—and potentially, depending on who has it, or where it ‘s found, get it rear .
Which brings us to our end point : Though it varies by platform, the distant rub solutions listed below—or any for that matter—are n’t fail-safe. If person finds the telephone before the remote control wipe occurs—which could happen if the battery dies, or there ‘s no sign to receive the command—a thief or bodied descry could disable the network connections and then hack away. Your best indemnity, consequently, is to disable the handset vitamin a cursorily as potential, the like way you would call your credit card company the here and now you noticed a credit card was missing .

Apple iPhone
Thanks to iCloud, you can now locate and remotely erase any iPhone. While you inactive have the device, head to Settings > iCloud and turn on Find My iPhone if it is n’t already enabled. If you lose your telephone, you can find it either by installing the free Find My iPhone app on another io device, or by visiting, signing in, and using Apple ‘s Web-based Find My iPhone app. With either instrument, you can remotely lock the phone with a passcode if you have n’t already, send a message to it, play a sound, or remotely wipe the telephone .

Google Android
Android Lost adds outback find oneself and rub capability, and besides lets you set a password and lock the SIM batting order time slot. You can even sound an alarm when the earphone is on silent—perfect for finding it when it ‘s buried in the couch cushions. We ‘re particularly fond of Android Lost because you can push the app to the phone from Google Play ( once the Android Market ) remotely. In a corporate set, IT managers deploying Android devices can enable native outback wipe capability by installing Google Apps Device Policy, though it ca n’t be added retroactively .

Microsoft Windows Phone
For any Windows Phone 7 or 7.5 device, question to on a background or laptop personal computer and sign in. then click My Phone. From here, you can locate the telephone with GPS, erase all the data, lock the phone and display a message, or change your password. Microsoft besides lets you set the telephone itself to save its location every few hours ; this helps if you lose the call subsequently and the battery dies, since it will have reported its last know localization. To do so, head to Start > App List > Settings and wiretap Find My Phone .

RIM BlackBerry OS
Research In Motion offers BlackBerry Protect, a free app that lets you find, engage, or wipe your BlackBerry from a remote control placement. It besides adds day by day, hebdomadally, and monthly backup capability for your data. Any BlackBerry Enterprise Server ( BES ) handset can be erased remotely via the Erase Data and Disable Handheld IT government dominate over the wireless network. IT admins can besides specify if the handset should revert to factory default settings or retain the IT policy it had before .

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