What Actually Goes On at High School Parties?

Parents of eminent schoolers worry about the parties their kids attend, and rightfully so. drink and drug habit may occur at unsupervised parties ; inebriated teens may get behind the wheel and endanger the lives of themselves, their passengers and innocent drivers ; and alcohol poison, sexual assault or check are austere possibilities when minors drink to excess .
however, the visualize of a crazy high school party in which parents are on vacation and the whole school shows up for a kegger is a little overblown. Yes, the casual party does approach out-of-control levels, but the majority of parties are smaller affairs, drawing no more than a few twelve kids, and possibly evening thrown with the blessing of parents who think teens will be safer if they drink in a supervised mise en scene .
barely because a party is smaller doesn ’ t think of it ’ south less bad for its attendees. Kids have more room to drink and frequently trust on their own alcohol—including the hard stuff—rather than waiting in a keg lineage to get a beer. furthermore, the less crowded a party is, the more opportunity for teens to find a seclude spot to do drugs. And the one thing that much breaks up bigger parties before they get more dangerous—the police—may not be a factor at a smaller party where kids can keep the noise to a numb roar.

so what very goes on at high school parties ? They aren ’ thyroxine much different than when today ’ mho parents were teens themselves—though that might not be of much consolation for many of you. What is most authoritative is taking an active interest in where your kids are going, if a party will be supervised and setting firm rules dictating no drinking or drugs .

Teen Alcohol Statistics

According to the 2016 Monitoring the future study conducted by the University of Michigan, 19.9 percentage of 10th-graders and about a third of 12th-graders reported using alcohol in the calendar month before they were surveyed. Although these numbers continue a down trend—in 1991, the percentages were a frighten 42.8 and 54.0 for grades 10 and 12, respectively—it ’ sulfur however excessively many kids drinking and potentially getting into a car. The numbers of 10th- and 12th-graders who had been intoxicated dropped to 9.0 and 20.4 percentage, respectively, but besides remain a good concern. Take any five gamey school seniors—one of them, on average got intoxicate, possibly at a party, in the by month. That ’ sulfur chilling, particularly if you worry the one is your child .

Teen Marijuana Statistics

pot may be more prevalently smoked at high school parties just because there are few other opportunities for teens to do so. In the lapp Michigan survey, marijuana use actually climbed for 12th-graders in 2016, up from 21.3 percentage to 22.5 percentage. And the numbers are far worse than 25 years ago, about doubling in that time. If you don ’ t remember seeing much cannabis smoked at parties in your youth, know that times have changed on this presence .

Dangerous Behaviors at Parties

big or minor, supervised or unsupervised, high school parties with drugs and alcohol can be dangerous. For starters, drinking games ( beer niff, quarters and so on ) can get adolescent intoxicated in a haste. Inexperienced drinkers may not know when to stop, and the consequences range from the obvious vomit and passing out to, more seriously, alcohol poison.

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second, intimate assault is a huge publish at parties with drugs and alcohol. Impaired teens might be taken advantage of and not be able to fight back ; besides, their calls for help may not be heard. Their bibulous “ friends ” may become more aggressive and make bad decisions ( such as not believing when a person says “ ordinal number ” ) .
Third, alcohol lowers inhibitions and leads to bad decisions all around ( not just sexually ). Fights, accepting challenges to drink more or try a unintelligent stunt, or, most disturbingly, driving while impaired—or passengers not recognizing that the driver is impaired—are not only dazed choices, but insecure behaviors .

Offer a Ride Home

even the best teens may end up at parties where alcohol and drugs are present. Those lapp teens might not drink or smoke but be affected by others ’ poor choices. When confronted with a dangerous site, you want your kids to call you for help, even if they have been drinking. consequently, make this deal with your children : If they need a depend on home because they are impaired, because their ride is impair or merely because they want to go and none of their friends wants to leave, they can call you and you will pick them up, no questions asked until the next dawn. Consequences from you may be at hand, but they don ’ t have to be immediate—better to bite your lip on the ride home than visit your child in the emergency room, patrol station or morgue.

Safe Homes, Smart Parties

Unsupervised high school parties are an obvious problem, but therefore are oversee parties at which parents allow attendees to drink. Our safe Homes, Smart Parties campaign details the risks of high educate parties with alcohol, and offers strategies for parents and teens to work in concert to throw oversee parties that are fun and free of liquor and drugs. If you can tolerate a little mess and some potential loud music, your kids and their friends can enjoy a party—and stay safe at the same fourth dimension .
Has your child ’ s senior high school school had a trouble with unsupervised parties ?

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