17 examples of what Google Assistant can do for your business

17 examples of what Google Assistant can do for your business

Available on mobile and smart home devices used by millions of people all around the world, Google Assistant has brought about a revolution on the virtual Assistant scene. The benefits for consumers are clear, but you’re probably wondering what Google Assistant can do for your business.
The answer ? Google Assistant can do a lot. It helps employees to become more productive, streamlines your operations, and offers a host of helpful integrations .
You can find it on more than 500 million devices : Android mobile phones, but besides smart speakers, displays, TVs, cars, watches, and IoT devices. Google Assistant is presently available in 80 countries and 30 languages .

hera are 17 examples of what Google Assistant can do for your business to help you take it to the following level .

Task management

#1 Your employees can use Google Assistant as – literally – their personal assistants. All it takes is a handful of voice commands to compile a list of project ideas or disturbance tasks. Users can then have that alight sent to them as a one e-mail at the end of the day.

#2 But that ’ s not everything. Google Assistant can give your team a boost by sending a to-do task list to multiple team members or posting it into apps your team uses, like Trello, Slack, or Evernote .

Customize your adjunct with Actions on Google

#3 Actions on Google is a platform where developers can create software that extends the functionality of Google Assistant for your business. As a business owner, you can take advantage of Actions on Google to create and manage effective, colloquial experiences between users and third-party services .
For example, you can create a officiate that allows employees to easily book trajectory tickets or cab rides with your chosen supplier. You can set up such processes to match your formal requirements – for example, by sending all confirmations and invoices immediately to the accountants .

integration with smart home devices

International Data Corporation ( IDC ) predicts that the global market for bright home plate devices will grow by 26.9 % class over year in 2019 to reach a smashing 832.7 million shipments. The company ’ s Worldwide Quarterly Smart Home Device Tracker besides expects that the growth will continue with a CAGR of 16.9 % between 2019-2023 .
#4 If you aim to create a in truth healthy function that provides maximal comfort to your employees, Google Assistant can help. You can pair it up with smart home devices like thermostats, locks, lights cameras, and security systems. That will enable your employees to control them with the avail of their smartphones well. naturally, you can set your system up in a way that restricts particular users from having access to the stallion infrastructure. But offering the hypothesis of easy allowance of heat or light up in office rooms with a simple voice command will make your workplace more attractive .

Managing the team calendar

#5 Another advantage Google Assistant for your commercial enterprise is the wide range of options for managing team calendars. It ’ second enough to say “ add to my calendar ” together with the event ’ second lapp, date, and fourth dimension to create a new calendar event .
#6 Your team members can easily control their schedule by asking what their adjacent appointment is or telling adjunct to show the appointments scheduled for Wednesday dawn .
#7 Users of Google Assistant can ask even more detailed questions such as “ Where is my future event ? ” or “ When is my meet with X scheduled ? ”


#8 Google Assistant is also helpful in business communication. You can easily schedule calls by using the Assistant as your operator. You can call any number business or person in your contacts and then sit rear as the call is made. That can be identical helpful for employees who spend a batch of time behind the bicycle – by equipping your team with Google Assistant you ’ ll make them more generative ( and safer while driving ! ) .
#9 Google Assistant allows doing the same with text messages. All it takes is telling Assistant “ text ” followed by your contact ’ s name and the message itself. When you stop speaking, the system will confirm that it got everything right and then ask if you want to send the message.

#10 Your team can also catch up on text messages while their eyes are occupied – for example, when driving. It ’ mho adequate to tell Assistant “ Read my messages, ” and it will read all your text, starting from the most late ones .

Notes and reminders

#11 One of Assistant’s most useful features is its handling of context-sensitive reminders. For exercise, you can set a reminder for a specific meter and day by saying “ Remind me to call ten on Wednesday at noon. ”
#12 A reminder can also appear when you arrive at a particular location. “ Remind me to order a new laptop when I get to work ” or “ Remind me to check on the project ’ sulfur progress when I ’ megabyte at the JFK airport. ” The Assistant will deliver the message when you arrive at the allow placement – which can be both specific and general ( like a restaurant or grocery store store ) .
#13 Your team can keep a close eye on things by setting up recurring reminders with commands like “ Remind me to check the printers every Tuesday at 3, ” or “ Remind me to get in refer with X on the first day of every month. ”
#14 In addition to these reminders, Google Assistant can help your team remember random facts – and that could take your relationship with clients to the next level. For example, after a meet with a client, you can tell Assistant “ Remember that X ’ mho wife is a lawyer named Alice. ” Once you need to recall that assemble of information, barely say “ What did I tell you about X ’ s wife ? ”

IFTTT consolidation

IFTTT stands for the conditional statement “ if this, then that. ” IFTTT provides a free web-based military service that helps to create chains of elementary conditional statements. These chains are called applets. IFTTT connects apps, devices, and services from different companies to trigger one or more automated processes that involve them. For case, IFTTT can mechanically add a log of a birdcall to a Google spreadsheet if you make a call on your Android telephone .
#15 Google Assistant is fully integrated with IFTTT to automate tasks and streamline business processes. once you set up an explanation at the IFTTT service, you can activate and configure different functionalities. For exercise, you can configure Google ’ s official note-to-spreadsheet applet. That way, you can add a eminence to an existing Google spreadsheet simply by telling Assistant to “ take a note. ”
#16 iPhone users can take advantage of these process automation as well. For model, you can like Assistant to your calendar by setting up Google ’ s IFTTT applet that integrates Apple Calendar with Google Home. then you can add an even by using the command “ Add to my io calendar ” together with the event ’ randomness deed, date, and time .
#17 Does your team use Slack? You can use the “Send a note on Slack by voice” IFTTT applet to create a voice-activated command for a standard message like “ I ’ meter running five minutes late. ”
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What can Google Assistant do for your business ?

The growth of Google Assistant all over the worldly concern shows that the engineering is here to stay. By equipping your occupation with it, you ’ ll make your teams more generative, streamline your processes with tax automation, and make indisputable that your employees make the most of the meter they spend at the office .
Are you looking for a technology partner who could help you take advantage of Google Assistant for your business? Get in touch with our consultants; we know how to make this incredibly versatile technology work for different business contexts and optimization goals.

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