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Professional make up artists have been contouring for decades. But it wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate until Kim Kardashian brought contouring to the attention of the Internet that the wide populace get on. Since then, contouring has become a beauty craze, with thousands of Youtube television tutorials advising on how to use respective shades of concealer and gunpowder to sculpt and add incandescence to the face. Very few of these videos offer much advice for us dark bark girls, though, when indeed many contouring products create a grey, ash-grey effect. here ’ s how I do it .Step 1: prime. measure 1 : prime. Photograph: Hani Sidow

Step 1

Cover your face with moisturiser and flat coat – this is a full-coverage look, so your clamber needs prepping. Apply your foundation – use a stipple brush for preciseness – and blend with a beauty blender quick study to give a flawless ending. I like natural, bedewed foundations such as Make Up For Ever Ultra HD in the tad Y505 ( Debenhams, £30 ) .Step 2: conceal. step 2 : hide. Photograph: Hani Sidow

Step 2

Apply concealer to the areas of your side that you would like to emphasise. Depending on your face human body, this might be underneath your eyes in an inverted triangulum, above your lips, in between your eyebrows and the middle of your frontal bone, down the middle of your nose, on your kuki or underneath your cheekbones connecting down to the corners of your sass. My advice is to go a few shades lighter than your peel tone and to choose one with a warm, chicken undertone. I like to use the Nars creamy concealer ( John Lewis, £23 ) in the shade Amande .Step 3: set. step 3 : bent. Photograph: Hani Sidow

Step 3

Blend the concealer and set it with translucent powder or banana powder : a yellow-tinged theatrical powderize that actually gives brightness ; try Ben Nye (, £13.95 ) .

Step 4: bronze.

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footfall 4 : bronze. Photograph: Hani Sidow

Step 4

To add warmth back into your complexion, brush off the overindulgence powder using a gunpowder brush loaded with iron powder in your skin shade. then lightly apply a dark bronze to contour. I use this under my cheekbones, on the sides of my nose, under my jawline and on the corners of my frontal bone. Finding the right shade can be slippery for those with a deeper complexion ; you need to find a cryptic, rich brown. I like the SportFX bronze and gunpowder duet in Deep ( SportFX, £14.99 ) .Step 5: blush. footstep 5 : blush. Photograph: Hani Sidow

Step 5

Add a contact of color with rouge applied directly above the contour. For my skin, Fashion Fair Beauty Blush in Earth Red is arrant ( Debenhams, £18 ) .Step 6: shimmer. step 6 : shimmer. Photograph: Hani Sidow

Step 6

Add a shimmery golden bronze to the highest points of your cheekbone, the center of your nuzzle and your cupids bow. Silvery-toned highlights can look a small muffle and grey ; I used the Makeup Revolution highlighter in the discolor Golden Lights ( Superdrug, £3 ).

And that ’ s it ! But play around and see what works for you, because we can ’ t all highlight and contour the same. Follow Hani on Instagram @ makeupbyhanss
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