What is Restaurant Week? (and Why Should Your Business Participate!)

What is Restaurant Week? (and Why Should Your Business Participate!)

Over the past few decades, an event known as restaurant week has grown into a countrywide phenomenon. But, what is restaurant workweek and how did it start ? many foodservice establishments may besides wonder if it ‘s worth it for their business to join the event. We ‘ll discuss how restaurant week got started, how it can benefit your business, and how your restaurant can get the most out of the event .

What is Restaurant Week?

restaurant workweek is an event where restaurants offer reduced or fixed price menus, so customers can try many different types of food that may normally be out of their price range. typically, it is mid- and upper-range establishments that join restaurant workweek, but any restaurant can take partially in the event. restaurant week appeals to locals and tourists alike, and most operations that participate see increased traffic during the affair .

The History of Restaurant Week

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Restaurant week was created in New York City in 1992 by Tim Zagat, the godhead of the Zagat Survey, and Joe Baum, a celebrated New York restaurateur. The promotional consequence was in the first place lunch-only and was set to coincide with the democratic National Convention to draw visitors, reporters, and politicians attending the consequence to local restaurants. The first base restaurant week saw huge success, and it has since spread to cities large and small all over the state .

How Does Restaurant Week Work?

restaurant workweek can take position any time of year, and timing varies by location. typically, restaurant workweek is held in either early winter or sometime in give, which are periods that are normally slower for restaurants. additionally, while the original event was only one week long, nowadays most restaurant week events last anywhere from two weeks to a month. many large cities will besides hold multiple restaurant weeks per class. The event is typically organized by the chamber of commerce or local tourist organizations, therefore check out those resources to find out when your restaurant week is.

During restaurant week, many operations choose to offer several software meals at different price points. Providing respective meal options is important because it makes guests with varying budgets feel welcome in your restaurant. A coarse commit is to have a menu that highlights three price packages. The most expensive choice may include a better cut of kernel, one cocktail per person, or a bottle of wine for the table. The cheapest option may be vitamin a dim-witted as a signature soup or salad complemented by a dessert .

How Does Restaurant Week Benefit My Business?

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restaurant week is a great room for businesses to draw in new customers, while besides keeping existing customers quenched and concerned. however, many owners question if giving out a week of deals will actually help their operation or if the specials will eat up any potential profits. here are a few reasons why joining your city ‘s or region ‘s restaurant week is a good idea :

  • Although you are offering your meals for reduced prices, restaurant week brings in more traffic than usual, which will make up for the lower dollar amount.
  • Restaurant week gives you a chance to impress customers with your food and service, and the experience may persuade some guests to come back and become repeat customers.
  • Taking part in restaurant week can boost your reputation as a high-quality and fashionable restaurant in your community.
  • Participating in your city’s restaurant week can also help improve the local economy and build your city’s reputation as a foodie destination, which will improve tourism.

How to Get the Most Out of Restaurant Week

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once you ‘ve joined your city ‘s restaurant workweek, you want to make the most of the opportunity. During the event, guests are going to visit a batch of unlike restaurants, so you want to be the matchless that everyone remembers and comes back to after the occasion has ended. here are a few tips for taking wide advantage of your city ‘s restaurant week to benefit your constitution :

1. Create a menu that helps you reach your goal. If your finish is to stand out from the crowd for your creativity, use the event as an juncture to serve experimental and unique dishes. If you ‘re looking to appeal to newly audiences and bring in new diners, you can fill your menu with your most democratic dishes to wow guests .
2. Give customers more than they expect. Make sure that guests feel like VIPs from the moment they enter your process. additionally, creating an attractive table set and having a clear menu can make the know that much better .
3. Appeal to different target audiences. People of all ages, demographics, and walks of life take part in restaurant week, which gives you a probability to appeal to a wide audience. When you are creating your menu, you should besides be considerate of dietary restrictions and crack at least one option for vegetarians and people with food allergies.

4. Partner with a local business. Consider teaming up with a local winery, brewery, or distillery and offer a complete food and drink in software. You can besides use bracing produce from local farms and markets. This is a big room to help another business increase its post, and it will show that your restaurant is a dependable part of the community, which is what restaurant week is all about .

Starting out as a week-long event in New York City, restaurant week has grown into a countrywide phenomenon that draws millions of visitors to restaurants in cities all over the area. restaurant week is an arouse, fun, nerve-racking, and beneficial consequence all wrapped up in one. And whether you ‘re a seasoned to the tradition or this is your restaurant ‘s first year participating in the consequence, there is something to gain from joining restaurant week .

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