Graduate Study at FSU

Graduate Study at FSU


Graduate study allows you to advance your department of education under the direction of discipline specialists. You should cautiously select a field of cogitation that provides you with the opportunity to acquire the understandings, skills, and values needed for progress in your choose field and for continuing self-education .
graduate programs are designed to extend your academic, professional and personal competence ; to familiarize you with the inquiry in your field of study ; and to enable you to apply relevant research to contemporary issues in your specialization .
The doctoral and master ’ sulfur degrees confer upon recipients recognition as leaders within the fields of report. therefore, as a graduate student, you are expected to reflect not only victor academic accomplishment, but besides the commitment, values and leadership skills necessity for you to assume a leadership function in your forte area .

Graduate Mission Statement

Frostburg State University Graduate Studies encourages lifelong learn, development of intellectual curio, the capability for eruditeness and applied inquiry and mastery of subjugate matter in advance professional programs. The University is committed to excellence in preparing students to engage in the challenges of a technologically complex and pluralistic company. The programs enhance and enrich the academician environment of the University while seeking to meet the needs of the area and the larger global community.

Graduate Program Governance/Administration

The Graduate Council, a committee of the Faculty Senate, functions as the major policies and procedures body for graduate programs. The full range of the council ’ second responsibilities can be found in its lease .
School deans are responsible for overseeing the administration of the alumnus programs under their jurisdiction. Each graduate program coordinator is creditworthy for administering his or her graduate program .

Students’ Rights and Responsibilities and  Standards of Personal  and Group Conduct

As a scholar, you enjoy the basic rights of any citizen of our company as you pursue your graduate education, but there is much confusion between the rights of students as citizens and the bear rights of students as students. Established at the University are clear behavioral guidelines along with the consequences for acts outside these guidelines .
A issue, The Pathfinder, available on FSU ’ s web site, includes count of students ’ rights and responsibilities, identifies the University ’ south standards of personal and group behavior and explains the University Judicial System .

Admission Requirements

entree to graduate studies is based on the academician qualifications of the applicant and is granted without involve to raceway, color, religion, sex or disability .
careless of the determination for which you plan to take graduate courses, you must file an application for admission to graduate studies. A courtly letter indicating your admission condition is issued when your application is completed. File your application with the Office of Graduate Services early during the semester immediately preceding actual registration in calibrate classes. Please eminence that some programs have application deadlines which are outlined in the respective program pages of this catalogue .
You may submit the application for admission on-line at or download and mail the pdf version of the application to FSU Office of Graduate Services, 101 Braddock Rd., Frostburg, MD 21532. It should be sympathize, however, that if you seek a degree and have not been fully admitted, or have not developed an approved study design ( in programs where study plans are required ), there is no guarantee that the courses taken prior to entrance fee will be accepted into the dominate ’ s plan. You must complete the entree process in its entirety anterior to completing the first semester of courses or you will not be permitted to register for extra courses .
Your entree is valid for the entire time of graduate study provided you register for at least one course during an 18-month period. Should 18 months elapse since you registered for a course, you must submit a request to the Office of Graduate Services to be readmitted before you may register again. however, programs that are designed and delivered as a cohort program, where students enter and exit at the lapp time, do not allow leave of absence without the approval of the program coordinator. Students in a cohort program should request a leave of absence in writing to the platform coordinator and copy the Graduate Office for the request and decisiveness to be filed in the scholar ’ s official admission file .
Applicants for graduate study are assigned to one of the stick to categories : degree broadcast admission, probationary status or non-degree condition .

