50 Spirit Week Ideas For Work To Energize Any Size Team

Spirit Week ideas for work
Who ’ s quick to plan a spectacular Spirit Week that boosts employee morale and engagement ? You are ! Well, if you ’ re not quite ready nowadays, then you will be after you check out these Spirit Week ideas for oeuvre – we love getting our custom made swag for Spirit Week here.
We ’ ve got real-world examples of Spirit Week themes and ideas for every kind of team out there—small teams, bombastic teams, courtly teams, and more .
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What is Spirit Week for Work?

Spirit Week bonding
What is Spirit Week ? That suffice will be different at every company, but in general, it ’ s one week of concentrate employee date activities and events. It ’ s a time to celebrate accomplishments, bond with coworkers, cook for new challenges, spill about newfangled goals, celebrate company culture, and then much more .

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Spirit Week Benefits

now you may be questioning the point and purpose of Spirit Week. What benefit does it bring ?
Remember all those pep rallies you went to in high school ? Or possibly your educate actually had a Spirit Week, and you have affectionate memories of that. Think about how those events made you feel, even if you rolled your eyes and cringed at the time .
No one can prove that those events helped you get top marks on your following examination or throw the gain shooting during a basketball game, but the integrity, employment, and enthusiasm you picked up during those events might have inspired you to excel, tied if the inspiration happened on a subconscious level .
Spirit Week can boost goals
Workplace Spirit Weeks do the same inspiring thing for employees ; they help employees feel close to coworkers, engaged with the company mission, and enthusiastic about pursuing new goals .
hera are merely a few examples of commodity things workplace Spirit Weeks can bring .
All those Spirit Week activities will surely inspire some laughter, which can reduce stress, boost exemption, and bolster resilience .
Spirit week provides plenty of laughter
Empowerment and Engagement
One survey about high-school Spirit Weeks demonstrates that the gay events can help students feel empowered to perform well, participate more, and find happiness and fulfillment. A quote sampled from one of the sketch respondents can apply to employees at any company adenine well students :
“ When students feel a sense of efficacy, they tend to be more involved, more in tune with the great opportunities which exist on their campus. ”
equitable one workweek of super-charged group activities can boost teamwork and build last workplace friendships, and that ultimately leads to enhanced communication, collaboration, and possibly employee memory .

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They make hosting engaging team-building activities, such as magpie hunts and game shows, equally easy as submitting an on-line form. ( expert game producers will take manage of you every footstep of the way after that. )

Spirit Week is perfect for team building

Spirit Week Ideas

These Spirit Week examples and ideas should get you pumped up to plan your identical own Spirit Week with your identical own flare .

Spirit Week Ideas for Small Teams

Spirit Week ideas for small teams should be relatively inexpensive, easy to plan, and full of opportunities for high-quality bonding.
Garland Company
Spirit Week highlights:

  • Fundraising for local and home charities ( auctions, raffles, bake sales, and more )

Spirit Week highlights:

  • Dressing up for the theme of the day
  • Laughing during dancing offs
  • Playing water-balloon volleyball
  • Participating in lip-synch competitions

Writing on the Bandwidth web log, one employee says ,
“ When I think of Spirit Week, I think of Instagram-worthy costumes, team bonding over matching bandanas, and intense rival that makes you more anxious than the stopping point of The Bachelor. ”

Spirit week costumes
Additional ideas:

  • high Five Everyone Day ( Encourage employees to high five everyone they see. If they come across person they haven ’ thymine met, then they can introduce themselves and then offer the eminent fives. )
  • “ Secret Cheerleader ” Day ( Co-workers pass each early anonymous notes, complimenting excellent work. )
  • Founder ’ s Day ( Remember and honor your caller ’ mho founder by enjoying some trivium about the fall through, eating some of his or her favored foods, and possibly even browsing some old photograph and movie collections from the ship’s company archives. )
  • lunchtime games. ( Ask everyone to bring in their favorite boards games, and spend Spirit Week playing them as a group. )
  • ‘Take 5’ games (Introducing team building activities that take only 5 minutes of everyone’s time is doable for even the busiest of teams to participate in.

Spirit Week Ideas for Large Teams

Spirit Week ideas for large teams can involve lofty fundraising initiatives, big events, and catered meals. Large teams have the bandwidth to make all these ideas successful.
BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina
Spirit Week highlights:

  • Wearing ‘ 80s outfits like it ’ mho 1985
  • Doing flash gang during employee meetings
  • Having kin nights to get everyone involved
  • Collecting books for children
  • Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity

How much fun did they have ? See for yourself. Check out BCBS NC ’ s photograph album .
MRI Software
Spirit Week highlights:

  • feed donuts served up by ship’s company leadership
  • Dressing like Superheroes and enjoying seeing everyone else, including the company ’ south founder, in costume as well
  • Enjoyingdelicious food

Additional ideas:

  • Host a diverseness show. hera ’ s an theme from our post on team-building activities. This one ’ mho easy to incorporate into Spirit Week .
  • Host a LipDub challenge with help from the team-building experts at Go Game.

