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Entropion in cats featured image Entropion is a condition where the eyelid margin rolls inbound, causing eyelashes and fur to rub on the surface of the eye. Entropion in cats can happen at any age but is most common in kittens or aged cats. Entropion in cats can be caused by eye infections but may besides cause an center infection or damage to the eye surface ( corneal ulcer ) from the rubbing fur. treatment of entropion depends on why it happened, but it normally is a combination of medications for the eye and surgical correction of the inward hustle of the eyelids .

What Is Entropion In Cats?

Entropion occurs when the edge of the eyelid rolls in toward the come on of the eye. Entropion causes the eyelashes and the fur on the eyelid to rub against the surface of the eye, causing excitation to the center membranes ( conjunctiva ) or damage to the cornea ( corneal ulcer ).

Entropion can develop in either the amphetamine eyelid or the lower eyelid but is most common in the lower hat in cats. Entropion typically occurs in young cats less than a year of long time and aged cats older than 10 years of age, but any age guy can become affected .

Causes Of Entropion In Cats

Spastic Entropion

In young cats, entropion is most frequently caused by chronic squinting from eye infections which is called “ spastic entropion ”. Kittens normally get eye infections from viruses and bacteria which cause atrocious conditions like conjunctivitis and corneal ulcers. The eye pain causes intense squinched, which finally causes the eyelid edge to flip in, resulting in entropion. The rubbing fur from the entropion frequently worsens the eye annoyance, causing even more squint and worsen of the entropion, leading to a evil bicycle of pain and far wrong .

Eye Sinkage Due to Age

In aged cats, entropion most often develops due to the eye sinking deeper into the eye socket. As computerized tomography historic period, they lose fatten and brawn from behind their eye leading to the slump appearance of their eyes. As the eye sinks, the eyelid edges besides sink. finally, the bury eyelids flip inbound resulting in entropion. The annoyance from the eyelid fur often causes more squinched and the entropion to worsen over time .

Eye Crowding

Cats that are brachycephalic, meaning they have curtly noses and bellied eyes like Persians, Himalayans, and Burmese can have entropion related to this facial conformity. The short-circuit nose and bulgy eyes cause crowding below the center, pushing the inner, lower eyelids towards the eyes leading to inversion of the eyelid margin and entropion. Entropion can besides be a developmental circumstance seen in youthful, un-neutered male cats of the larger computerized tomography breeds, such as Maine Coons. These cats tend to have identical big jowl, or cheek tissue, and this can cause the lower eyelids to be pushed up towards the eyes, leading to entropion .

Is Entropion Hereditary?

Entropion is familial when it is caused by breed-related facial features, such as in the Persian, Himalayan, and Burmese breeds. This can besides be referred to as elementary entropion, meaning that it is related to the breed characteristics and was not caused by another eye problem ( like conjunctivitis, for example ) .

Symptoms Of Entropion In Cats

Cat with wounded right eye Entropion causes the fur to rub on the eye come on from the in roll of the eyelids, causing irritation and ocular pain .

Entropion Symptoms Often Include:

  • Squinting
  • Sunken appearance to the eye
  • Raised third eyelid
  • Pawing at the eye
  • Increased tearing (epiphora) or mucoid eye discharge
  • Red, puffy eye membranes (conjunctivitis)
  • Haze or cloudiness to the cornea (if a corneal ulcer is occurring)

Entropion can develop in one eye or both eyes depending on the causal agent, and the eyes may have different symptoms if one eye is worse. Since these symptoms can develop with many different center diseases, it is identical important to have your cat examined by a veterinarian soon after symptom depart. Entropion is diagnosed during a complete eye examination, which will besides probably include a speciate green dye ( fluorescein mark ) test to check your cat ’ south center for a corneal ulcer from the entropion .

Treatment Of Entropion In Cats

Eyelid Surgery

Entropion is most much treated with eyelid surgery. While there are a few different techniques, entropion operation involves removing a modest wedge or “ smile-shaped ” piece of fur and clamber from below the abnormal eyelid margin. When this area is stitched closed with delicate sutures, the eyelid allowance is pulled away from the eye, flipping it back into the normal position. Entropion surgery in cat has a very good success rate. Your vet may recommend delaying entropion surgery if your cat-o’-nine-tails is a young, larger breed, male caterpillar because sometimes they will grow out of it .

