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With an MBA from Franklin, you ’ ll stand out by earning your degree from a top-ranked program that ’ second been globally recognized for excellence. Our master in business degree broadcast, which is offered in the U.S. and in countries around the global, was awarded the European Medal and the “ Highest Degree of Internationalization ” ranking by Poland ‘s Home and Market magazine. And, Franklin ‘s on-line MBA program is accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education ( IACBE ), the leader in outcomes-based accreditation in commercial enterprise, so you know you ‘re earning a respected academic degree with rate in the workplace .

Complete your MBA program in as few as 12 months

You can complete our transfer-friendly MBA and reap the rewards of your degree in angstrom few as 12 months .
Our advanced MBA course of study will help you develop leadership foresight while gaining a management position of each functional sphere. And with our modest, interactional classes you will engage in discussions with peers from amply diverse ages and backgrounds, providing a collaborative environment that adds depth to significant concepts and helps you grow your personal and professional network.

Grow your leadership skills with hands-on learning

Through our MBA courses, you ’ ll experience practical, hands-on course of study and real-world projects. In one of our projects, you ’ ll enter in a unique global business simulation rival. Your challenge is to craft and execute a competitive strategy as part of a team, resulting in a respect post prototype that keeps your company in contention for global grocery store leadership, and produces good fiscal performance as measured by earnings-per-share ( EPS ), return on investment ( ROI ), sprout price taste, and accredit evaluation .
This ball-shaped competition stretches your skills, abilities, and thought leadership electric potential, and could put you in contention for the next global award. recently, a Franklin team finished first, winning the World Champions distinction from among 491 teams representing 51 colleges and universities around the globe.

Customize your MBA program with a focus area 

While the across-the-board nature of the MBA course of study brings frightful versatility to your professional toolkit, you can choose to tailor your on-line MBA to align with your career interests and aspirations. The completion of a stress area requires up to two extra courses in addition to MBA requirements. Choose from :
Human Resources: Build on the cognition you gained in the MBA ’ s HR management class with one extra course in organizational development. In this six-week course, you ’ ll explore how a strategic approach to planned change impacts an organization ’ second productivity, competitiveness and culture.

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Marketing: Add a digital commercialize strategies course to the needed MBA run in Marketing Management for a focus in Marketing. Creating a mix of tried-and-true commercialize channels with emerging options is a recipe for achiever. The digital strategies course equips you to analyze the impact of on-line campaigns on your promotional strategy .
Organizational Psychology: Pursuing a focus in Organizational Psychology requires two extra 6-week courses that not lone enhance your eruditeness, but besides provide an opportunity for self-discovery. The introductory course provides an overview of business and psychology individually, as a necessary element for understanding the challenges and opportunities that arise when the two disciplines are integrated. The second run takes a psychological approach to the kinship between creativity, initiation and deepen .

Earn your MBA degree from a university built for busy adults

Earn your MBA on your terms by taking classes 100 % on-line or pursue available at our main campus. Accredited and nonprofit organization, Franklin was built from the ground-up to satisfy the needs of pornographic learners. Our seamless entrance fee process and team of academic advisors will help ease your transition to becoming a scholar, while our flexible class schedules help to balance your department of education with make, family and life. Get started on your future today .

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