13 Reasons Your Website Can Have a High Bounce Rate

It ’ s a question asked on Reddit and Twitter every day .
It makes the shoulders of on-line marketers tense up and makes analysts frown with concern .
You look at your analytics, eyes broad, and find yourself asking ; “ Why do I have such a high bounce rate ? ”

What Is a Bounce Rate?

As a refresher course, Google refers to a “ bounce ” as “ a single-page school term on your locate. ”

Bounce rate refers to the share of visitors that leave your web site ( or “ leap ” back to the search results or referring web site ) after viewing lone one page on your site .
This can tied happen when a drug user idles on a page for more than 30 minutes .
so what is a high bounce pace, and why is it bad ?
well “ high bounce rate ” is a proportional term, which depends on what your company ’ mho goals are, and what kind of locate you have .
low bounce rates – or excessively low bounce rates – can be problems excessively .
Most websites will see bounce rates between 26 % to 70 %, according to a RocketFuel analyze .
13 Reasons Your Website Can Have a High Bounce Rate
Based on the data they gathered, they provided a bounce rate grading system of sorts :

  • 25% or lower: Something is probably broken
  • 26-40%: Excellent
  • 41-55%: Average
  • 56-70%: Higher than normal, but could make sense depending on the website
  • 70% or higher: Bad and/or something is probably broken

The overall bounce rate for your site will live in the Audience Overview tab key of Google Analytics .
13 Reasons Your Website Can Have a High Bounce Rate
You can find your bounce pace for individual channels and pages in the demeanor column of most views in Google Analytics .
13 Reasons Your Website Can Have a High Bounce Rate
What follows are 13 common reasons your web site can have a high bounce rate and how to fix these issues .

1. Slow-to-Load Page

Google has a renewed focus on web site speed, particularly as a part of the Core Web Vitals first step .
A slow-to-load page can be a huge problem for bounce rate .
Site accelerate is part of Google ’ s ranking algorithm .
Google wants to promote capacity that provides a plus have for users, and they recognize that a slow site can provide a poor know .
Users want the facts fast – this is function of the reason Google has put indeed much cultivate into featured snippets .
If your page takes longer than a few seconds to load, your visitors may get fed up and leave .
Fixing site amphetamine is a lifelong travel for most SEO and market pros .
But the top is that with each incremental fasten, you should see an incremental rise in speed .
Review your page speed ( overall and for individual pages ) using tools like :

  • Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • The Google Search Console PageSpeed reports.
  • Lighthouse reports.
  • Pingdom.
  • GTmetrix.

They ’ ll offer you recommendations particular to your locate, such as compressing your images, reducing third-party scripts, and leveraging browser hoard .

2. Self-Sufficient Content

sometimes your contented is effective enough people can quickly get what they need and bounce !
This can be a fantastic thing .
possibly you ’ ve achieved the content seller ’ south dream and created amazing content that wholly consumed them for a handful of minutes in their lives .
Or possibly you have a land page that only requires the exploiter to complete a short star imprint .
To determine whether bounce rate is nothing to worry about, you ’ ll want to look at the Time Spent on Page and Average Session Duration metrics in Google Analytics .
You can besides conduct exploiter experience test and A/B testing to see if the high bounce pace is a problem .
If the drug user is spending a match of minutes or more on the page, that sends a positivist signal to Google that they found your page highly relevant to their search question .
If you want to rank for that detail research question, that kind of exploiter captive is gold .
If the user is spending less than a minute on the page ( which may be the case of a properly optimized landing page with a quick-hit CTA form ), consider enticing the reviewer to read some of your relate blog posts after filling out the form .

