How to Jumpstart a Prius Safely in 2022: Easy Jump Starting Steps

Gotten yourself a dead or enfeeble battery and wondering how to jumpstart a Prius ? No worries, as you can jumpstart a Prius in a few childlike steps like other vehicles .
Having a all in battery while driving on an significant day can be a dreadful feel. consequently, it is necessity to learn the action of jumpstarting a Prius .
We have got a bit-by-bit guide for jumpstarting a Prius. The lead is dim-witted, well-explained, and actually works. indeed, let ’ s teach you everything about jumpstarting a Prius !

Everything You Need to Know Before Jump Starting a Prius

What Does it Mean by Jumpstart?

Jumpstarting or boosting a vehicle means to start it when the vehicle ’ mho battery has died. All you have to do for this is associate a jumper cable with your car and another car ’ s well-working battery.

You can besides use a portable alternate appetizer for this aim .
It might sound dim-witted, but there are some precisions to remember while jumpstarting a Prius. therefore, read further to learn about them !

Why Do You Need to Jumpstart your Prius?

The battery in the Prius helps it to start and run the car. But if the battery dies, how will the vehicle cultivate ?
here ’ s the thing :
The Prius needs a jumpstart when the barrage dies or depletes .
When the battery dies, no chemical reactions are occurring inside the battery. unfortunately, no chemical reactions mean it can ’ thyroxine provide the ask might to the Prius to start .
In this case, you need another reservoir of electrical power. That ’ south when jumpstarting comes in handy .

Which Things are Required for Jumpstarting a Prius?

There are some dim-witted things that you need to jumpstart a Prius. These things are :

  • A pair of jumper cable or portable jump starter
  • Another car with a good battery

What Kind of Battery Do do You Need for Jumpstarting?

You can jumpstart your Prius and other Toyota Hybrid models from any car ’ mho battery. The battery of the assisting car should be well-charged and well-working so that you don ’ thymine drain that barrage arsenic well .

How to Jumpstart A Prius : bit-by-bit Guide

nowadays that you know the basics of jumpstarting a Prius let ’ s learn how to execute the work of jumpstart .

Step 1: Preparation

To jumpstart a Prius, you need to have jumper cables. Jumper cables are available at gas stations or cable car separate stores .
You can besides jumpstart a Prius through a portable jump crank. We will discuss that work by and by .
furthermore, you need to find another cable car with a good battery for this determination. Park the helping car near your Prius. It should be close up enough so that the jump leads can easily reach the battery of the serve car .
A good room to park the cars is to park both of the cars parallel to each other .

Step 2: Learn the Jumper Cables

There are two sets of cables included in the leap leads. One set is for the cocksure terminal of the fuse box, and the other is for the negative terminal of the blend box .
never connect the positivist wire with the barrage ’ s negative terminal, as it can cause technical difficulties .
normally, the crimson function of the jumper cables is positive, whereas the black function of the cables is veto .

Step 3: Prepare the Cars

immediately, you should switch off both of the cars. never do this march with a turned-on car, as it can be dangerous .
After turning the cars off, open the hoods of both cars .

Step 4: Locate the Fuse Box

For the Prius, the fuse box is located on the driver ’ s side under a cover. The fuse box shroud is normally black in color and big enough to locate it. It has a vaguely rectangular shape and a plastic substantial .

Step 5: Fuse Box Operation

Remove the hat of the fuse corner by pushing on little tab key and open the fuse box .
now, you have to locate the convinced and negative terminals of your battery. The positive terminal is normally on the top side of the blend box and covered with a crimson lid .
It is easy to locate as it has a “ plus sign ” on it which means positive. This terminal is to connect the positive jumper cable. ( the crimson matchless )
The battery of the Prius is located in the interior. however, you have these ports for the sole purpose of jumpstart the car easily .
You have to lift the crimson hat, and a metal piece comes through. So that ’ south where the incontrovertible jump lead will go .
But where is the minus side of the jumper cable television ? Well, the thing is :
You connect it to a metal stud which is located aside from the fuse box. It is on the left side of the Prius .

Step 6: Jumper Cable Connections

now that you know where to connect which part of the jumper cable, it is easy .
Take the jumper cable and connect the positive ( red ) lead to the positive depart of your car ’ sulfur barrage inside the fuse box. The other separate of the incontrovertible jumper cables connects to the helping car ’ s positive battery terminal .
The bootleg ( negative ) head of the jumper cable connects to the negative terminal of the helping car ’ randomness battery. Its early contribution attaches to the alloy objet d’art located at the leave, away from the moving parts .

Step 7: Jumpstart the Prius

first, you should turn on the engine of the other car. delay for at least 5 minutes before turning on your car. This will allow the depleted battery to gain enough might from the external source to start the fomite .
After 5 minutes, turn on the power interchange on the Prius. When the car is ready to operate, a ready sign will blink. Please do not start the cable car before this sign, or it plainly won ’ thyroxine sour .
When the ready presentment appears, start the car .

Step 8: Disconnect the Cables

Disconnecting the cables should be done in a turn back manner. For model, you connected the negative leap lead to the metal stud in the end. therefore, you should do this dance step inaugural .
After that, remove the derail lead from the other car ’ s negative barrage terminal .
The next step should be to remove the chute lead from the positive terminal of the serve cable car. last, remove the jumper cables from your Prius fuse box .
Make certain you secure the fuse box hat cover tightly .
If you need an easy video tutorial on how to jumpstart a Prius, Check out below .

