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The always busiest airports and land molding crossings result in endless waits and dense security processes. That is the cause why so many people decide to enroll in Global Trusted Programs have become a great option in orderliness to make their tripper less nerve-racking and feverish. One way to sign in the programs is to create your own personal account at The Global Online Enrollment System
. GOES is a system that enables registered users to manage
their application
and membership for any of the Trusted Traveler programs, equally well as other voluntary programs that facilitate travel for U.S. citizens .

What Can You Do with Your
GOES account?

for trusted traveler program

You can use your GOES account to enroll in a act of programs including CBP’s
NEXUS, Global Entry and SENTRI; TSA PreCheck and U.S. APEC Business Travel
To apply for any of these programs, you need to go to your GOES bill, fill in an on-line shape and pay a non-refundable tip. Keep in take care that every person, who decides to apply for membership is required to have a personal account within GOES, send person application and schedule separate consultation .
an interview

If your application is conditionally approved, your GOES report will be updated with far data how to schedule an interview. You
can use the system to
reserve you appointment in the preferred Global Enrolment centre
. To do that you need to Login to the GOES website and go to your home page. then select a “Schedule Interview” button. After you have picked an Enrollment Center for the broadcast you applied to you can choose the date and clock time of the interview from a list of available clock slots. Once your appointment has
been confirmed, your
application status will be changed to “Interview Scheduled”.
note that users are required to schedule an interview date within 120-days of receiving their conditional approval. If the member fails to do sol their application will be cancelled and no refunds will be granted.

personal information

The GOES account besides allows approved members to edit
their personal information
such as passport, driving license or mail-to address. once logged into your GOES report, select “ update Documents ” on leave hand side of the page. Remember that
this option will not be available if you have a pending application on your
then you need to follow the prompts to update your information .
Nexus/Global Entry/Sentri program

If you already are a member of any Trusted Traveler programs and you want to renew your membership, you need to go to your GOES account. Click on “ Manage membership ” that the Trusted Traveler Program Enrollment page will display and then select the blue “ Renew Application ” release. To change your personal information, use the Application Wizard to select the specific category of hyperlinks. When you are done with this step, blue-ribbon CBP Trusted Traveler Program List on the Application Wizard. Click the box next to the program you wish to renew. Pick an registration center from the hyperlinked list and blue-ribbon “ Next ”. This will lead you to the “ Trusted Traveler Program Application ” page. If you haven ’ thyroxine provided all of the request information, a FIX Error hyperlink will show up. choose update to continue to the “ Program Application ” page. At the buttocks of the page, choice certify. A “ Certification ” page will pop up and you need to answer “ Yes ” or “ No ”. After you select “ Next ”, “ The Final review : application Shopping Cart ” will show up. Click on the box next to fees and suction stop “ here ” to proceed. The “ Home ” button will change to a “ Make Payment ” button. Select the latter and you will see the on-line payment page. If that is too complicated you can always rely on us to renew your
program for you.

Add New
Trusted Traveler Program

After signing into your GOES report, on the home page under Program Membership ( second ), choice „Manage Membership. ” then click on the “ Add Trusted Traveler Program. ” Make any changes if needed. On ( CBP ) Trusted Traveler Program List page, select the checkbox next to the desired program. then you need to follow the steps described in the previous section.

your Trusted Traveler card

After you receive your tease, you need to activate it
within 30 days
after reception. Otherwise you will not be able to use at the Trusted Traveler lanes. You can do that by logging into your GOES account. then you need to select the “ Activate Membership Card ” button under the Program Membership ( s ) section on the Homepage .

with Global Online Enrollment System

To create an account, you need to go on the GOES welcome page and select “ Register in English ”. then you need to set up a password. once you have completed this gradation and received an identification numeral, you are a register GOES drug user.


Although GOES is specifically designed to help users manage their Trusted Traveler programs application and membership, the system
can be quite heavy and
. In holy order to apply for any of the available programs, you need to register in GOES, then select a program and answer a series of questions. Since each question is on a separate foliate, it may take up to
120 minutes to complete
. You need to be extremely cautious when
filling up your application
. Any false or omitted data may cost your membership in
your Trusted Traveler
. After completing the on-line form some other pages will pop up, where you can pay your non-refundable fee. not mention that you need to check regularly your score to see if your application is conditionally approved. even if your application is accepted, you need to figure out how to schedule an interview and find your way to the list of Enrolment centres. Another setback of GOES is that users cannot correct
mistakes on the original
application once it is certified.
You need to address any mistakes during your in-person interview with a CBP officer. It is difficult to make any changes in your data through your GOES account and very much you will need to reapply again .

The Alternative – Global Trusted Traveler

Luckily GOES is not the only place where you can enroll
in Trusted Traveler
One of the ways in which you can apply for NEXUS, Global Entry or SENTRI is trough Global Trusted Traveler. The process there is very simplified
and user-friendly.
For a small fee, you can save tons of time and effort and
rest assured that your application will be flawless
. They can besides take caution of your card refilling, your lost, damage or stolen traveler card or any other problems you may encounter with the trust traveler programs. Global Trusted Traveler services offered great value for money and spare you
the hassle of dealing with the paper work.

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