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Presenters, journalists, bloggers, meme creators, forum posters, IT workers, and anyone else who works or plays on-line will finally need to capture what ‘s on their screens. TechSmith ‘s Snagit is the software for the occupation. The app ‘s previous updates added new tools, revamped existing features, and streamlined the interface, and Snagit 2022 polishes the experience even further. Snagit once again snags our Editors ‘ Choice award for screen-capture utilities due to its tractability, baron, and ease of use, despite being pricier than competitors Ashampoo Snap, Droplr, Screencast-O-Matic, and Windows Snip & Sketch .

Snagit’s Price

Priced at a relatively expensive $ 49.99, Snagit is a screen-capture utility program for Windows and macOS. The base price grants you a two-device license, while an optional $ 12.49 “ Maintenance ” download adds several perks, including a undertake update to future year ‘s translation, priority phone documentation, and access to the Snagit Certification course that teaches you how to use the software. Existing Snagit owners can upgrade to the 2022 translation for $ 34.99, a price that includes a license for next year ’ s translation. In addition, TechSmith has a $ 274 pile that includes Snagit and Camtasia, the company ‘s education-focused screen-recording and video-editing software ( if individually purchased, they ‘d cost you $ 298 ) .
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Since 1982, PCMag has tested and rated thousands of products to help you make better buying decisions. ( Read our column mission. ) If you need basic screen-capture features, but do n’t want to spend money, the exempt Windows Snip & Sketch is a solid alternative that comes baked into every Windows 10 personal computer. Please note that Windows 10 has another unblock, built-in screen-capture utility : Snipping Tool. You can pretty much ignore it, as it ‘s been surpassed by Snip & Sketch. In fact, Microsoft is phasing out the app in a future update. Screencast-O-Matic ’ s release adaptation provides many useful screen capture and commemorate tools, and upgrading to the deluxe adaptation for $ 1.65 per calendar month unlocks even more bang-up features, specially for television editors. A Droplr subscription starts at $ 6 per calendar month, while Ashampoo Snap, another strong Snagit rival, costs $ 39.99 .

New Snagit Features

As was the case with Snagit 2021, Snagit 2022 by and large improves on fantastic new features designed to improve the exploiter experience in previous years, with a couple of standout fresh features. Picture-in-Picture Video finally lets Snagit 2022 users record both their screen and their own face through a webcam at the same fourth dimension. Presenters can use more ocular aids to better explain what ‘s happening on screen, a well as add more personality to recordings. This brings the software in line with current, video-focused appropriate utilities, such as the rid, video-only Vimeo Record. Video synchronize is broadly improved, excessively. Snagit 2022 besides improves cloud sharing functionality across Mac and Windows devices. You can still export to the storehouse servicing of your choice, but edits you apply to files immediately stay more consistent even if you open them on different background operating systems. This makes Snagit feel more flexible, a quality we besides appreciated in Droplr .

Start Snagging

When you launch Snagit, the app displays a miniskirt see box that peeks out from the top edge of your display. It sports a big, red icon for taking a screenshot and smaller buttons for respective settings options. The screen-capture icon is merely one of many potential ways to start a screen door appropriate. By nonpayment, Snagit besides lets you press the PrtSc key ( you can besides create your own shortcut ) to capture a share of your screen by dragging crosshairs across a particular area. Once you highlight a section, you can clip it or enter the app ‘s fabulously useful bird’s-eye scroll mode, which makes it a cinch to clip grandiloquent or wide images by scrolling horizontally or vertically. It ‘s big for capturing items from infinite-scroll webpages. In a decent touch, you can lock the creature so that it captures images in either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios. Snagit besides supports 4K resoluteness .

If you ‘ve tried other screen-capture apps, you know that it is n’t easy to find one that can capture cascading menus and other Windows features that tend to disappear when you press a key. With Snagit, you simply set the check counterpunch to the number of seconds that you prefer ( up to 60 ) and tap the capture shortcut key. You can besides set screen-capture interval times ( every few seconds, minutes or hours ), and schedule a screen get. Ashampoo Snap gives you many timed-capture options, many of which are similar to what Snagit offers. Snip & Sketch, on the other hand, just gives you three- or 10-second delay options. premium Screencast-O-Matic users can zoom in while recording the sieve. Snagit besides lets you easily apply special effects to an trope ( like grayscale, textbook, arrows, and borders ) without aspiring to be a super-tool like Adobe Illustrator. In accession, its video-recording sport lets you include an sound recording track from either a microphone or Windows ‘ own audio output—for exemplar, from an MP3 record on disk or a YouTube video. TechSmith ‘s related, and spare, Fuse mobile apps for Android and io lashkar-e-taiba you export images from your smartphone to a background running Snagit ( or Camtasia ) if the devices are on the lapp Wi-Fi network. To get past this Wi-Fi restriction, you ‘ll need to sync your files across an outside overcast repositing serve, and then open that storage to access those files on whatever device you want. That ‘s pretty easily to do, but Droplr does a better job putting all your files into one easy cloud ecosystem for all devices. Snagit ‘s editor serves two purposes : it opens capture images and houses all of your screencaps. One great thing about Snagit ‘s visualize redemptive is that any screenshot you snag is accessible from the program hoard, even if you do n’t explicitly save it. Screencast-O-Matic and Ashampoo Snap do the same, although Snap ’ randomness interface is far excessively busy, with menu running across the entire circumference. From the editor, you can save images to disk in one of 19 formats, including BMP, GIF, JPG, and PSD. You can even add hotspots that act as hyperlinks if you save your appropriate as MHTML, PDF, SWF, or Snagit ‘s own SNAG format. Ashampoo supports good nine formats, including JPG, PDF, PNG, and WMV. Snip & Sketch supports even fewer formats : JPG, GIF, and PNG. Screencast-O-Matic lone exports PNG files .

