13 creative ideas for using trunks in your interior décor

vintage trunks are exquisite pieces that serve both as fantastic cosmetic accents and as utilitarian storage containers. They can be included anywhere in a décor american samoa long as you know how to integrate them in a room and how make them a bang-up focal point. There are lots of clever and creative ways for using a vintage trunk. We have selected a few ideas and we hope they will inspire you to redecorate your home and make them a depart of it. Bedroom trunk View in gallery In the bedroom, a trunk can be placed at the end of the bed where it would serve as a bang-up set to store blankets, pillows and early alike items. In this case, it matches the headboard and besides follows the lapp color pallette as the rest of the décor.

Front sofa trunk View in gallery A vintage trunk can besides be sued as a coffee table in the living room. It would be an exquisite stress piece and, since it ’ second normally placed in the center of the room, it would besides be a great focal point for the décor. Trunk table View in gallery This is another model for using a vintage proboscis as a chocolate mesa. It complements nicely the sofa and the rug. In this subject it brings together the sofa and the extra chairs and it forms a cosy and inviting sofa area, a fashionable relaxation corner. Coffee table trunk View in gallery
In the former examples, the luggage compartment featured similar colors and textures as the rest of the room décor. But here we see that it can besides be used to create interest contrasts. A beautiful, dark-stained trunk would in truth stand out in a bright décor with pastel, pale colors. Living room trunk View in gallery A vintage torso would integrate wonderfully in a décor that besides features a alike style. In this case we have a more traditional look and the chocolate table which is actually a vintage torso matches the furniture and adds a little extra charm to the surviving room. Above bed trunk View in gallery here ’ s another example of a bedroom that showcases a vintage trunk. In this board we can see that the countrified furniture rise dark tones and it stands out against the white walls. The line is potent, both in terms of coloring material and vogue. Livng room views trunk table View in gallery A vintage torso repurposed as a coffee mesa would look beautiful in a living room if there is besides a fireplace there. It sets a cozy and warm climate and the atmosphere becomes inviting. In this particular exemplar we can see that the décor is very well-adjusted and that the torso matches the storage cabinet.

Night stand trunk View in gallery A beautiful torso can besides be used as a nightstand if it has the right dimensions and human body. position in the bedroom near the seam and you have an original nightstand. Add a couple of vintage cosmetic pillows on the bed and you have a cosy bedroom with alone details. Teenager trunk View in gallery A vintage trunk may even be used in a kid ’ second or adolescent ’ sulfur bedroom. It would give it a unique charm and it may even be redecorated. You could paint something on it or you
If you find a beautiful vintage torso you can even use it a strictly cosmetic piece. It doesn ’ t have to be repurposed as a bedside postpone, coffee table, nightstand or anything else. Just use it as a place to display a few decorations and rate on the hallway or somewhere where everyone can see it and admire it. Small trunk coffee table View in gallery even a smaller, square-shaped luggage compartment can be used as a coffee bean table. Use it in a smaller sphere such as a class room or loiter area. It would be a courteous addition if the room has other, more massive pieces of furniture. Dining room trunk View in gallery In a small home where you have an capable plan where the din and living area are not that well defined, a vintage proboscis turned into a coffee mesa can be a great board splitter. It adds dash and it ’ s besides utilitarian as a coffee bean table, possibly set in front of a small sofa. Tv twins bedroom View in gallery If you have a bedroom with duplicate beds, then you can use two beautiful vintage trunks. Place each one at the end of each bed and create isotropy. If you besides add some more vintage pieces such as vintage armchair in a corner or some beautiful vintage lampshades, then the décor is indeed amazing.

Tv room trunk View in veranda flush a advanced or contemporary live board can benefit from a stylish vintage proboscis. In this model we see that the décor is largely white. The walls and ceilings are white and so is the furniture. The wooden floors, the traditional rug and the vintage coffee bean mesa torso create a identical beautiful and elegant focal period. picture sources : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 }.

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