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American Studies will teach you how to think expansively and critically about american acculturation. Our courses will allow you to understand the patterns of american culture as they have changed over time, and as they are reflected in the particular experiences of Americans from unlike regions, social classes, races, ethnicities, genders and national backgrounds. The major will immerse you in the subject of american culture, adenine good as in the interdisciplinary methods of american Studies, which seek insight through multiple perspectives on phenomenon, events, or currents in american english culture. You will be exposed to several disciplinary perspectives through the Contributing Courses and besides to models for integrating such perspectives in the Core Course, the Introduction, and the Senior Symposium. Our major is designed to help you explore the borders of american nationality a well as the context in which the American experience has unfolded. Our staff have a wide range of scholarly interests and are affiliated with the English, Women ‘s Studies, Sociology, Religion and History Departments at Emory.

The major will emphasize the interdisciplinary survey of cultural forms, practices, institutions, technologies, and social movements in american history and culture. Both person courses and the program as a whole will give extra attention to the interactions of gender, place and region, race and ethnicity, and sociable class as cultural patterns. While we take the United States as our primary field of reference point, we do thus reason that the inner borders of region and the external borders of nation have changed over clock time. We thus encourage work that explores America as a place, a population, and a set of historical events, and we will encourage each major to include courses with a relative dimension or ones that offer an international context for the development of american culture.

We seek to give students a across-the-board base in the sweep of american history ( in our introductory course and in the requirement of one other run in american History ) and photograph to the way that different disciplines offer penetration into american history ( hence the necessity to take one contributing course in social science and one in humanities ). In the core courses, students will choose from a roll of profoundly interdisciplinary courses as they learn to apply the basic models of the introductory course to a diverseness of events and social phenomenon in american history. The senior symposium will function as a capstone seminar, one that will bring students to a certain level of sophism about american Studies as a scholarly field. In that seminar, students will learn about the history of american Studies and participate in a research seminar around a park theme ( such as the bequest of bondage or the Vietnam War ).

american Studies began as an intellectual bowel movement in universities and colleges and there are over two hundred american english Studies programs in the United States ( and even more abroad ). It is consequently a degree that is recognizable to professional schools, gradaute programs, and employers. It can prepare students for a across-the-board range of careers : in jurisprudence, business, teach, journalism, the arts, philanthropy and museums. Our majors will be teach how to think critically about the complex sociable organization in which they live, which is an exemplary way to combine a broad arts education with vocational interests.

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