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Franklin University Switzerland is a nonprofit organization, private, freelancer liberal arts university in Lugano, Switzerland. Founded in 1969, Franklin is one of the oldest american english institutions of higher education in Europe and the first gear to be established in Switzerland. Franklin offers Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees accredited in both the United States and Switzerland. [ 2 ]

accreditation [edit ]

Franklin is accredited in the US by MSCHE and in Switzerland [ 3 ] by OAQ. [ 2 ]

history [edit ]

Chartered in 1969, Franklin University Switzerland was born out of the erstwhile Fleming College and founded as a non-profit, freelancer, post-secondary institution under the name of Franklin College Switzerland. When the Swiss University Conference accredited Franklin as an accredited institution, its name was changed to Franklin University Switzerland. The institution is named for Benjamin Franklin, the United States ‘ first ambassador to France. It has stressed, since its incarnation, the importance of international studies as the basis for a impregnable, ball-shaped education. [ citation needed ] Franklin University Switzerland obtained United States accreditation from the Commission on Higher education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools in 1975, confirmed most recently in 2010. [ 4 ]

campus [edit ]

Franklin University Switzerland, the main campus The main campus ( known as Kaletsch Campus ), acquired in 1985, is composed of a private villa with attach library, auditorium, and classroom wing, surrounded by a wooded park. besides on this campus is a dining manor hall called the “ Grotto ”. In 2005 the university acquired an extra campus nearby ( known as North Campus ), adding administrative, education, athletic, sociable and residential capacity. The current campus spans 2 hectares ( 5 acres ). The Franklin campus is residential, and is on a hillside overlooking the town of Lugano, in the Italian-speaking guangzhou of Ticino, Switzerland .
Franklin University Switzerland, Residenza Panera Franklin University Switzerland has nine residence buildings, seven in Sorengo and two in Lugano .

  • Airone is in an old hotel directly between the main campus and North Campus with singles and doubles. All rooms have their own bathrooms and some of which have kitchenettes. The ground floor houses the office of Student Life, and one of the student lounges, the “Falcon’s Nest”.
  • Alba is in Lugano 5–10 minutes from North Campus on the way downtown.
  • Ciliegi is directly across via Ponte Tresa from Airone. This is the smallest residence on campus, in apartment-style doubles.
  • Leonardo da Vinci (LDV) is on the grounds of North Campus; this is the only all-freshman student dormitory.
  • Giardino, nestled below the Sorengo monastery: This residence is mainly multiples (4-6 bedrooms and a shared kitchen) with some triples for freshmen.
  • Panera is on the main campus grounds next to the Grotto (one of two dining halls) with apartment-style triples. Each apartment consists of four rooms: a bedroom, bathroom (with bathtub), separate kitchen, and a large common room with three desks and a couch. The Panera Lawn is a common meeting place and hang out for many students, no matter what residence they live in.
  • The final two buildings are the as-of-late unnamed New Buildings (A and B) located across via Ponte Tresa from Panera. New Building A has four bedroom apartment-style housing, while New Building B has two, three, four, five, and six bedroom apartments, some of which are two stories. All rooms in both New Buildings have arguably the biggest kitchens on campus with at least one bathroom (with a shower) per two students. New Building B offers a noise-free, substance-free rooming option with an emphasis on healthy living for students.

Programs of study [edit ]

Franklin University Switzerland offers course of study leading to a platform Certificate in English Language Teaching, the Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees : [ 5 ]

  • Art History and Visual Culture
  • Communication and Media Studies
  • Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Environmental Studies
  • Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Science
  • French Studies
  • History
  • International Banking and Finance
  • International Economics
  • International Economics with an emphasis in Political Economy
  • International Management
  • International Management with an emphasis in Finance
  • International Management with an emphasis in Marketing
  • International Relations
  • International Relations with an emphasis in Political Economy
  • Italian Studies
  • Literature
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Social Justice and Sustainability
  • Visual and Communication Arts with an emphasis in Fashion Studies
  • Visual and Communication Arts with an emphasis in Studio Art

The university allows for a combined-major program, in which a student chooses two of the above to earn one degree, as opposed to a double-major .

