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file-legal-complaint Do you need to file a complaint against your employer ?
The Florida Department of Labor responsibilities are:
• Strengthen free corporate dicker
• Protect employee retirement and health care
• Track changes in use
• Advance use opportunities
• Improve working conditions
The Florida DOL oversees Federal labor laws. Have your rights been violated? If so, don’t hesitate to file a complaint.

Common Complaints Filed By Employees

In the workplace, you can file a complaint from harassment to lost wages. Do you want to file a federal complaint or a Florida state lawsuit ? Have you decided to file a lawsuit ? If the answer is yes, you have to notify your employer about your claim inaugural. After 15 days, if your employer doesn ’ t react or resolve the issue, you can file a claim with the Florida country court .
To file a Federal ailment, visit the Florida Department of Labor. Make certain to have adenine much information about you and your employer as you can. When you file a complaint with the Wage-Hour Division, your employer can not terminate you for doing so. besides, there is no monetary value associated with filing a call. The information you need to file a claim is :
•Company ’ second address
•Company ’ s call total
•Owner ’ randomness name
•Your name
•Your address and telephone number
•The name of the last company you worked at
•Your job description
•How you got paid
Any extra information you can provide will help your case .

5 Steps To File A Claim With The DOL

There are five easy steps to filing a claim with the Florida Department of Labor. here ’ s a lead to help you navigate through the process.

1. Speak with your employer

Before going all the manner by filing a claim against your employer, try resolving the issue internally. When you approach your employer, don ’ thymine be aroused. Speak professionally to get your ailment addressed .

2. Check To See If Your Employer Has To Follow Federal Law

Contact the WHD to see if your claim falls under the Fair Labor Standards Act, Medical Leave Act, or other federal laws. The Department of Labor may not be able to assist you if your complaint is outside of these laws. All department of state resources must be exhausted before you can file a federal grievance .

3. Gather The Required Information

The most critical work of your claim is the data you provide. Without it, you have no claim to file. Make sure to have the needed documentation.

4. File The Complaint

There are two ways you can file a charge with the DOL. You can visit the DOL ’ s web site to find the closest office to you or, you can begin your claim by calling 1-866-4USWAGE .

5. Do A Follow-Up

After you file your complaint, let the DOL handle the remainder. The Department of Labor will manage your payments owed to you by your employer. If your employer has violated your rights, the DOL will enforce penalties on them. All of the DOL ’ randomness services are free to promote the best work conditions for you .

Other Considerations

Starting a claim against your employer can be overwhelming. Having an experienced lawyer may help you through the process. When co-workers find out that you have a case, they ’ ll have questions. It ’ sulfur best to stay silent. Until your subject is over, keep all information and strategies to yourself. Keep in mind that you have a limited total of time to file a claim. Although there are exceptions, it ’ sulfur best to act cursorily .

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