Video and Sharing

Snagit ‘s earlier versions recorded video in AVI format, but starting with translation 11, Snagit adopted the MP4 format. Ashampoo Snap gives you the option to save as WMV or AVI ; Screencast-O-Matic exports as AVI, MP4, or FLV ; and Windows Sketch & Snip does n’t let you record video recording at all. Recording video is deoxyadenosine monophosphate simpleton as always, but the software gives you the option to switch feeds by jumping between your screen and webcam, or combine both feeds into one. This proves handy for people who craft on-line presentations. You can preview appropriate videos in Snagit ‘s television editor program, capture individual frames, and trim unwanted sections. Captured video can be shared to Camtasia, Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, TechSmith Relay,, or YouTube. You can share still images to even more destinations, including Clipboard, Email, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word .

Returning Features

The newest Snagit has many returning image-related features, such as Watermark, Color Adjustment, and Highlight. We ‘ll highlight a few of our frequently used favorites. Combine Images is a terrific feature that lets you display multiple shield captures in one image, and it ‘s easily to do. You merely highlight the images you want to combine and select Combine in Template. As with other images, you can mark up the combined photograph with arrows, text, and other items. With Snagit, you can immediately combine images into a television or a GIF with the integrated GIF maker. Add some narration and annotations to make a how-to lead or a dumb sociable media meme. Downloading, creating, sharing, and modifying templates helps team projects look professional, cohesive, and creative. With Snagit, teams can now share custom color palettes, design styles, and fonts as a individual and re-usable aesthetic scheme .

Simplify Tool is for people who frequently update a particular image—presenters immediately come to mind. With Simplify Tool, you can create Simplified User Interface ( SUI ) graphics, stripped versions of capture images that fair contain the bare essentials that you use on a regular basis. This manner, you can start with a houseclean pallette each time, without the indigence to delete any previously used elements. This feature of speech works flush better in Snagit, as it ‘s able to intelligently recognize and simplify complex interfaces into clear and customizable SUI designs. If you frequently use Snagit features, such as Arrow or Blur, click the Favorites Tool star picture in the menu to add the tool to the Quick Styles box. After that, you simply click the icons in the Quick Styles box rather of digging through menu when you want to access said tools. It ‘s a time-saver. Snagit features more than 2,000 pre-made Stamps, the app ‘s name for icons, symbols, cursors, and early items. Stamp Search and Browsing lets you comb through the pigeonhole library using keywords alternatively of poring through menu. Like Favorite Tools, Stamp Search and Browsing is a prison term rescuer. Like Ashampoo Snap, Snagit has optical Character Recognition ( OCR ) text-reading functionality that lets you pull text from screen captures, now compatible with spanish and portuguese. It ‘s a terrific have that can prove utilitarian when creating a presentation. One essential feature for anyone making screenshots of internet applications is the Blur tool, which comes in handy when you want to mask elements in an image—obscuring electronic mail addresses or earphone numbers in screens that are going to be publicly shared, for case. even better, Snagit lets you create presets that determine precisely what happens when you take a screenshot. For model, you can set Snagit to send all snaps to your Pictures folder and apply a favorite ocular filter. This is an highly helpful sport, as it lets you skip the editing process by mechanically applying an effect or sending the capture directly to a desired finish.


Snagit is a beautifully designed, authentic, and effective app that does fair about everything a screen-capture app should do. Rival products, such as Ashampoo Snap, Droplr, Screencast-O-Matic, and Windows Snip & Sketch, do n’t match Snagit ‘s all-around functionality. Ashampoo Snap has many Snagit features and costs five dollars less, but Snagit ‘s $ 5 bounty gives you more options. Screen-O-Cast offers an impressive total of features for free, but its paid interpretation besides can ’ triiodothyronine quite exceed Snagit. Of course, if you ‘re using Windows, you can fire up the built-in Snip & Sketch for fast-and-easy screen captures, but it wo n’t be enough for dangerous screenshot takers will to pay for a premium experience. In that case, Snagit is the answer. Snagit is an outstanding app that stands grandiloquent as the PCMag Editors ‘ Choice pick for screen-capture utilities. For more, check out How to Capture Screenshots in Windows 11 .


Editors ‘ choice

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$ 49.95

at TechSmith

MSRP $ 49.99


  • Integrated GIF maker
  • Panoramic scroll get
  • Create and partake customs themed templates
  • Exports to cloud memory across operate systems
  • mobile app Wi-Fi synchronize
  • OCR functionality
  • 4K digest

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  • File syncing requires third-party defile memory

The Bottom Line

Snagit continues its predominate as the screen-capture utility of option. The app costs more than the contest, but its impregnable and versatile toolset remains matchless .

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