How To: Cut Brick

How to Cut Brick many home improvement enthusiasts choose to enhance their landscapes with the DIY installation of brick patios, walkways, walls, evening the occasional outdoor fireplace. And, thanks to the impressive selection at family improvement centers, they can find a wide range of styles and colors for landscaping bricks and stone to suit just about any landscaping project. While some of these projects—walkways, patios—are comfortable enough to lay out, you most likely will run into a circumstance that requires you to cut the brick to fit your mean design, specially with more complicate structures such as a fireplace or body of water feature. Decades ago, cutting brick would have required a mason ’ s hammer or cold cheat to score and snap each build up barricade. thankfully, a little know-how and an electric powered slant molar with attach diamond cutting blade have simplified the job for today ’ mho DIYers .

Step 1

Set up your workbench close to the influence area to reduce travel time between cuts. An ideal workbench would include a put of sawhorses with a scrap of plywood or similar on top ; this provides a stable surface when cutting the brick. ad

In addition, since brick cutting with an angle grinder is a dusty affair, maintain a safe distance from swimming pools, automobiles, and other areas where the dust could pose a concern. A 50-foot extension cord connected to an wall socket provides extra flexibility in location for your power tool when setting up your cutting area .How to Cut Brick

Step 2

Use a tape measure, belittled frame square, and pencil to mark the brick on all sides you plan to cut therefore that you can visualize the hope size and determine. While many cuts will be straight during a brick initiation project, you may run across circumstances that require an l-shaped or crook cut. Take your time when measurement and determining the form of the cut and be adenine accurate as possible to reduce material lay waste to and re-cuts .

Step 3

place the brick on your workbench with the set open facing up. Don your protective gear—dust mask and guard glasses—and connect the angle bomber to the elongation cord. Word of circumspection : Make sure the angle molar is in the Off position before connecting to the power informant so that it doesn ’ t unwittingly start employment without an hustler. With the angle bomber firm in your hand and its sword perpendicular to the brick, sour on the switch that activates the tool. Slowly lower the blade to the brick ’ mho come on and begin cutting along the cross off line. You should always cut on the waste side—the section of brick you do not want to use—of the pencil line. This not lone facilitates accurate cuts but provides a little allowance until you gain the feel of the tool and cutting procedure .

Step 4

Cutting wholly through the brick corporeal with one fall will depend on two things : the thickness of the brick material and the size of the fish mill and diamond blade you are using.

ad For case, an slant bomber designed to use a 4-1/2-inch diameter blade can cut approximately 2-1/4 inches deep—the distance from the center of the blade in each direction—at best, while a 9-inch grinder can cut to depths of approximately 4-1/2 inches. Since brick sizes vary depending on the type and expressive style you are using—the average range is between 1-5/8-inch through 2-3/4-inch thickly with some peculiarity bricks even thicker—the size of your fish molar is important if you need to cut through the brick in one pass. If you can not cut all the direction through the brick, you must score the material a deeply as possible on one side with the slant bomber, slide the brick to the border of your work open, and finish the cut by lightly tapping the top of the thriftlessness side of the brick with a malleus to snap it off. A quick sink with the lean mill ( this time held sol that its blade is near parallel with the brick ’ south cut side in order to shave ) will clean up any boisterous edges. In summation, making l-shaped cuts in blockheaded materials may require that you transfer the pencil marks to the buttocks of the brick and ending cut with the lean molar to prevent accidental ( and unwanted ) breakage.

How to Cut Brick A few cuts in, and you will get in the groove of taking measurements and cutting like a professional in no time. The result ? A DIY backyard upgrade that will pay dividends in both personal entertainment and property respect. ad

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