How Much Money Can You Make with DoorDash?

As is the case with most side hustles, how much doordash drivers make depends on how much they hustle. As a serve provider and subcontractor, you ’ ll make your own schedule and work only when you ’ re available .


Most doordash drivers ’ modal earnings are between $ 15 and $ 25 per hour. Drivers are paid by a set up delivery fee, but the hourly engage can be calculated from the total of the fees and the clock time period that is worked. How much you make depends on how frequently you are available and how many deliveries you can make, specially during bill times.

What is DoorDash?

DoorDash international relations and security network ’ t rightfully a food rescue services company. It ’ s a logistics company ( or collector business ) that developed software to link customers ’ on-line orders, restaurants and drivers. It got its start with three college students in the San Francisco area, and it is one of the legit money-making apps you can use .


The drivers are called Dashers, who learn of request for deliveries via their doordash app. once you download the doordash driver app, you ’ ll start earning extra cash.

Loan Payments

Doordash is a top choice for scholar loanword borrowers seeking to pay off student loans, or for anyone who wants to chip aside at payments on personal loans. Paying off loans can greatly improve your credit mark .

How Much does a Doordash Driver Make?

The average hourly pay is $ 15 to $ 25 per hour. How is that calculated ?

Minimum Payment

Doordash sets a base minimum pay up per order, ranging from $ 2 to $ 10. The amount is set based on your area and besides the time of sidereal day ( bill hours for restaurant delivery times equals vertex give ) .


Some orders are tagged with a bonus, for model, $ 2 extra. Those are pitch orders linked to special clients or big events ( such as a motivation for cater deliveries ).

The App

You ’ ll use the doordash app to sign in, signaling that you are available to accept orders for deliveries .

Number of Deliveries

You don ’ t have to accept all the delivery requests. But you ’ ll get a bonus and earn more money if you accept more deliveries than the median dasher. typically, you ’ ll get a bonus with an 80 % toleration rate.


When you ’ re calculating how much drivers make – net earnings – with Doordash, you can ’ t forget your actual cost. You ’ ll be paying for your own boast with this english bunco, plus handling car maintenance .

Modes of Delivery

A Doordash driver don ’ metric ton have to be driver using his or her own car – in some areas they use a bicycle or scoter or deliver on animal foot.

How a lot do doordash drivers make ? You ’ ll earn high hourly wages if you make many deliveries .

How to Earn Money as a Doordash Driver

Let ’ s get into the specifics of Doordash, one of the gig apps that is most popular .

Delivery Payouts

Using the system of base give that is offered with each pitch, doordash keeps tabs on all your bring as you ’ rhenium drive for doordash. Each fourth dimension you deliver a customer ’ south order, doordash adds it to your total. Your deliveries are totaled during a Monday through Sunday pay period, and you ’ re paid on the follow Wednesday.

How Are You Paid?

You can be paid by mastermind deposit to your fiscal initiation or bank report, or you can be paid via a doordash firm pay tease ( postpaid card ) that you use as a debit poster.

DoorDash Driver Tips

Some customer tips are paid to you in cash as you deliver. See besides :
How to Make Money on Twitch More frequently, the customer elects to add a point at the time they pay to have person surrender food. Either way, the tips customers pay are added to your pay as extra income .

Peak Pay

In the restaurant business, there are extremum times such as lunch and dinner. When you drive and deliver during those extremum times, your doordash driver earnings are higher.

Bonuses and Incentives

If you take more than 80 % of the available deliveries, you may get a doordash referral bonus. You may besides earn a bonus by driving and delivering during vertex times .

How to Get Started with Doordash

ready to chip away at paying student loan debt ? You can choose from multiple delivery apps, but doordash is one of the most democratic for food delivery service. Doordash provides a manner of speaking udder that helps keep restaurant orders hot ( or cold ). You ’ ll besides get a Doordash shirt. You don ’ t have to wear the shirt It ’ mho easy to get started.

Sign Up

Sign up and agree to a background check and credit report. You must have a valid driver ’ randomness license .

Install Doordash App

Install the app, using an I-phone or Android phone .

When the App is On

When you turn on the App, that ’ s a signal that you ’ re fix to take deliveries .

Choose and Make Deliveries

Use the app to look for deliveries and accept doordash work. Be prompt and professional, which will guarantee favorable reviews from restaurants and customers.

When Does DoorDash Pay?

How often will you get the extra cash ? Doordash makes weekly quite than monthly payments. Doordash totals your deliveries from Monday through Sunday, and doordash pays the follow Wednesday. Doordash will add your base give and customer point totals .

Business Expenses Doordash Drivers Should Consider

Of course, you ’ re not earning all the money. You should earn much more than minimum wage on hourly earnings, evening after subtracting expenses. feel drivers who hustle unvoiced to earn excess money are pulling up the numbers on those average hourly earnings. here are expenses and costs involved to remember while you ’ re making money :

Distance, MPG and Fuel Costs – Your net profit will fluctuate along with the national per gallon gasoline price. How many miles you can go per gallon is besides a factor, and MPG decreases in city drive. If you keep scrupulous records of the miles you travel, you may be able to deduct fuel costs if you file a Schedule C. But you can ’ thymine withhold mileage expenses if you qualify for the standard deduction. Vehicle Maintenance – In addition to fuel costs you ’ ll have wear and tear maintenance costs. You ’ ll necessitate to keep up with oil changes as needed and besides pay for sustenance ( tires ) and repairs. Pay Taxes – As a doordash driver you ’ ll get a 1099. You ’ ll have to pay federal, state and local anesthetic income tax on those earnings ( unless you live in a state that doesn ’ t collect department of state tax ). On top of that, you ’ ll have to pay self use tax ( 15.3 % ) on the earnings for Medicare and social security.

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