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Nowadays, people barely use SMS to communicate. Instant messaging apps has overtaken traditional text messages. however, SMS is hush useful regarding getting information and notifications. You get the verification codes for logging to your on-line score. You get your bank transactions notifications via text messages .
however, you besides get messages from popular brands about their latest products. But when you start receiving promotional messages excessively much, it gets irritating. every time your call chimes, you check it if anything authoritative comes and it turns out a promotional SMS. here in this article, you will know how to block spam messages on your Android phone .

Block SMS using Android inbuilt Feature

even Google knows that you are tired of receiving spam messages. That ’ randomness why they have included the Spam Filter in the built-in Messages app. You can enable the Spam Filter, and it will automatically filter the undesirable messages .
Tap on the three vertical dots in the Messages App and then tap on Settings. Choose the SIM card on which you want to enable the spam filter.

Enable Spam Filter Android 1
now tap on Spam protection. Use the Toggle button to enable it. You can do the same for your early SIM wag if you are using dual SIM on your earphone .
Enable Spam Filter Android 2
alternatively, if you want to block a particular sender, you can besides do that. Long tap on the SMS string and tap the Block icon. now tapdance OK. The sender will be blocked, and you won ’ t receive textbook or calls anymore. The current screw thread will be archived .
Block and Report Spam Android
You can besides report the transmitter as a spammer. Google receive up to 10 last messages that you receive from the sender. Google will even get the number of the sender. It helps Google to understand the convention of Spam messages, and then they apply it in their automatic spam filter which you enabled earlier. Don ’ triiodothyronine concern ; Google will not receive the messages that you sent. Their last SMS could besides go to your carrier ; they might take action against the sender regarding spam. If you don ’ t want to report and block the sender, then deselect the option of Report as spam .

Use Third-Party Apps to Block Unwanted Texts

If you are not satisfied with the Android ’ s built-in spam trickle, then you can check out third-party messaging apps. These apps exercise great in filtering the unwanted SMS and besides has some bang-up feature. I am listing four such third-party apps that are available in the Google Play store .

1. TrueCaller

TrueCaller is your best supporter if you are fed with the promotional messages and calls. It mechanically identifies the spam and promotional messages and blocks them. You can besides get the ID of the unknown sender. It has an extensive database of numbers and name. If you are receiving a call from an stranger number, you get the caller ID, and if it is spam, it besides shows the issue of people reported the caller as spam .
TrueCaller - Block Spam Message Android
TrueCaller besides offers a few early features such as call record, stand-in call history, and UPI Payment method acting. One thing to note that when you install TrueCaller, it uploads your telephone book to its database. That ’ s the way it gets the proper ID of nameless callers. If you do not want some app to gain access to your earphone book, then don ’ t install this app.

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2. SMS Organizer from Microsoft

I use this app, and I am in love with it. The way it handles the SMS is impressive. It filters the spam and promotional messages mechanically and moves them to the promotional folder. You won ’ t get any notifications when you receive an undesirable text. It shows notifications for transactional and personal messages and puts them in a separate folder. If any promotional messages get in the independent booklet, you can move it the promotional booklet by swapping right. From the following clock time, you won ’ thyroxine see a text from that transmitter .
We often receive OTP for transactions and to view it ; we had to open the message. But SMS Organizer immediately shows the OTP in boastfully fonts on your telling area. So you don ’ t have to open the SMS. You can besides back up the text in your Google Drive account. You have to link the drive report to enable it .
SMS Organizer from Microsoft
It fetches the information from SMS and shows you reminders of things like placard payment, upcoming train or flight travel, and other significant farce. The finance check shows you the balance in your savings account and credit circuit board terminus ad quem. It pulls these details from the SMS so if you didn ’ triiodothyronine receive an SMS of a transaction then these details would not be accurate .
It can besides mechanically delete the promo messages, OTP messages, and blocked messages after a predefined time. This arrange is disabled by default ; you have to enable it by visiting Settings and Rules .

3. Key Messages

Another great room to avoid spam SMS is to use Key Messages. It mechanically detects the promotional and spam messages and blocks them. It besides organizes your messages in different tabs, so you can easily find them. You can prevent the SMS by name, count, subject keyword, and wildcard rule. It besides counts the characters and shows how many text messages are going to charge if transport all those texts .
Key Messages - Block Unwanted Messages on Android
Key Messages besides backs up your SMS to Google Drive. You can restore them to your newly telephone or current without any duplication. It besides backs up the allow and block list. With the search choice, you can search a message from the thousands of SMSes in your inbox .

4. Reos SMS

This app is much more like SMS Organizer from Microsoft. It categorizes your inbox into social and business messages. The app besides shows OTPs in big baptismal font and gives you the status of train, cab, movie ticket bookings. It automatically blocks spam messages to keep your inbox clean .
Reos Message - Block Spam Messages

Reos SMS besides has the instantaneous message sport which you can use to chat with your friends. clean UI and UX is the forte of this app. The only trouble with this app is, it doesn ’ metric ton show the jam SMS. The SMS Organizer, on the early hand, displays the barricade SMS in another booklet but Reos doesn ’ triiodothyronine show them .
You don ’ t need to use all these apps to block unwanted message on your Android device. Use one that is suitable for your necessitate. If you receive few spam messages, then Android built-in messaging app is best for you. however, if you receive tons of spam messages, then I would recommend you to install SMS Organizer from Microsoft .
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