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Chapter One



We all have our own singular psychic potential. We have abilities – to see, hear, feel and know – which go beyond the range of our strictly physical senses of batch, hearing, touch, taste and smell. We are able to receive, access and air huge quantities of data, and we can learn to strengthen these abilities. Would you be surprised to hear that our intuitive and psychic senses are precisely as lifelike and normal as any of our five physical ones ? possibly this information is raw for you, or possibly you have always instinctively felt that you have greater intuitive and sensory resources than you have yet learned to access and make use of ? For some, reading this book will be a voyage of discovery into areas that may initially seem quite conversant to you. The rich landscape of images, ideas, exercises and techniques that I offer you in the pages that follow will serve to remind you, inaugural and foremost, of what you already know and are actively able to do. With exercise they will introduce you to an even wider range of abilities and help you to tap into greater depth, color, message and sensation. Whether you are taking your first base steps towards psychic cognition or learning how to run towards it, filled with the agitation of having constantly expanding areas of intuitive awareness, please remember that psychic potential is latent within us all, precisely waiting to be discovered. It is your psychic electric potential that has guided you to this book, and it will continue to guide you as you develop .


many of us are already using our psychic abilities without even knowing that we are doing it, and many more are aware of the information that they receive through their ‘ inner ’ senses but do not talk about it – frequently for reverence that other people will not understand. Psychic electric potential is not something that some people have and others not ; we may merely be more awake to our abilities or more naturally developed in some areas than many other people we know. however, each of our friends, colleagues and family members has her or his own alone range of psychic senses excessively, some awake and some abeyant, just waiting to be discovered. possibly it is we who are merely waking up ? Whatever is dependable for you, be assured that the likely is there within you and that your likely is besides particular and unique. Do you sometimes think of person two minutes before they telephone you ? Do you walk into a board and pick up an air within a couple of seconds ? Do you receive firm mental images or hear the answer to a wonder that you have inside your question before you have voiced it ? Can you feel when others are disorder or excited even before they speak to you or before you look in their direction to pick up the common, physical signals ? Do you have a sense that you could be able to give mend, or send thoughts to others that they will hear inside their heed ? If the answer to any of these is ‘ yes ’ or tied ‘ possibly ’, this could be an indication of your alone psychic potential.

This koran is concerned with awakening your psychic electric potential and helping you to utilize your psychic abilities for your personal development, religious growth, self-healing and achiever. In doing so, you may discover that you have abilities which you could use to help other people and support them with their development, besides .


My own psychic abilities are chiefly concerned with bring around, although I have a rate of clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and channelling abilities that support me in this. Since childhood I have had an intuitive awareness of the mental, aroused and spiritual factors that contribute to disease, disharmony, relationship difficulties and a phone number of early personal challenges which many of us face. possibly more importantly, I have besides been blessed with an ability to help other people to find their own solutions to these challenges ; helping them to stimulate their awareness, become attuned to their underlying spiritual determination and grow into their personal baron. For this reason, the psychic awakening I teach others to do for themselves is constantly concerned with bring around, first and first. This is not a book full of information about seeing ghoulish apparitions, holding seances, indulging in psychic espionage or being able to do supernatural party pieces. To be more accurate, it does not reflect the see of psychic abilities that we may have received through the multitude media. television receiver, peculiarly, has a inclination to entertain by being as electrifying, shocking or controversial as it can be whenever the submit of psychic awareness is ‘ in the frame ’. fortunately this has improved in recent years as more people working behind and in front of the cameras have developed a healthier opinion of psychic phenomena. however, like me, you may have grown up with mime repugnance movies that were filled with images of clanking chains, seances that have gone terribly incorrectly or ‘ skittish ’ people who can look into our minds. If this has left you with any fear of developing your own psychic potential, then let that go now. What we are about to explore is completely safe and, if you choose to continue the exploration, is ultimately much more valuable and entertaining. This is a book about spiritual evolution and plus personal development. The doors that I will help you to open can besides help you on your path to greater joy, fulfillment and success, enabling you to become more align to your higher awareness and enhancing your essential nature. If you have an ability to see or hear people in liveliness or are able to intuit what other people are thinking or feel, then there is batch that will support your abilities here. Let us begin by discussing some of the independent areas of psychic ability. As you read through the descriptions of these centripetal areas, notice if your instincts draw you to one or two in especial. Do you already have abilities in these areas or do you have a hunch that you may be able to develop them ? Read on !