3. Disproportional Contribution by a Few Pages

If we expand on the exemplar from the previous section, you may have a few pages on your site that are contributing disproportionally to the overall bounce rate for your site .
Google is understanding at recognizing the deviation between these .
If your single CTA landing pages sanely satisfy drug user captive and cause them to bounce promptly after taking an legal action, but your longer-form capacity pages have a lower bounce rate, you ’ re probably good to go .
however, you will want to dig in and confirm that this is the case or fall upon if some of these pages with a higher bounce rate shouldn ’ t be causing users to leave en masse .
Open up Google Analytics, go to Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages, and kind by Bounce Rate .
Consider adding an advanced percolate to remove pages that might skew the results .
For model, it ’ s not necessarily helpful to agonize over the one Twitter plowshare with five visits that have all your sociable UTM parameters tacked onto the end of the URL .
My rule of flick is to determine a minimal brink of volume that is significant for the page .
Choose what makes smell for your site, whether it ’ s 100 visits or 1,000 visits, then click on Advanced and percolate for Sessions greater than that .
13 Reasons Your Website Can Have a High Bounce Rate

4. Misleading Title Tag and/or Meta Description

Ask yourself : Is the message of your page accurately summarized by your championship tag and meta description ?
If not, visitors may enter your locate thinking your content is about one thing, only to find that it isn ’ triiodothyronine, and then bounce back to whence they came .
Whether it was an innocent mistake or you were trying to game the system by optimizing for keyword clickbait ( dishonor on you ! ), this is, fortunately, simple enough to fix .
Either review the capacity of your page and adjust the title tag and meta description accordingly or rewrite the content to address the search queries you want to attract visitors for .
You can besides check what kind of meta description Google has generated for your page for park searches – Google can change your meta description, and if they make it worse, you can take steps to remedy that .

5. Blank Page or Technical Error

If your bounce rate is exceptionally high and you see that people are spending less than a few seconds on the page, it ’ s likely your page is space, returning a 404, or differently not loading properly .
Take a look at the page from your audience ’ s most popular browser and device configurations ( for example, Safari on desktop and mobile, Chrome on fluid, etc. ) to replicate their experience .
You can besides check in Search Console under Coverage to discover the issue from Google ’ s perspective .
Correct the issue yourself or talk to person who can – an issue like this can cause Google to drop your page from the search results in a hurry .
13 Reasons Your Website Can Have a High Bounce Rate

6. Bad Link from Another Website

You could be doing everything arrant on your end to achieve a normal or gloomy leap rate from organic search results, and still have a high bounce rate from your referral traffic .
The referring site could be sending you incompetent visitors or the anchor text and context for the associate could be misleading .
sometimes this is a solution of sloppy copywriting .
The writer or publisher linked to your web site in the wrong part of the copy or didn ’ triiodothyronine mean to link to your site at all .
Reach out to the writer of the article, then the editor or webmaster if the author can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate update the article post-publish .
politely ask them to remove the associate to your locate – or update the context, whichever makes smell .
( Tip: You can easily find their contact information with this guide. )
unfortunately, the referring web site may be trying to sabotage you with some negative SEO tactics, out of malice, or precisely for fun .
For case, they may have linked to your Guide to Adopting a puppy with the anchor textbook of FREE GET RICH QUICK SCHEME .
You should still reach out and politely ask them to remove the connect, but if needed, you ’ ll want to update your disavow file in Search Console .
Disavowing the connection won ’ thymine reduce your leap rate, but it will tell Google not to take that locate ’ second link into account when it comes to determining the quality and relevance of your web site .

7. Affiliate Landing Page or Single-Page Site

If you ’ re an affiliate, the whole period of your page may be to measuredly send people away from your web site to the merchant ’ s locate .
In these instances, you ’ re doing the job correct if the page has a higher bounce pace .
A similar scenario would be if you have a single-page web site, such as a land page for your ebook or a simple portfolio site .
It ’ mho coarse for sites like these to have a very high leap rate since there ’ second nowhere else to go .
Remember that Google can normally tell when a web site is doing a good job satisfying exploiter intent even if the user ’ mho question is answered ace quickly ( sites like WhatIsMyScreenResolution.com come to mind ) .
If you ’ ra interested, you can adjust your bounce rate so it makes more smell for the goals of your web site .
For Single Page Apps, or SPAs, you can adjust your analytics settings to see unlike parts of a page as a unlike page, adjusting the Bounce Rate to better reflect drug user experience.