Academics [edit ]

Franklin ‘s course of study promotes international awareness and critical think, and emphasizes an interdisciplinary and liberal arts position. The majority of courses are taught in English, with the exception of language courses, including high-level linguistic process courses on film, culture and literature. Students must achieve proficiency in italian, french, spanish, or german, through fulfilling a three-year linguistic process course succession. In addition to the terminology prerequisite, a core course of study consisting of Intercultural Competencies ( humanities and arts ), International Engagement ( political science, history and economics ) and Social Responsibility ( sciences and cultural studies ) is at the forefront. A entire year ‘s worth of discipline in these three categories is a requirement. Courses in mathematics and writing are required a well. The most popular majors at Franklin are International Management, International Relations, Environmental Studies, Communications and Media Studies and International Economics, respectively. [ 6 ] The average class size at Franklin is 16, with no class exceeding 30 students.

Franklin is accredited in Switzerland by Swiss Accreditation Council and in the United States of America by Middle States Commission on Higher education. They have besides been approved by the chinese Ministry of Education as accredit foreign university in China. [ 1 ]

Academic Travel Program [edit ]

The Academic Travel Program is an integrate part of the Franklin University Switzerland course of study and is included in tutelage, with supplementary fees required for a few destinations. Academic Travel is a credit-bearing degree prerequisite in which students study topics relevant to a particular invest or places and then go with their classify to study on localization for two weeks. [ 7 ] Travel is led by staff members and relates to the academician expertness of the person professor and to his or her cognition of a given nation or area. All students, including semester and year-abroad students, are required to participate in the Academic Travel Program. Academic Travel is a graduation necessity and an integral component of each semester of study. The gradation requirement for Academic Travel is fulfilled by completing four travel courses. Students normally fulfill the requirement by participating each semester of their beginning two years at Franklin. Students who enter with 30 remove credits must take a minimum of two back-to-back Academic Travel courses. The travels are themed around academic studies relating to the location visited and the professor guiding the travel. Economics, art history, literature, business and market, external relations, environment, sustainability and history are among common themes investigated through travels. Academic Travel destinations have included the Baltic states, Botswana, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Dominican Republic, England, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, the Netherlands, Iceland, India, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, Italy, Malawi, Morocco, Mozambique, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Serbia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United States. student liveliness at Franklin consists of an stress on independent travel in Switzerland and greater Europe, and of scholar associations, residential liveliness, and interaction with Swiss-Italian culture in Lugano angstrom well an align of diversity amongst individual franklin students .

Athletics [edit ]

Franklin University Switzerland offers students a wide diverseness of sports and fitness programs, vitamin a well as activities to promote a healthy life style. Some on-campus sports facilities include the Tone Athletic Center, two volleyball courts, a basketball court and a soccer field. Organized acrobatic activities include Men ‘s and Women ‘s Soccer, Men ‘s and Women ‘s Basketball, and Lugano Street Dance. Students are besides encouraged to start acrobatic programs. Student-led activities have included Field Hockey, Yoga, Cross-fit, and Self-Defense. Since 2000-2001 ( with an exception of a adieu class in 2001-2002 ) Franklin ‘s men ‘s soccer team has competed in the National Swiss Division ( 5th League ). The team competes with other clubs in the league from the Canton of Ticino. Franklin University Switzerland is presently the substitute team for the local club FC Paradiso, making it Franklin FC Paradiso II. In jump 2012 the team won its fourthly Fair Play award. The team trains doubly a workweek and competes on the weekends in the fall and leap semesters — home games are played on Friday nights. The players have a mid-season break from December to February. During this time period the school hosts an indoor soccer tournament clear to all Franklin students, staff and staff .

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