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Guangdong University Of Finances and Economics ( Simplified Chinese : 广东财经大学 ; Pinyin : Guǎngdōng CaiJing DaXue ) established in 1983 is a public university in the capital of Guangdong province .

history [edit ]

Guangdong University of Finances and Economics was established in 1983. As one of the key institutions of higher eruditeness in Guangdong Province, GUFE offers undergraduate and graduate programs in economics, management, jurisprudence, English and chinese literature, skill and engineering which confer bachelor ‘s degree or victor ‘s degree, in summation to a second bachelor ‘s degree for law students. GUFE has over 17,228 full-time students ( including postgraduates and oversea taiwanese students and those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan ).

Campuses [edit ]

GUFE comprises two campuses. The Guangzhou Campus of the university is at No. 21, Luntou Road ( 仑头路 ) or Chisha Road ( 赤沙路 ), Haizhu District ( 海珠区 ), Guangzhou. The Sanshui Campus is in the Yundonghai Tourist Economic Zone in Sanshui, Foshan. The university and Zengcheng Sun City Ltd. in Guangzhou run an undergraduate independent college, Huashang College. GUFE covers an area of over 2383 mu ( 1,590,675 square meters ). The total value of all equipments for teaching and scientific inquiry amounts to 91.4 million yuan, including multimedia education equipment, lyric lab, simulated jurisprudence courts, a judiciary technical experimental kernel and commercial science labs. Intranet has been built in classrooms of all teaching buildings .

administration [edit ]

The university has a number of faculties : [ 1 ] Management, Law, Accounting, Economics and Statistics, Taxation and Public Finance Administration, Finance, Foreign Languages, Information, Humanities and Communication, and Tourism and Environment .

faculty structure [edit ]

GUFE has established 14 schools and departments offering 16 master-degree programs and 36 undergraduate specialties, among which constitution and administration police and enterprise management are of provincial priority specialties, and marketing, law, report, data management & data systems, Finance, International Economics & Trade and Public Finance are classified as provincial brand specialties. GUFE owns several laboratories including the Guangdong Laboratory of E-commerce Marketing Applied Technology, the Economy & Management Laboratory and the Experimental Center of Enterprise Resource Planning. It besides owns the Research Center of Law Build-up & Economic Development and the Journal of Guangdong University of Business Studies.

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GUFE has more than 894 professional teachers, among whom there are 135 professors and 228 associate professors, 180 teachers who are doctoral degree holders or are studying for doctor ‘s degree, and 480 teachers who hold master ‘s degree. The university has besides engaged over 100 chinese and foreign experts on economics, management and law as half-time or guest professors. GUFE practices the systems of credits for the degrees offered .

library [edit ]

GUFE ‘s library has a solicitation of 2.45 million items. Its digital library has a solicitation of 300,000 books. An NIC is provided for every scholar in the dormitory on all the campuses .

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