How to Delete Your Account

Do you no longer use to buy or sell cryptocurrencies ?
If therefore, you can request to delete your account.
Before you delete your, you need to withdraw or spend all of your remaining balances .
otherwise, your balances will be permanently lost.

If your cryptocurrency balances are under the minimum withdrawal limit, you need to contact back .
You can do then by opening the app and tapping on the old world chat picture .
The corroborate team will assist you in processing the withdrawals .
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In this guide, you ’ ll learn how to delete your report .

How to delete your account

To delete your history, you need to email .
In the e-mail, attach a photo of yourself holding a newspaper that has your name, date, and “ ” written on it .
Include “ Close Account ” as the subject header and send the electronic mail .
Make surely that you ’ re sending the e-mail using your registered email address.
otherwise, the subscribe team won ’ thyroxine be able to track your report and close it .
For example, if you ’ ve created an account using “ [ e-mail protected ] ”, you need to use “ [ electronic mail protected ] ” to send the e-mail to angstrom well .
After you ’ ve sent the photograph of yourself, you need to wait for ’ sulfur response .
If successful, you ’ ll receive an electronic mail saying that your report has been closed .
here ’ s how to delete your account :

1. Write your name, date, and on a paper authentication
To close your account, you need to email [ e-mail protected ] .
In the electronic mail, you need to provide a photograph of yourself holding a firearm of newspaper that includes your name, date, and “”.
For more information, you can check out the FAQ page hera : hypertext transfer protocol : // .
first, grab a piece of wallpaper and write down your full mention .
second, write down nowadays ’ sulfur date ( e.g. 11/13/2021 ) .
last, write down “ ” below the date .
Make certain that the writing is easy to read .

2. Take a photo of yourself holding the paper photo verification
After you ’ ve written down your name, date, and “ ” on a piece of newspaper, you need to take a photo of yourself holding it.
This is required if you want to delete your score .
The photograph will be used to verify your identity and nothing else .
To do indeed, hold the piece of newspaper using one hand and take a photograph of yourself .
Make sure that it ’ mho clearly visible that you are holding the piece of paper ( refer to the illustration above ).

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In addition, your face, upper torso, and arm should be visible in the photograph .
otherwise, can reject your request to delete your report .
If your photograph is rejected, you need to take another one and send it to [ e-mail protected ] again .

3. Email the photo of yourself to

Delete account
notice : The newspaper in the photograph is exaggerated—it should be in A4 size .

After you ’ ve taken a photograph of yourself holding a wallpaper containing your diagnose, date, and “ ”, you need to email it to
To begin with, you need to send an e-mail to [ electronic mail protected ] .
Make sure to contact using your registered email address.
For model, if you ’ ve created a account using “ [ e-mail protected ] ”, consumption “ [ electronic mail protected ] ” to email [ e-mail protected ] .
This will allow to track your account and close it .
second, use “Close Account” as the subject line.
Do not use anything else as the capable note as they are unrelated .
third, say that you want to close your history .
here ’ s an case of what you need to say, “ I would like to close my history. I have attached a photograph of myself holding a paper with my handwritten information ” .
If you want to go the extra mile, you can state your file e-mail address in the e-mail .
fourthly, attach the photo of yourself holding the wallpaper .
last, send the electronic mail to and wait for their reaction .
You ’ ll typically receive a response within 24 hours.
If successful, you ’ ll receive an electronic mail saying that your history has been closed .


Do not request to delete your account if you have remaining cryptocurrency balances .
If your account is deleted, you won ’ t be able to retrieve it .
similarly, you won ’ triiodothyronine be able to retrieve your lost balances .
If you have remaining cryptocurrency balances, you need to transfer them to another exchange.
This includes “ Binance ”, “ Coinbase ”, “ Gemini ”, and others .
Transferring cryptocurrencies from one substitute to another is simple .
All you need is the cryptocurrency ’ mho address that you want to deposit to .
For case, if you want to transfer Bitcoin from to Binance, you need to copy your Bitcoin cover from Binance .
then, paste it on the Bitcoin sending page on .
The withdrawal action will typically take 30 to 60 minutes to complete .
If you need far aid, you can contact support by opening the app and tapping on the chat icon .

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