How to add Favorites in Safari on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Safari Favorites Page on Mac
Using bookmarks is handy for saving websites that you visit regularly or want to be able to reference in the future. But Safari besides offers a Favorites have that lets you visit your most love websites with a tap or a click .
Your Favorites will show up when you open Safari, a raw check, or a new window. You can change this, of course, in Safari ’ south settings. however, using the Favorites feature lets you go directly where you want to each day .
If you ’ re new to this feature, we ’ ra here to help ! hera ’ s how to add Favorites in Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac .

Add Favorites in Safari on iPhone and iPad

It ’ south superintendent easy to add a web site to your Favorites on your io device. Navigate to the web site you want as a front-runner and then do the following .
1) Tap the Share button on the bottom .
2) Select Add to Favorites .
3) On the adjacent screen, you can change the display name for the site in your Favorites if you like. then, pat Save.

Add Favorites Safari iPhone

Manage your Favorites on iOS

To manage your Favorites on iPhone and iPad, open Safari and tap the Bookmarks button. Go to the Favorites folder and tap the Edit button .
From there you can delete or rearrange Favorites. To edit a specific site, tap it and you can change its display appoint or move it to a different booklet .
Manage Favorites Safari iPhone

Add Favorites in Safari on Mac

You have a couple of different ways to add websites to your Favorites in Safari on Mac, then use whichever is most commodious for you .

  • Use the One-Step Add button: Put your cursor over the left side of the address bar until you see the plus sign. Click and hold the plus and then choose Favorites from the folder drop-down list.
  • Drag the URL: Click the website link in the address bar. You can then drag it to the Favorites folder in sidebar, your Favorites toolbar, or your Favorites page.

Add Favorites Safari Mac

Manage your Favorites on Mac

You can manage your Favorites on Mac in the Favorites folder in sidebar, your Favorites toolbar, or your Favorites page.

Drag to rearrange, right-click or hold Control and click to rename, delete, edit the savoir-faire, or create a newfangled booklet for a favorite .
Manage Favorites Safari Mac

Wrapping it up

Are you planning to add some favorite websites to Safari on either io or Mac ? Let us know in the comments below or ping us on chitter !
For more on this subject, check out how to hide Favorites in Safari if you change your thinker or how to choose where Safari Favorites are saved .

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