Clairvoyance literally means ‘ clearly sight ’. A person with develop clairvoyant abilities has a firm smell of inner vision, and is able to receive information in the form of ocular images or symbols. Most clairvoyants receive their information internally : some describe having something akin to a cinema screen inside their fountainhead with images moving across it ; others receive person symbols that they learn to interpret. Some clairvoyants receive information outwardly : they are able to see people or animals in liveliness, or can observe the elusive energy that circulates around themselves when they walk into a board. clairvoyance is a term that is often falsely used to apply to a wide compass of psychic abilities than precisely the ocular ability to perceive and receive information. indeed, the speech of psychic abilities is very visually-orientated. We talk about person being able to ‘ look ’ into the future, and describe a person with this give as being a ‘ visionary ’ or a ‘ prophet ’. possibly this is indicative of the many people who have a natural aptitude for developing clear view, or possibly it indicates that many more people who are skilled in some early sphere besides have a degree of developed clairvoyance.

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Auric sight is easily linked with clairvoyance because it is an ability that besides relies upon a ocular sense. however, while many clairvoyants may have, in addition, a develop sense of aurous view, there are many differences between the two skills, not least in respect to the nature of the information received. The aura is a elusive energetic emanation that surrounds all living things and, deoxyadenosine monophosphate surprising as this may seem to some, surrounds all inanimate objects excessively. To explain it arsenic plainly as possible, it is much described as being like a subtle electric or magnetic energy that radiates from human beings, animals, plants, stones, machinery, buildings, family objects and anything else that you can think of. even your front-runner sofa or armchair has an aura. Most of us feel aura even if we do not see them. It is quite park these days to talk about a person having a particularly positive aura. aside from all of the forcible information that we receive about a person ’ randomness appearance, soundbox language and voice tone, the information that we receive from person ’ randomness aura has a fundamental effect on how we feel about that person when we first meet. Some people are considered to be particularly charismatic or compel. This is much because their aura is bright, attractive and engage. A person with aurous sight will not only feel these elusive emanations but will besides be able to see them. For some, the aurous battlefield will appear as a very elusive movement of energy or light around a person or object of focus. This can be a moment like a double or ‘ ghostwriter ’ prototype round figures on a television fix when it is not correctly tuned in to the signal. Others will see aura in this way but will besides see some subtle coloration within that energy, normally a argent blue or grey. People with the most develop aurous batch will see a full compass of bright, graphic colours. Although as a child I had always seen subtle energetic fields around me, I was initially startled when, at 17, I inaugural started to see colours in this manner. Whilst alone and meditating I suddenly found that I could see colours around everything : my hands, my torso, the mirror on the wall and even the bed that I was sitting upon. It was as if person had flicked a switch and everything was bathed or surrounded with color. Most people who are will to practise are able to develop some degree of aurous batch, and there are many cocksure uses for this kind of information. If you have already experienced any of the phenomenon that I have described above, you may have a strong, natural ability to see in this way .


Clairaudience is the term used for psychic hear abilities. It can be literally defined as ‘ absolved hearing ’. A clairaudient person receives psychic data in the form of subtle sounds, words or ideas that are perceived and interpreted through the learn centres of the genius. Some people report that they hear voices which give them direct information about themselves or about the needs, feelings, actions or motivations of other people. Others do not tangibly ‘ hear ’ in this way, they barely seem to know things as if they had heard about them.

latent clairaudients much report a range of sensations within or around their ears. many seem to be able to ‘ feel ’ with their ears a well as listen. Some may have such an acuate ability to hear that their ears and their disposition become oversensitive to loud, sharp or persistent noise. Their climate, position and health can be easily affected by the sounds that surround them, and they may actively choose to live in a dumb or passive environment for this reason. Many more will avoid highly noisy or discordant environments whenever possible. many people have a degree of clairaudience but do not recognize it as such because, like so many other psychic abilities, it has always been there. We may have always received words, thoughts or sounds of inhalation inside our heed without ever questioning their beginning and their precise nature. numerous ‘ good ideas ’ may have originated as clairaudient messages or as information perceived through one of our other psychic senses. We sometimes expect the first stirrings of our psychic potential to be accompanied by fanfares and fireworks, and this can sometimes be the encase, but frequently we are sol practice to what we can hear, see or sense that we do not peculiarly comment it .


Clairsentience is peculiarly common, particularly amongst women and children, who are still broadly more emotionally

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