Fried Dandelion Blossoms

these delicate fried dandelions will remind you of the summer and blooming meadows. What ‘s striking about them, apart from their savory taste, are besides their medicative benefits. The sweetly taste of fried dandelions is highlighted with whip cream dunk or maple syrup toppings .
Make sure you do n’t miss it as this unique opportunity to taste this easy to grow food-source comes just once a class .

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Every clock time the hayfield behind our house turns yellow, it beckons me to go and pick the dandelions before it turns white. Although dandelions bloom over the summer, there ‘s never adequate and their preference is different. I picked up two baskets the other day and the hale family smelled like dandelions, the solid kitchen was sprinkled with the yellow pollen. My son came to the kitchen in the good morning and says, “ Hope we wo n’t have those flowers for lunch today ? ” And because I did n’t have anything else cook, I said why not. He precisely rolled his eyes …
The sweet taste of fried dandelions is highlighted with whipped cream dip or maple syrup toppings.Tasty dandelion fritters
last class we had elderflower fritters respective times and my children loved them. So I thought why not make fry dandelions … For a change, I thought I ‘d make them sweet with cream and maple syrup .

“ Some people need flowers, some people need dandelions. It ’ s medicate, it ’ s what you need at that time in your life. ” Sandra Cisneros

Fried dandelions with whipped cream

About dandelions

First of all, dandelion is not merely a flower, it is a medicative bloom. Its benefits were known in ancient China, Arabia or Europe where they ate it naked or in the form of juice or tonic. Traditionally dandelions were used to improve digestion and help the liver heal. While some people chewed the roots to relieve pain others used steamed dandelion leaves locally to relieve a sore throat .
basket full of dandelions
nowadays dandelions are known for their kind of benefits to our health. however, they are besides becoming more and more popular in the kitchen .
And not only the blossoms but besides the roots and leaves are packed with nutrients. While dandelion roots are used to make dandelion root chocolate, the leaves made their way to the universe of salads, smoothies or pestos .
If you manage to get young dandelion buds you can make this tasty and unique dandelion capers that enrich any taste meal .
dandelion blossoms are excellent in the kitchen for making dandelion cupcakes, dandelion honey, wine or dandelion fritters .
however, I besides love to use them for making natural remedies such as dandelion infused oil, salve, brim balm or cough syrup .
Dandelion blossom fried in special coating

How to forage dandelions

  • The great advantage of dandelions is their availability and easy identification.  These easy to grow herbs are everywhere, just keep your eyes open, Find meadows that have not been treated on with pesticide and fellow foragers.  Also, watch out for places that are near roads as they can pick up pollution or pathways where many dogs or cats visit. 
  • Forage on a sunny day when the blossoms are wide open and are not wet from previous days rain. Ideally, when you bring the blossoms home you should start to prepare them for lunch or dinner. They fade very quickly and that makes it difficult to prepare them. Storing them in the fridge for later use is also not recommended as they will close up.
  • Don’t wash them as the pollen is the ingredient with a great taste and smell so don’t get rid of it. Make sure they are bugs free.
  • Avoid any bitterness by removing the bitter tasting green receptacle at the base of the flower. You can cut it off with scissors or a paring knife or remove it by pinching, squeezing, and rolling the receptacle until the yellow flowers come free. (watch the video for instructions)

What do fried dandelions taste like?

If you collect youthful dandelion petals you will enjoy their sweet honey-like taste. however, if you go for mature flowers you might feel some bitterness. The resentment can be reduced by removing the bracts underneath. Some people like their piercingly sample .
coating for fried dandelions with eggs and almond flourcoating with almond flour
coating for fried dandelions with cinnamon and honeyadding honey and cinnamon

Can you eat raw dandelions?

All parts of the dandelion implant are in full edible in the cook or raw adaptation. furthermore, they belong to one of the most alimentary plants and can be compared to superfoods. In this study, scientists studied more than 1000 foods and gave each of them a nutritional score. Dandelions greens rank # 23 on the list of the peak 100 most alimentary foods, leaving spinach, angelic potatoes, ginger, carrot, pieplant, and others behind .
If you like to eat crazy edibles in your dessert try these delicious and healthy pancakes with red clover petals and banana .
coating dandelion blossoms coating dandelion blossoms
removing the bitter tasting green receptacle at the base of the flower with scissorsremoving the bitter tasting green receptacle at the base of the flower
frying dandelions in coconut oilfrying dandelions in coconut oil

Dandelion fritter recipe

Considering their angelic taste dandelions go nicely with a dessert coating. accompanied with homemade whipped cream they can make a tasty dessert that will surprise your family or friends. If you wish to make their piquant interpretation do n’t forget to accompany them with white yogurt and mint dip .
tasty and wild dandelion fritterstasty and wild dandelion fritters

Few tips to make your fried dandelions perfect:

Before you begin be aware that dandelions can leave stains on your clothes and are hard to get rid of. So shuffle certain you wear either an proscenium or something you do n’t mind getting stained .
When you go to collect the dandelions calculate 10 blossoms per person. For every 10 blossoms, you will need 1 testis. When you make your coating feel free to experiment and use diverse spices .
fried dandelion blossoms with whipped creamfried dandelion blossoms with whipped cream

    The whole science is in the right choice and preparation of coating. Do not think to just mix a little flour, eggs, and spices, soak the blossoms and throw them into the hot oil. certainly not if you aim for perfection.
  2. DENSITY OF COATING The mixture must be thick enough to cover the dandelion blossoms wrapped around the surface and not to run down anywhere. They say that when you drop a drop of coating on an inverted spoon, this drop should stay nicely bulged and about half a centimeter tall. On the other hand, the batter must not be too thick, otherwise, it will be spongy, rubbery and tough after frying. Ideally, the soaking dipstick looks like thick cream or pancake dough.
  3. LAST MINUTE Definitely don’t let the coating stand long and prepare it last minute before frying. Otherwise, it becomes unnecessarily degraded and loses its taste, quality and crispiness by standing idle too long.
  4. SPEED OF FRYING The longer you let the delicate flowers of the dandelion stay in the hot oil, the less you will find on the plate. They simply disappear in the heat. So fry for a short time at a higher temperature, aim for a gold colored coating. If you heat the saucepan well, you will fry one flower in just 20-30 seconds.

Fried and savory Dandelion fritters

Yield: 20 dandelion blossoms

Fried Dandelion blossoms

fried dandelion blossoms
these delicate fried dandelions will remind you of the summer and bloom meadows. What ’ s striking about them, apart from their savory smack, are besides their medicative benefits. The sweet taste of electrocute dandelions is highlighted with worst cream dip or maple syrup toppings .
Prep Time

10 minutes

Cook Time

15 minutes

Total Time

25 minutes


  • 20 fresh dandelion heads
  • 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon of raw honey
  • 2 tablespoons of almond flour
  • coconut oil for frying
  • maple syrup or whipped cream for a dip


  1. In a metier bowl, mix together 1 egg with almond flour
  2. Add cinnamon and raw honey to taste
  3. Make mix that must be thickly adequate to cover the dandelion blossoms wrapped around the coat and not to run down anywhere .
  4. Pour 2 table spoons of coconut petroleum into a cast-iron frying pan .
  5. gently dip each flower into batter. Carefully target in hot oil .
  6. fry for a short circuit time at a higher temperature, draw a bead on for a gold colored coat. If you heat the saucepan good, you will fry one flower in just 20-30 seconds from each side .
  7. drain on newspaper towels .
  8. serve hot with whip cream or with maple syrup

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