Degree Program Admission

You may be granted degree program entrance fee if you have a firm undergraduate academic phonograph record and appear to have likely for successful completion of a graduate program. Degree program admission is based on the follow criteria :

  1. Each graduate program has specific admission requirements, which are detailed in the sections of this catalog devoted to these programs.
  2. Completion of an application for admission to graduate study as a degree program student.
  3. Submission of official transcripts of all previous graduate work and a transcript certifying the completion of a baccalaureate degree. This official transcript must be sent directly to the Office of Graduate Services from the degree-granting institution.
  4. If you have previously completed a graduate degree, but have not taken the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test), GRE (Graduate Record Examination) or MAT (Miller Analogies Test), you may be eligible to have this requirement waived. These tests may be waived if you have successfully completed a graduate degree with a 3.0 cumulative grade point average. The graduate program coordinator of the program to which you are applying will determine the relevance of previous graduate degrees in making the decision to waive the GMAT, GRE or MAT requirements.

Provisional Status

probationary condition allows you to enroll in alumnus courses to qualify for admission to a academic degree program .
You may be granted probationary condition if denied unconditional admission due to ( 1 ) less than the minimum grade point average required for entrance fee to the program to which you are applying, ( 2 ) bachelor’s degree degree not from a regionally accredited college or university or ( 3 ) undergraduate course deficiencies. probationary entree decisions are made by the program coordinator on a individual footing .
If you are assigned probationary condition, you must construct a limited learn design of 9-15 credits approved by your a program coordinator. After completing the 9-15 credits ( or 9 credits within your first semester ) and you achieve a minimum accumulative grade point average of 3.0, your probationary status will be discontinued. And you will continue in the course of study in good standing adenine long as you are able to meet the 3.0 GPA requirements and any individual program requirements that are outlined in the program ’ s entrance fee and progress criteria in the program pages in this catalog..

Non-Degree Status

You may be assigned non-degree status if you wish to apply for graduate study but do not wish to work toward a alumnus academic degree. This category normally includes students who wish to take courses for master development, for transfer to another institution or for maintaining authentication in the field of department of education. Non-degree status is based on the stick to requirements :

  1. Completion of the baccalaureate degree at a regionally accredited institution of higher education.
  2. Submission of an official transcript certifying the completion of a baccalaureate degree. This official transcript must be sent directly to the Office of Graduate Services from the degree-granting institution.

Enrollment of Undergraduates in Graduate Courses

Frostburg State University undergraduates may take no more than 7 credits in graduate courses for graduate citation prior to completion of the knight bachelor ’ south degree requirements. To enroll in a graduate course, you must be a elder with at least a 2.5 grade point average and must have the recommendation of your adviser .
If you are a full-time undergraduate student taking a graduate course during the academician year, you will not be required to pay tutelage for the calibrate run since you will pay tutelage and fees as a full-time undergraduate .
credit earned in a alumnus course may be considered only as alumnus accredit and may not be used as undergraduate credit for the bachelor’s degree academic degree. The credit, although technically graduate credit, may not be used for a calibrate degree at Frostburg State University unless it late becomes share of your alumnus requirements .
Exceptions to these policies are made only for students who are admitted to a combined baccalaureate-master ’ south program at Frostburg State University. See the degree program listings for descriptions of current programs and choice criteria .
An exception will be granted to undergraduate students accepted into the undergraduate Generic Special Education Secondary/Adult Certificate who are required to undertake 9 credits hours ( SPED 601, SPED 602 and SPED 605 ).

Senior Citizen Golden Identification Card

senior citizens may qualify for entree and a Golden Identification Card. Participants in the Golden Identification Card program may register for up to three courses each semester for credit—on a space-available basis—without paying tuition. They may enroll only at former registration. Although the recently registration fee is waived for senior citizens, they must pay all other fees. To qualify for the Golden Identification Card, the prospective student must meet the follow criteria :

  • Be a resident of Maryland
  • Be a U.S. citizen or produce a Resident Alien card (formerly an Alien Registration card)
  • Be 60 years of age by the beginning of the term for which you are applying
  • Not be employed more than 25 hours a week

Individuals who qualify for the Golden Identification Card may obtain applications from the Office of Admissions. For far data about these qualifications, call 301.687.4201 .

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