How to Jump Start a Prius Using Portable Jumpstarter

You can jumpstart your Prius using a portable alternate starter with 12 volts. portable jump starters are like batteries that don ’ t need to be sitting inside another cable car. It means you can jumpstart the Hybrid without any assisting vehicle.

Recharge the Jumpstarter

Jumpstarters store battery, and that battery can die deoxyadenosine monophosphate good. So you need to recharge the battery of the jumpstarter after every practice .
It is better to recharge it before going on a long trip. furthermore, the jump starter has a ignite index that tells you when it needs a recharge. When the battery is in full recharged, the light indicator tells that a well .

Jumpstarting Process

just like jumpstarting through another vehicle, jumpstarting through a jumpstart starter is the like .
The positive terminal of the jumpstarter is red, while the negative terminal is black. Connect the terminals with the car ’ sulfur fuse box and metal stud and repeat the march explained above .
note : if the car doesn ’ t begin after trying to jump-start it, it might need a new barrage .

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Do ’ s and Don ’ thymine of Prius Jump Starting Jumpstarting

There are some safety precautions to take while jumpstarting a Prius. These will save you and your engine from damage .

Do ’ s

  • Choose a metal stud that is unpainted and immovable. Better to use the exact stud recommended by the Toyota manual.
  • Make sure the battery of the other car should have the same voltage as the Prius.
  • Turn off the engine while jumpstarting the Prius.
  • If there are any accessories connected to the car, unplug them while jump-starting.
  • Keep the jumper cables secured tightly on the terminals, so they don’t shake loose.

Don ’ triiodothyronine

  • If your battery is leaking or cracked, do not jump-start the car.
  • Both the cars should not be touching each other.

Prius Battery Related Problems

There are a few common problems with Prius batteries. Let ’ s discuss them !

01. replacement of Prius Battery

Replacing a hybrid battery is costly. therefore, it is better to maintain the battery and your car. furthermore, get your battery checked by a master after a jump startle to making sure the battery is doing well .

02. Keep the Battery Charged

If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate use your Hybrid for a long time, it is better to keep the battery charged .
For this, turn the Prius on and keep it on cook modality for an hour. This will charge both batteries of the Prius .

Signs You Need a Battery Replacement

What if your Prius battery needs to be replaced ? How can you identify such a site ?
You need a battery successor in the follow cases :

  • Jumpstarting the battery doesn’t work
  • The MPG of the car has become lower
  • Dim light functions
  • Engine starts slower than before
  • The battery has reached its lifespan

furthermore, it is crucial to check the battery health of Prius. You can learn it here !

Maintenance Tips for Toyota Prius

here are some tips and tricks for maintaining Toyota Prius :

  • Always use one type of engine oil for the Prius. Don’t change the engine oil type frequently.
  • Check the tire pressure of the Prius regularly. Maintaining the tires is safe for your car and you as well.
  • Invest in tire insurance for Prius. It will keep you on the safe side.
  • Keep the Prius covered when not using it. It will keep the car clean, fresh looking and save it from scratches as well.
  • Learn all the warning lights of your Prius, and never ignore any warning.
  • Keep all the fluids of Prius full such as power steering fluid, washer fluid, motor oil, transmission fuel, etc.

faq About Jump Starting a Prius

Let ’ s answer FAQs regarding Prius to increase your cognition and assist you promote !

01. How farseeing Do Prius Batteries stopping point ?

The Prius battery comes with a guarantee of 10 years. It can work for 150,000 miles. Of course, this is for the states with California emission laws .
For early states, the guarantee is for 8 years and 100,000 miles .
The battery life sentence depends upon how much you drive and how you drive. If you maintain your car, it can last you for 200,000 miles american samoa well .

02. How long Does it Take to Charge a Battery After a Jump ?

This period depends upon the discipline of the battery. If the battery is heavy discharged, it can take 2 hours a well. however, the minimal time to charge the battery after a startle is 30 minutes .

03. Can You Drive a Prius with a dead Hybrid Battery ?

You can surely drive a Prius with a dead hybrid battery. however, there are some disadvantages to it. The sole function of parallel Hybrid is to keep going even when one component fails to operate until it is repaired .
The car will be dull, and the fuel economy will drop a fortune. It will provide you with a harsh drive .
however, you can drive it to a automobile mechanic with a dead battery if there are no options left .

04. Do You Need to Replace the Battery After Jump Starting ?

The answer to this doubt varies for different situations. If your battery died due to an unknown reason, you should get it checked to know why you needed a jumpstart in the first place .
The machinist will let you know if it needs to be replaced .
Another way to test it is to recharge the battery for about 30 minutes after derail depart. If the battery keeps charging, it means it is well adequate to operate further. Otherwise, get the fomite checked .

05. How long Does Jumpstart a Prius Take ?

Jumpstarting a Prius can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes. however, the cooking serve and jumpstart process don ’ t take as long .
It can take you about 10-15 minutes. however, you should run the vehicle for a good 30 minutes up to 2 hours to recharge the battery .

06. How Can You Jumpstart a Prius from the Back ?

You can jumpstart a Prius from the bet on by opening the hatch. After that, you have to get to the hand brake lever orifice through the back buttocks .


Learning how to jumpstart a Prius is important as it can save you when your barrage dies. If the cable car doesn ’ t start, you can try jumpstart again after 2-3 minutes .
Always follow all the safety precautions to avoid damaging your car a well as yourself. Following the recommend instructions for jumpstart will save you from many dangers .

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