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so no matter what there ‘s very a positive result because if it does n’t work for you then you know that does n’t work for me, but this does alternatively and if it does work for you awesome you found a raw habit that works for you hi honey is Emmy if you ‘re raw to the channel welcome my name is Emmy I ‘m a dietician in the creator of the reduce on starch program where you work with my team one on one indeed that we can get you to lose weight on a plant-based diet and live your fullest life as your happiest self applications are actually open for our following course of study, so you can click the connection in the downbar so that you can get yo position nowadays we ‘re talking all about intermittent fast, and we ‘re gon na be talking about what it is if I do it if you should do it some positive outcomes some negative outcomes, and then I asked you guys what questions you have, sol one on Instagram said what questions do you have about intermittent fast, and I ‘m going to be answering those all mighty so what is intermittent fasting what internet fast is the most common way that I ‘ve seen it implemented is a pin down of the fertilize window so the most coarse border on that I ‘ve seen is when you fast for 18 hours and then eat for 6 hours most normally people choose to skip breakfast and delay their breakfast until later in the day eat for 6 hours not 6 hours straight but open they ‘re eating windowpane and allow themselves to have their meals for the 6 hours and then closed they ‘re eating windowpane another access is called the 52 approach where you eat for five days and fast for two days to be honest I have not met one person that does this, but we know that this is an approach that exists I do n’t see anybody doing it I see the majority of people doing the 186 approach where are you fast for 18 hours and then open your window for six hours, so that is what intermittent fast is it actually is just a tapered of the fertilize window and normally people end up skipping breakfast then to speak delaying their first meal of the day which technically is their breakfast because they are breaking their fast but from a traditional point of view they do n’t eat them in the dawn and then open their fast I would say overt they ‘re eating window quite around 1100 I would say between 1100 like 200 prime minister is the most coarse prison term for person to open their debauched and then end up or open their window why do I keep saying that exposed they ‘re eating window, and then they end up closing around 5 6 7 prime minister all right do I do it do I earn minute fast I made a video recording about this a long while ago, but people want some updates I was intermittent fast before it was cool, so I naturally was an intermittent debauched I would always go on my morning run I can not eat anything before I run like MMM honey you do n’t want me to eat before my run reliance me on that one in fact before my when I ran a marathon I did n’t eat anything before because I was like I ‘m not risking that that ‘s not happening so yea I do n’t eat anything before I run, …

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