“ here at SnackNation, our culture committee hosts a variety show testify for our office. exchangeable to a talent show, at the event we invite our colleagues to partake their special talents during a Friday flush open mic. many people perform together which is a great way to adhesiveness over shared interests and show off their guitar skills or test new stand-up jokes. ”

  • Host “ Spirit Awards ” to recognize employees who do not just demonstrate spirit during Spirit Week, but besides show their spirit throughout the year. Call out a handful of your party ’ second core values. then, have other employees nominate co-workers to receive an award for exemplifying those qualities. For exemplar, if “ integrity ” constantly tops your tilt of core values, then an employee might nominate a colleague who has never cut corners in her creative work .

Spirit Week Ideas for Formal Offices

Spirit Week ideas for formal offices should focus on tradition. The events will still be fun, of course, but they won’t involve anything too quirky.
Spirit Week highlights:

  • Enjoying a staff field day
  • Celebrating Christmas in July
  • Living it up at glad hour
  • Joining mission-driven party presentations
  • Golfing
  • Coming in concert for a staff and family cinch

Spirit Week picnic
Additional ideas:

  • Do some off-site brainstorm to keep Spirit Week mission-driven but besides unlike from any other sidereal day at the office .
  • Have a “ job trade ” day. Employees can get to know coworkers while besides picking up a few fresh skills .
  • Have a nice dinner out on the town .
  • Do inner speed network. Set up an event where employees talk to each other for a one fast-paced infinitesimal at a clock .

Spirit Week Ideas for Casual Offices

Spirit Week ideas for casual offices take advantage of that anything-goes mentality.
Spirit Week highlights:

  • Wearing the colors in the company brand pallette
  • Donning glistening shirts, both homemade and boughten
  • Thinking about being green while besides wearing greens for “ Going green ” sidereal day
  • Going on a beach digression

Additional ideas:

  • Set up a “ bring your pet to work day. ”
  • Set up a “ bring your kid to work day. ” ( Sure, it ’ s about the lapp as the mind above, but each choice could lead to radically different events. )
  • Take a bus go of your city. wear party shirts sol everyone knows who you are, and interact with people in your community. Tell everyone what you do and why you love it .
  • Play freeze-tag in the local park. Anyone who gets frozen can free themselves by correctly answering some company triviality .

Spirit Week Ideas for Busy Offices

Spirit Week ideas for busy offices should include low-maintenance events that require minimal planning from event organizers and the participants. The events should also not take too long to do. Dress-up days find a niche at busy offices; employees can show up in costume but still get tons of work done.
Spirit Week highlights:

  • Having crazy hair and/or crazy hat days
  • Wearing team colors
  • Dressing up in decade-themed costumes
  • Wearing company colors
  • Wearing pajama to work

Spirit week pajama day
Additional ideas:

  • Host weekend group yoga. People in busy offices may not be able to dedicate work hours to Spirit Week, but a loosen weekend event will be accomplishable, and it may even ease the stress of feverish function life .
  • work sprints. * Doing work faster than usual may not seem like a compel Spirit Week estimate at beginning glance. But in busy office environments, when fourth dimension constantly flies before work gets done , finishing some work may just be the most fun everyone ’ s had all year .
    • *You exploit dash when you commit to an estimate, lone one mind, for a pin down period of time, and focus lone on getting from start ( the mind itself ) to finish ( sending the leave of your mind out into the global ). Experts agree this process helps most people focus, measure mind viability, debar dilatoriness, and make decisions .

Spirit Week Ideas for Creative Offices

Spirit Week ideas for creative offices should involve employees in the planning process.  
Spirit Week highlights:

  • Going to work dressed in sportswear
  • Performing acts of forgivingness during “ Golden Rule Day ”
  • Celebrating “ Black Friday in July ” ( a concept similar to Christmas in July )
  • Planning in-store events for local customers

Additional ideas:

  • Paint a group mural .
  • Get together and rearrange some office furniture .
  • Pretend you ’ ve been asked to brainstorm a new company motto, and enjoy an hour of open-ended, risk-free brainstorming .
  • Produce your own movie by teaming up with event producers at Go Game.

BONUS! Spirit Week ideas that work for all teams

  • Competitions ! Select a contest that makes sense for your caller, something that gets everyone fired up. Some rousing competitions involve :
    • Sales
    • Cooking or eating
    • athletic tournaments
    • Solving mysteries ( The beginning team to find out who stole the refrigerator wins ! )

Spirit week office games

  • Office games. universally loved by employees at all kinds of companies, games never disappoint. Every single person in the world can credibly find a game to match their interests. here are some you can try during spirit workweek :
    • Video games ( Have a bet on tournament, and encourage everyone to make brackets. )
    • Lawn games. ( Badminton or Croquet lend themselves absolutely to hilarious themes. And since about no one is actually good at either of these games, everyone will surely laugh with each other .
    • Board games. ( We could list out a million subcategories of board games, excessively ; you get the mind. )
    • athletic games
    • mental games ( Trivia, debate, doctrine, and more. )

Did we miss any leading ideas ? Share your favorite Spirit Week ideas and activities in the comments below and help others spread spirit across their teams !

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