How to Connect WiFi in Windows 8

Windows 8 is one of the official versions of the Windows Operating System introduced to the public in August 2012. It is the successor to Windows 7 operate system, which, when launched, not fair came with extra features but had an improved drug user interface. The changes provided in this newfangled Windows manoeuver organization were quite radical. therefore, if you are using Windows 8 on your personal computer, you might find it a moment strange to connect to a WiFi net here .
so, the question of the hour is, how to connect to WiFi in Windows 8 ? Well, before proceeding to the methods and steps involved in carrying out this process, here are a couple of things that you must make sure of .
It might be potential that you can not connect to WiFi on your Windows 8 personal computer because of some issues. Your personal computer could be in Airplane Mode, disabling it to connect to WiFi or any wireless network, such as Bluetooth. It could besides be the case that you can not access your WiFi network on the personal computer because the WiFi network itself is not setup. In the section below, we will know how to make sure this is not the font here .

Check if Airplane Mode is Enabled in Windows 8

many laptops and computers come loaded with a keyboard that has an airplane modality switch/button. When pressed, this button could enable airplane mode, making radio connections inoperable on your personal computer. The key could generally be found among any of the Function buttons present on the top row of the keyboard. The keyboard could besides have a dedicated airplane mode button. Look for the key with an airplane icon on it.

When found, press the push button and see if this disables the airplane manner and wireless networks are available for you to entree .

Make sure if the WiFi Router is configured properly

It could besides be the case that the WiFi net is not configured on the WiFi router. If that is the case, you will not detect the radio network you want to connect to on your personal computer or any other device that can access WiFi networks. Check your fluid device or any other personal computer and see if you can view the WiFi network in the available radio networks list. If you can not detect the radio net on any device, you will need to configure the router to work correctly .
For this, you can call up your Internet Service Provider and ask for technical help. After the Wireless connection is set up, you will need to connect to the wireless network on your Windows 8 personal computer .
once you are sure that the Airplane Mode on your personal computer is not enabled and besides that the radio receiver network is configured on the router, go ahead and blue-ribbon any of the provided methods to connect to the wireless network in Windows 8 .

Methods to Connect to WiFi Network in Windows 8

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network or a radio network in Windows 8 is quite a simple subcontract. You can carry it out using either of the two methods discussed in the sections below. Although the first method acting is the most prefer way to connect to Wi-Fi in Windows 8, you can follow the second base method acting. The first method is quite simple, and you will be able to establish a wireless network connection on your personal computer with the router identical cursorily. Let us find out more about them .

Connect to WiFi through Windows 8 Charms Bar

When it was launched, Windows 8 got rid of the Start menu and replaced it with the Charms prevention. What is a Charms Bar ? Well, it is a bar that opens up on the right corner side of the screen on Windows 8 when the command to open the charms bar is pressed. You will find multiple options on this bar, one of which lets you connect to the wireless network you want to. Let us check out the steps involved in this method acting :
Step 1 : press the Win + C keys on your keyboard together to open the Charms prevention. The Charms banish will appear on the mighty side recess of the screen. On the bar, select the Settings choice .

Step 2 : An new pop fly menu will open on the right side corner of the screen. hera, make a choice on the network choice as shown in the screenshot below. If radio receiver connections are available, the choice will show Available as the condition .

Step 3 : now, on the same riddle, you will see a tilt of available WiFi networks within your personal computer ’ sulfur image. Connect to the network name you want to. Make certain you have the wireless local area network network ’ s password or security keystone with you. Select the Connect automatically option if it appears. now, you will be asked for the password of the network. Enter the password in the blank field and snap on the Next release.

This direction, you will be successfully connected to the radio receiver network .

Connect WiFi in Windows 8 Manually

You can besides connect to a wireless network manually on your Windows personal computer if you want. here is how :
Step 1 : Press Win + R keys in concert. Run corner will open .
Step 2 : In the Run box, type the control panel and press the Enter button .
Step 3 : The Control Panel window will open. here, select the Network and Internet option .
Step 4 : now, select the Network and Sharing Center option .
Step 5 : Select the setup of a new connection or network option .

Step 6 : Select the Manually connect to a wireless network choice and click on the Next button .

Step 7 : On the next screen, you will need to enter a bunch together of information about the network, such as network name, security system type, and a security cardinal. Make indisputable to have this information fix before you begin to set up a radio network manually in Windows 8.

I hope these methods were helpful in connection to a wireless local area network net on your Windows 8 personal computer so that you could use the internet on it .
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