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About the Program

Emerson College ’ s Theatre Education & Performance program integrates the fields of dramaturgy arts and education in the classroom, in the community, and on the stage. Our students and staff believe in the transformative power of theater to shape company and to change lives ; they are artists who see education as the cock with which they create the future .
More than 100 years ago, Emerson College was among the first schools in the state to establish a broadcast teach Theatre for Young Audiences ( TYA ). nowadays, our award-winning faculty includes many leaders in the fields of field education and acting.

At Emerson, we identify ourselves as a field broadcast with a robust educational component which provides penetration into the art of teaching equally well as the teach of art. Your education hera will include a strong ground in the broad arts ampere well as in the fundamentals of dramatic arts, our biennial Actor Training Core, access to specialized work classes, and a broad align of pedagogical tools that can be applied to a assortment of potential careers, including function at professional theatres, in community outreach, and, of course, in the classroom. By the time you complete your BFA and pass the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure, you will have met all the requirements of our Massachusetts Department of Elementary and secondary Education-approved program leading to initial licensure as a teacher of dramaturgy, all levels ( pre-K-12+ ).

Program Requirements

Requirement Credits
BFA Theatre Education & Performance (detailed below) 68
Electives 4
General Education Requirements 56
Total Credits 128

To see descriptions of any of the under classes, please visit our run catalog.

Department of Performing Arts Core

Year Number Course Credits
1st PA101 Languages of the Stage 4
1st TH141-8 Stagecraft Laboratories 4
1st TH149 Emerson Stage Production Crew 0
2nd TH215 World Drama in its Context I 4
2nd TH216 World Drama in its Context II 4
3rd-4th TH Advanced Drama Studies 4

Actor Training Core

Year Number Course Credits
1st TH123 Movement and Voice I 4
1st TH124 Movement and Voice II 4
1st TH130 Improvisation 2
1st TH131 Acting Fundamentals 2
2nd TH221 Scene Study I 4
2nd TH222 Scene Study II 4

BFA Theatre Education Core

Year Number Course Credits
2nd TH265 Foundations of Education 4
2nd PS202 Developmental Psychology 4

BFA Theatre Education Advanced

Year Number Course Credits
3rd-4th TH381 Directing I: Fundamentals of Directing 4
4th TH460 Drama as Education I 4
4th TH460 Drama as Education II 4
4th TH463 Student Teaching Seminar* 2
4th TH465 Student Teaching Practicum* 6

* Students seeking initial licensure in Massachusetts as a Teacher of Theatre ( all levels, pre-K–12 ) must use 4–12 credits to complete the Educator Licensure requirements. Those not seeking initial licensure will use 8 credits toward Theatre elective course courses ( TH/PA/DA/MU ), building an personalize broadcast in ways similar to the students in BFA Theatre and Performance .

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