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Growing gardenias in pots require some care and attention but they worth that as gardenias are famous for their heady fragrance and beautiful appearance.

Gardenia is a subtropical shrub originated in Asia. Its large white rose-like blooms are one of the most fragrant flowers and together with its feathery green foliation, the gardenia plant looks brilliant. Keep reading this article to know about Growing Gardenias in Pots!
USDA Zones — 8 – 11
Other Names — Gardenia jasminoides, cape jasmine, danh-danh, gandhraj, jasmine rose, rose jasmine

What are Gardenias?

growing gardenias in pots

Growing gardenias in pots is possible, specially if you ’ rhenium short circuit of space or hot in cool moderate climate. Gardenia grows reasonably easy in USDA Zones 8 to 11, below these zones, you ’ ll need to grow it either as a houseplant or keep it indoors in winter .

Requirements for Growing Gardenias in Pots


Choose a placement that is warm, bright, and cheery. One thing you need to care for when picking a spot for your gardenia shrub is that it needs good air circulation around it .
Maintain the airflow around it, besides, be careful that you don ’ t locate it in a localization from where water will spill over its foliation every now and then as water droplets can lead a fungal increase on leaves .


For growing gardenias in pots, choose a quality potting dirt that is light, well-drained, and deep in organic matter. You can besides use farinaceous mix soil for it. Clay-rich, water-retaining territory must be avoided. Soil must be acidic and ph grade around 4.8 – 6 is ideal .


Water the plant profoundly but alone when the top one inch surface of the dirt dries out. To check this, poke your index finger into the territory. In any case, avoid overwatering to prevent root putrefaction .


Ideal humidity grade is about 70 %. When watering avoid misting or wetting the leaf to increase the humidity as this may cause fungal contagion. alternatively, place your potted gardenia on a pebble meet tray that is filled with water to increase the humidity grade and moisture .


The temperature around 70 F ( 20 C ) is optimum for gardenia, at this temperature bloom buds are formed. variation in temperature damages the flower bud or they may take more time to bloom .
The temperature around 60 F – 85 F ( 15 C – 30 C ) is ideal for its growth. Below 20 F ( – 7 C ) the plant faces significant wrong. besides, exposure to harsh afternoon sun in tropics, particularly in summer can burn the leaves .
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Gardenia Plant Care

Gardenia jasminoides


Repot your gardenia plant every 2-3 years in former winter or early give. While repotting, you don ’ t need to prune the roots as they are fine and shoal, and pruning them can cause ancestor damage.


broadly, for gardenia, acidic fertilizers are used. You can find especial fertilizer for gardenia in any garden store or on-line. You can besides fertilize it with azalea fertilizer .
The application of Epsom salt once a month during the growing season is besides all-important for the proper growth of gardenia. acidic dirt is the key to growing gardenias successfully. If your land is not acidic, add sulfur to change the ph charge .
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Pruning Gardenia

When the blossoming menstruation is over, prune your shrub slenderly to maintain its beautiful compact design. Remove all the dead, damaged, or entangled branches that are crossing each other and thwarting the penetration of sun rays and airflow .


Remove exhausted flowers ampere soon as they wilt and fade. This will promote the egress of new blooms .


Some gardenia varieties can tolerate temperatures gloomy to 20 – 15 F ( -6 to -10 C ) but below this temperature, it is hard to save this beautiful unfolding shrub. so, if you ’ re growing gardenia in a pot in the cool climate it is better to keep the establish indoors near a South facing window during winter and provide it warmheartedness and temperature above 50 F ( 10 C ) .

Pests and Diseases

To prevent diseases avoid disk overhead watering and excessive water. The chief pests that attack it are aphid, mealybugs, and spider mites .

A Few Additional Tips

Gardenia in pot

  • Don’t change the location of your gardenia again and again too often.
  • A slightly root bound gardenia plant will bloom more prolifically.
  • Used coffee grounds or tea can be a good feed for your gardenia.
  • Proper ventilation is important.

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Growing gardenias in pots require some care and attention but they worth that as gardenias are famous for their heady fragrance and beautiful appearance.

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