8. Low-Quality or Under Optimized Content

Visitors may be bouncing from your web site because your contentedness is good plain bad .
Take a long, hard expect at your page and have your most judgmental and honest colleague or supporter recapitulation it .
( ideally, this person either has a background in contentedness selling or copywriting, or they fall into your target hearing ) .
One possibility is that your content is capital, but you good haven ’ triiodothyronine optimized it for on-line read – or for the hearing that you ’ re target .

  • Are you writing in simple sentences (think high school students versus PhDs)?
  • Is it easily scannable with lots of header tags?
  • Does it cleanly answer questions?
  • Have you included images to break up the copy and make it easy on the eyes?

Writing for the world wide web is different than writing for offline publications .
Brush up your on-line copywriting skills to increase the time people spend reading your contentedness .
The early hypothesis is that your content is ill written overall or just international relations and security network ’ metric ton something your audience cares about .
Consider hiring a freelance copywriter or subject strategist who can help you revamp your ideas into powerful content that converts .

9. Bad or Obnoxious UX

Are you bombarding people with ads, pop-up book surveys, and email subscribe buttons ?
CTA-heavy features like these may be irresistible to the marketing and sales team, but using excessively many of them can make a visitor run for the hills .
Google ’ s Core Web Vitals are all about drug user experience – they ’ ra rate factors, and consequence exploiter happiness besides .
Is your site confusing to navigate ?
possibly your visitors are looking to explore more, but your blog is missing a search corner or the menu items are unmanageable to click on a smartphone .
As on-line marketers, we know our websites in and out .
It ’ sulfur easy to forget that what seems intuitive to us is anything but to our consultation .
Make sure you ’ re avoiding these common design mistakes, and have a web or UX designer review the site and let you know if anything pops out to them as baffling .

10. The Page Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

While we know it ’ south significant to have a mobile-friendly web site, the rehearse international relations and security network ’ thyroxine constantly followed in the real populace .
Google ’ south index is switching to mobile-only next year .
But even equally recently as 2018, one discipline found that closely a quarter of the top websites were not mobile-friendly .
Websites that haven ’ metric ton been optimized for mobile don ’ triiodothyronine look adept on mobile devices – and they don ’ thymine load excessively fast, either .
That ’ s a recipe for a high bounce rate .
even if your web site web site was implemented using reactive purpose principles, it ’ s still potential that the live page doesn ’ t read as mobile-friendly to the exploiter .
sometimes, when a page gets squeezed into a mobile format, it causes some of the key data to move below-the-fold .
now, rather of seeing a headline that matches what they saw in search, mobile users only see your web site ’ south navigation menu .
Assuming the page doesn ’ metric ton offer what they need, they bounce back to Google .
If you see a foliate with a eminent bounce rate and no glaring issues immediately jump out to you, test it on your mobile phone .
You can identify non-mobile-friendly pages at-scale using Google ’ s free Test My Site tool .
13 Reasons Your Website Can Have a High Bounce Rate
You can besides check for mobile issues in the Search Console and Lighthouse .
This can work in reversion excessively – make sure your site is easy to read and navigate in desktop, tablet, and mobile formats, and with handiness devices .

11. Wonky Google Analytics Setup

It ’ s possible that you haven ’ t properly implemented Google Analytics and added the tracking codes to all the pages on your web site .
Google explains how to fix that here .

12. Content Depth

Google can give people quick answers through featured snippets and cognition panels ; you can give people the deep, matter to, interconnected content that ’ s a step beyond that .
Make indisputable your contentedness compels people to click on far .
Provide matter to, relevant home links, and give them a reason to stay .
And for the crowd that wants the quick answer, give them a TL ; DR compendious at the peak .

