How to Curl Ribbons

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I found this ribbon that was excessively cunning to be denied. A pretty salmon-y kind of pink with aureate polka dots spied from a distance had to be mine. Jut had to. I snapped up all that they had, and all that another store had a well ! I didn ’ triiodothyronine actually know what I wanted to do with it but I hoard trade supplies so I figured it didn ’ thymine matter in the retentive scat .
And then one day I got a angry hair to curl up ribbons. When I was a child, back in the 80 ’ s, hair bows were all the rage. The bigger the better. The more unique the better. We poodle permed our little fifth grade heads and then adorned that with the crazy bows we could find that matched our outfits. Heck, some outfits came with the bow already !

One of my friends had a very crafty mother who truly liked making hair bows. As a leave my friend always had the prettiest about. AND her mother knew how to french braid her hair. I was jealous. Every once in a while her ma would make me one or two letting me look at all of the ribbons and choose what I wanted her to use. And I remember watching her curl the little ribbons to make bows that were just mounds and mounds of these little curlicues. And today, I ’ molarity going to show you how to make them !
For this project you will need :

  • Ribbon – I’m using 3/8 inch
  • Wooden dowel – I’m using 1/4 inch (short enough to fit in your oven)
  • Spray starch – heavy is better but I used light as it was on hand
  • Wooden clothes pins (with hinge) – NOT plastic

Make curlicue ribbon! Secret? You use your OVEN!
Take one bobbin of ribbon and place it into a bowl or dip of water without the promotion. Allow to soak for just a hour or two .
Make curlicue ribbon! Secret? You use your OVEN!
Take the wet ribbon and clip it onto the goal of your dowel. Be certain before you start that your dowels will fit into your oven. If they don ’ t trim consequently before getting started .
Make curlicue ribbon! Secret? You use your OVEN!
Spin the dowel while holding the decoration to wrap it around the dowel. At first it ’ randomness awkward but soon adequate you ’ ll be a pro and won ’ t even need to look down while doing it .
Make curlicue ribbon! Secret? You use your OVEN!
Go all the room to the end and then put another clothespin to hold down that end. If your decoration gets a snatch loose while you ’ ra pinning it, all you need to do is turn that pin the direction the ribbon was turning to help tighten it up .
Make curlicue ribbon! Secret? You use your OVEN!
Spray your decoration down with spray starch. Again, this is what I had and it wasn ’ t mind. Use big spray starch found in the laundry aisle.

Make curlicue ribbon! Secret? You use your OVEN!
And this was SERIOUSLY the best picture I could manage of inside of my oven ! With the oven fit at 200 degrees, bake your hush wet ribbons for 20 minutes .
If you have a hale bunch of dowels you can keep turning new ribbons while the others bake and swap !
Make curlicue ribbon! Secret? You use your OVEN!
After the ribbons have cooled remove the pin and pull away the end of the decoration away just a bit. Wedge your fingers underneath that first curl and start to turn the dowel in the opposite management as the ribbon is wound on. It will start to come off very easily !
Make curlicue ribbon! Secret? You use your OVEN!
I tend to bake mine and toss them into a throng and unwind them all at once. The extra time on the dowel doesn ’ triiodothyronine hurt them at all. In fact it might actually help the curl be a bite besotted .
Make curlicue ribbon! Secret? You use your OVEN!
now I was a total idiot and I lone used the dowels I had on pass. This down here took me 5 hours with entirely two dowels. And that was good complain unintelligent of me .
After picking up 6 more dowels ( they ’ re alone about $ 0.60 each or so ) I was banging out this many an hour. You live and you learn !
Make this adorable curlicue heart shaped wreath for Valentine's Day!

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here ’ s a short furtive peek at what these curly ribbons were used on ! Mr. Max my caterpillar trade assistant approves, and I think you will, excessively ! Check back late to learn about this project over at Mom Spark this week !

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