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Facebook Marketplace for Retail & Ecommerce Businesses Looking to use Facebook Marketplace to reach more buyers ? Learn about the benefits of selling on Facebook Marketplace as an ecommerce or retail commercial enterprise and park questions. There are many reasons why retail and ecommerce brands ultimately decide to work with one of our partners to list their stock on Marketplace. Some of those benefits include :

Reach Our Audience

When you list your armory on Marketplace, you have the opportunity to tap into a growing community of millions of people who are looking for personalized shopping experiences. With Marketplace, our personalized shopping experiences will connect buyers with the brands and products that they ‘re interested in .

A Dedicated Storefront for Your Business

As a merchant on Marketplace, you can list and manage inventory on a dedicated Shop incision on Pages, a shopfront that lives on your business ‘ Facebook Page. People can navigate to your Shop section on Pages to see stock listings, ask questions about items and in some cases, buy products without having to leave your business page.

Your shop allows you to customize your product inventory, communicate with buyers, display reviews and ratings from customers and view insights about which of your listings are being viewed and purchased by people on Facebook .

Collaboration With Partners

Our chopine partners work with businesses to list product stock on Marketplace. current partners include Bigcommerce, Shopify, ChannelAdvisor, and a handful of early long-familiar inventory management software providers. In many cases, you will manage Marketplace inventory and fulfillment from inside the existing platform partner splashboard that you ‘re already using to manage your on-line store .

Order Management Tools

Marketplace provides merchants with mighty and commodious order management tools that can help improve the overall feel you ’ d like to provide to customers who buy from you on Facebook. These order management tools include :

  • Onsite checkout: Buyers can select and purchase your products without having to leave Facebook
  • Shipping confirmation notifications: Buyers will get notified when you ship the items they purchased on market
  • Sales tax management: Facebook provides a cock to help you calculate the sales tax for your products based on your product class and the shipping addresses used by your customers
  • Chargeback management: Marketplace can help you manage and stay informed about any chargebacks that you may receive after buyers leverage or meet products from you
  • Direct deposit: Marketplace makes it easy to transfer money you make on Marketplace to your commercial enterprise trust account from the moment customers start buying products from you

Better Communication

With Marketplace, merchants can engage with prospective customers using Messenger. Messenger allows buyers to reach out to merchants immediately in real-time when they have questions or concerns about a intersection or would like to receive more information from a seller. This live old world chat interaction creates a positive bribe know that buyers can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate constantly get when shopping for products on other third-party marketplaces and on-line stores .

Seller Resources

The Facebook team is constantly creating newfangled resources that can help you understand how to get the most out of Marketplace as a merchant. To view some of the resources that exist today, travel to these pages : In addition to these pages, businesses using Marketplace besides get access to extra merchant education resources that can be found in the admin segment of their Shop section on Pages .

Working with a Marketplace Partner

To start selling armory on Marketplace, you will need to connect with one of our existing ecommerce stock partners. Our partners will help you connect your existing inventory management tool to Marketplace and make it easy for you to create listings and manage all your armory from one centralized location. We presently support businesses who work with the follow partners : Bigcommerce, ChannelAdvisor, CommerceHub, Quipt, ShipStation, Shopify and Zentail. however since this is a fairly modern merchandise, you must be approved by the Facebook Marketplace team in order to list your products on Marketplace. If you presently work with a different ecommerce armory management partner, you may calm have the opportunity to use Marketplace. Just chew the fat this page to tell us more about who you ’ re working with and what types of products you sell .

Managing Your Inventory on Marketplace

The idea of managing inventory on another channel might seem like a daunting task when you first think about it, but we ’ rhenium here to help make it easy for you. We ’ ve put together a handful of articles and resources that can help you understand how to effectively manage inventory, interact with customers and improve your chances of achiever as a merchant on Marketplace. Before listing your foremost product on Marketplace, spend some time exploring the following resources about Marketplace policies and best practices :

Reviewing these resources will help ensure that you are ready and able to provide the best possible know to your prospective buyers and customers .

Start Selling on Marketplace

Want to start selling your inventory on Marketplace ? Contact your existing ecommerce platform partner to get started. This article is provided for informational purposes lone and should be verified before making a purchase .

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