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multiple tutors support this course .
ALEX- I have 22 years ‘ feel in TEFL. After gaining my CELTA in Madrid after university ( BA Business and Law ), I taught in Barcelona for 6 years before returning to the UK. I have worked in assorted TEFL specialization over the years, from general English in traditional language schools, to exam preparation, private lessons, on-line teaching, Business English, young learners, and TEFL publication, in positions ranging from EFL teacher to DOS. I have been involved in EFL teacher prepare for the last 10 years, involving expression to confront and on-line tutor a well as writing course materials, and most recently completed a run to become a Linguaskill speak examiner .
I have worked for since very concisely after it began in 2008. I started as a classroom tutor doing the face-to-face 20 and 30-hour courses and have been an on-line tutor besides for around 8 years now. I am besides immediately involved in writing on-line class materials for an accredit TEFL train organization .
THOMAS- I am presently the Online & Academic Manager at TEFL Org, where I have worked since 2008.

I have been teaching English for 32 years, and a teacher flight simulator for 25 years. I have taught in France & Portugal, but most of my teaching has been in Madrid, Spain, where I have been living now for 30 years .
I have taught from general English in traditional language schools, to exam readiness, private lessons, on-line teach, Business English, young learners in positions ranging from EFL teacher to Director of Studies. I was besides a Cambridge examiner at the british Council for respective years. My experience as an on-line teacher trainer started in 2000 .
Over the years, I have besides written teach materials for on-line and confront to face learning.

My qualifications include a TEFL certificate, Trinity Diploma in Teaching English as a second/another speech, and a maestro ‘s degree in Education Leadership & Management .
DEE- My name is Denise. I have been involved in the TEFL universe for about 40 years. I started teaching English locally when I was a new adult to newly immigrants. I went to university as a mature student at the advanced old age of 24, where I graduated with a BA ( Hons ) .
In 1992, I completed my CELTA teacher train. In the wake of the Barcelona Olympics, I moved to Spain, where I worked as an English teacher, head of studies, and a school director before opening my language school. Throughout my fourth dimension in Spain, I was involved in teacher train and professional development courses, angstrom well as communication skills training for high-level commercial enterprise executives in English. I besides worked as a coursebook writer and editor program for an EFL publication company. I started writing and working with blended learning courses when they were in their infancy, which led to the second coming of 100 % on-line learn in the early 2000s.

I am besides an Internal Quality Assessor and have besides written respective TEFL train courses over the final 20 years .
ASIF- I started academic and master life in the law ; however, I frequently found myself in situations where I was having to decipher, learn, analyze, or teach aspects of linguistic process. As this took-up more and more of my time, the decision to make terminology my full-time occupation did not take long to make, and I became and remain a secondary-school teacher, the classroom being my darling position. Knowing what you do needs a firm understanding of language, to which I credit my academic grounding in practice linguistics and many years in the classroom. academically, my primary coil inquiry concern lies in linguistic process testing, a field in which I have supervised respective research candidates, some at the doctoral level. This affords me an in-depth understand of the think behind the syllabuses and exams you will come across in different parts of the earth. It allows me to take a footprint back and fit exams and the like into a fit-for-purpose context .
I have worked for an accredit TEFL coach organization for 10 years as a classroom and on-line tutor. My qualifications include a master ‘s degree in Applied Linguistics and a overcome ‘s degree in TESOL. I may be preparing executives for a press conference one weekend ; I may be teaching basic English to refugees another, delivering teacher-training courses the weekend after, and marking on-line assessments excessively .

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