Eyelid Filler Injections

very recently, veterinarian ophthalmologists have reported using a hyaluronic acidic eyelid filler injection ( like collagen lip injections ! ) to treat eyelid entropion in aged cats. This proficiency is appealing as it is normally performed without anesthesia, which can be less expensive and less bad for older cats. The consequence is much harder to predict and control, however, as compared to traditional surgical correction .


antibiotic eye medications are much used in cats with entropion to prevent a bacterial infection from developing, specially if there is a corneal ulcer. sometimes pain medications are recommended even without surgery, but it is important to note that these are given by mouth – there are no pain-relieving eye drops for cats.

Your veteran may use a numb eye drop during the eye examination, but this can not be used as an ongoing treatment for pain .

How Much Does Entropion Surgery Cost For Cats?

Cat receiving eye drops The cost of entropion surgery depends on a few main factors:

  • Your geographic location / cost-of-living
  • Whether the surgery is performed by a general practice vet or a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist
  • If one eye (unilateral) or both eyes (bilateral) need surgery
  • How complicated of an entropion surgery is required for repair

generally speaking, act entropion surgery for one eye performed by a cosmopolitan drill veterinarian would range from a few hundred dollars to $1,000. Entropion surgery performed by a board-certified veterinarian ophthalmologist may be upwards of $2,000 or more, particularly if the entropion is dangerous or requires extensive reconstructive techniques. These costs should include anesthesia and post-operative medications. Some veterinarians will besides include the initial post-operative recheck examination with surgery fees .

Entropion In Cats Recovery

After entropion surgery for your cat, a few things are to be expected:

  • Your cat will have a small incision on the eyelid skin with stitches in the skin
  • Mild swelling and redness around the incision is normal for a few days after surgery. Your cat will need to wear a hard, plastic Elizabethan collar to prevent anything from touching or rubbing against the incision or eyeball, causing damage or infection. This is usually just for a few days, but your vet will provide exact guidelines
  • Your cat will need eye medications, usually 2-3 times daily, after entropion surgery for 1-2 weeks
  • Medications for pain and inflammation are usually given by mouth for a few days after entropion surgery

As with any surgery, it is important to monitor closely for signs of infection within the incision or on the eye.  Signs to watch for include:

  • Excessive swelling or redness to the incision
  • Pus-like discharge from the incision or from the eye
  • Squinting which is getting worse than before surgery
  • Redness and puffiness to the eye membranes that is worsening
  • Haze or cloudiness to the surface of the eye (cornea)

Entropion Prevention

To prevent entropion from chronic squint, eye infections should be treated early, and you should have your cat re-evaluated if the squint comes back at any time after discussion. Entropion in aged cats from slump eyes can ’ t in truth be prevented. however, some research has shown that both eyes should have operating room even if the entropion is only in one center. For the center without entropion, an eyelid shorten operation performed at the lapp fourth dimension can prevent entropion from developing late on .


Entropion in cats is a painful condition that can quickly lead to damage to the eye surface as the eyelid edge rolls in causing fur to rub against it. Most often seen in either unseasoned kittens with eye infections and chronic squint or aged cats with deep-set eyes due to weight loss and muscle loss, entropion requires eye medications to prevent bacterial infection and corneal ulcers. Entropion is normally best treated with entropion operating room .

Frequently Asked Questions?

How do you treat entropion in cats?

Entropion in cats is most much treated with operating room to realign the eyelid boundary by rights. antibiotic eye medications may be used to treat or prevent bacterial infections on the eye coat caused by the entropion .

How much does entropion surgery cost for cats?

The monetary value of entropion surgery can vary depending on a bunch of factors, like where you live and if the operation is performed by a specialist. elementary entropion surgery for one center by a general commit veterinarian can cost arsenic little as a few hundred dollars, whereas complicated entropion operating room performed by a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist may be upwards of $ 2000 or more .

Can entropion correct itself?

Mild entropion caused by squinting might correct itself once the induce of the squinched is treated ( such as conjunctivitis ), however this international relations and security network ’ t coarse .

Why is my cat’s third eyelid not retracting?

An raise or raised third base eyelid in a cat is normally a augury of eye pain from conditions like conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers, and entropion. When your cat experiences eye pain, they use a limited muscle to pull their center deep into the socket, allowing the third base eyelid to raise up over the eye surface to protect it. horizon Sources

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