13. Asking for Too Much

Don ’ triiodothyronine ask person for their credit card number, social security, grandma ’ s pension, and children ’ mho names justly off the bat – your exploiter doesn ’ thyroxine faith you so far .
People are ready to be fishy considering how many scam websites are out there .
Being presented with a big pop up asking for information will cause a batch of people to leave immediately .
The job of a webmaster or contentedness godhead is to build up reliance with the drug user – and doing therefore will both increase consumer atonement and decrease your bounce rate .
If it makes users happy, Google likes it .

Don’t Panic

A high bounce rate doesn ’ metric ton mean the end of the worldly concern .
Some well designed, beautiful webpages have high bounce rates .
leap rates can be a measure of how well your locate is performing but if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate tackle them with nuance, they can become a vanity metric unit .
Don ’ metric ton present bounce rates without context .
sometimes you want a medium to high bounce pace .
And don ’ t hear and “ fix ” bounce rates that aren ’ thymine actually a problem by slowing down users on the page, or preventing them from going back from your site .
That makes a more thwart user, and they won ’ thymine render to your subject again .
even if the number superficially goes down, you will have earned a lot worse than a “ bounce. ”

5 Pro Tips for Reducing Your Bounce Rate

careless of the cause behind your high bounce rate, here ’ s a drumhead of best practices you can implement to bring it down .

1. Make Sure Your Content Lives Up to the Hype

Your title tag and meta description efficaciously dissemble as your web site ’ second virtual billboard in Google .
Whatever you ’ re advertising in the SERPs, your content needs to match .
Don ’ t call your page an ultimate usher if it ’ s a short post with three tips .
Don ’ t claim to be the “ best ” vacuum if your user reviews show a 3-star denounce .
You get the idea .
besides, make your capacity clear :

  • Break up your text with lots of white space.
  • Add supporting images.
  • Use short sentences.
  • Spellcheck is your friend.
  • Use good, clean design
  • Don’t bombard with too many ads

2. Keep Critical Elements Above the Fold

sometimes, your subject matches what you advertise in your claim chase and meta description ; visitors merely can ’ t tell at first glance .
When people arrive on a web site, they make an immediate first impression .
You want that first impression to validate whatever they thought they were going to see when they arrived .
A big H1 should match the entitle they read on Google .
If it ’ s an ecommerce site, a photograph should match the description .

  • Give a good first impression
  • Make sure banners don’t push your content too far down.
  • Make sure what the user is searching for is on the page when it loads.

3. Speed Up Your Site

When it comes to SEO, fast is constantly better .
Keeping up with site speed is a tax that should remain securely stuck to the peak of your SEO disturbance list .
There will always be new ways to compress, optimize, and otherwise accelerate load clock time .

  • Implement AMP.
  • Compress all images before loading them to your site, and only use the maximum display size necessary.
  • Review and remove any external or load-heavy scripts, stylesheets, and plugins. If there are any you don’t need, remove them. For the ones you do need, see if there’s a faster option.
  • Tackle the basics: Use a CDN, minify JavaScript and CSS, and set up browser caching.
  • Check Lighthouse for more suggestions

4. Minimize Non-Essential Elements

Don ’ t bombard your visitors with pop fly ads, in-line promotions, and other contented they don ’ thyroxine care about .
ocular overpower can cause visitors to bounce .
What CTA is the most important for the page ?
Compellingly highlight that .
For everything else, delegate it to your sidebar or footnote .
Edit, edit, edit !

5. Help People Get Where They Want to Be Faster

Want to encourage people to browse more of your site ?
Make it slowly for them .

  • Leverage on-site search with predictive search, helpful filters, and an optimized “no results found” page.
  • Rework your navigation menu and A/B test how complex vs. simple drop-down menus affect your bounce rate.
  • Include a Table of Contents in your long-form articles with anchor links taking people straight to the section they want to read.


hopefully, this article helped you diagnose what ’ s causing your high bounce rate, and you have a adept idea of how to fix it .
Make your locate utilitarian, user-focused, and fast – beneficial sites attract well users.

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