Enable Cookies in Internet Explorer on Windows

    This guide will step you through the process of getting Cookies enabled in Internet Explorer .

  1. On your computer, select the “Tools” menu

    In Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8, “ Tools ” is a menu at the top of the screen door :
    The tools menu for Internet Explorer 6/7/8
    In Internet Explorer 9 and higher, “ Tools ” is found by clicking the gearing picture on the right-hand side of the browser window :

    The tools menu in Internet Explorer 9

  2. Select “Internet Options”

    In Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8, “ internet Options ” is the bottom menu detail :
    The tools menu for Internet Explorer 6/7/8
    In Internet Explorer 9 and higher, “ internet Options ” is the second-last option :
    The tools menu in Internet Explorer 9

  3. Select the “Privacy” tab

    The window which has just appeared will have a tab key labled “ Privacy “ ; please click it :
    The Privacy tab in Internet Explorer 9

  4. When Cookies are disabled…

    There is more than one set in Internet Explorer which can block or disable cookies and cause some issues with websites .
    In the default settings for Privacy and Cookies, there is a slider control at the crown of the Privacy window which can be dragged up or down to select varying levels of Cookie security .
    The draggable Privacy/Cookies setting slider bar.

    If you see this sliding bar on the leave, you can drag it up and down and note the description on the right-hand english change to describe the level of security provided .
    It ranges from Block All Cookies to Accept All Cookies. The default option sic is Medium, which provides a balance of being permissive enough with Cookies to have a good experience on the internet while still blocking sealed types of Cookies which could leak secret information about you .
    If you see the surveil message : “ Custom – Advanced or imported settings ” ( shown in the next screenshot ), it means that custom-made settings have been used alternatively of precisely dragging to select a customs privacy level .
    When completely custom privacy/cookies settings have been used, there is no longer a draggable slider.

  5. Enabling Cookies by resetting to default settings

    broadly speaking, if you ‘re having problems using websites because your Cookie settings have been changed, the easiest manner to fix this is just by resetting to Internet Explorer ‘s default Privacy/Cookies set .
    This addresses the site whether you ‘ve dragged your Privacy Settings slider up or down, or clicked Advanced and created your own customs settings. This is the easiest means to get them back to baseline .
    This is done by clicking the push button marked Default .
    The location of the button to reset the settings to their default.
    Of course, do n’t forget to press the OK push button at the penetrate of the window to accept the settings deepen .
    The OK button.

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    This should fix most or all of your Cookies problems .
    If you need or want to exercise very well grained see over your cookies policy – for model allowing or blocking Third Party Cookies – snap the Advanced clitoris and override the automatic cookie treat by choosing your own settings .

  6. Cookies are now enabled

    Congratulations, you equitable configured Cookies in Internet Explorer. Click here to check if Cookies are enabled .

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