Smart Luggage Locks: Are we ready for them?

[ primitively published January 14, 2015 ] When you travel by air a lot you tend to get effective about packing your bags ( like George Clooney in ‘Up in the Air ‘ ). due to efficiency ( or other reasons [ 1 ] ), locking your bags tends to fall by the wayside. If I could just wave my earphone over my bag in order to unlock it, that would decidedly save me time. eGeeTouch believes they have the solution, chic baggage locks. Like what the folks behind the Noke padlock are doing, eGeeTouch is providing a direction to carry the keys to your bags everywhere,

Smart NFC-enabled luggage locks
The eGeeTouch locks are unlike from older locks in that they do n’t use keys ( other than the TSA passkey key ) or combination wheels. I ‘ve forgotten my combinations and lost or misplaced a key before so I ‘ve decidedly have an sake in these locks. eGeeTouch promises the ease of key management and easy unlock through a mobile app. even without a earphone that supports NFC ( Near Field Communication, like in touch and pay credit cards ), eGeeTouch besides provides separate programmable NFC chase.

The locks themselves will have a suggested price between $ 20-30 a while. Larger licensing deals may reduce the cost for the end user. At the moment they ‘re about 3x the price of a non-smart lock. When they ‘re finally licensed by baggage manufacturers the cost will be included in the price of your new baggage.

The most expensive Smartphones nowadays include NFC support ( for use with Google Wallet or Apple Pay ), though the average Smartphone is not excluded. The programmable NFC tags can be registered as a keystone for your interlock using the eGeeTouch Access Manager app.

Attacker’s eye view of the eGeeTouch lock
The eGeeTouch locks do look quite interesting, but it ‘s probable attackers will find newfangled ways to access your property.

Although some of that functionality is presently unimplemented.

There are a number of ways to attack a smart lock or access what it protects :

1 ) Cloning fresh tags/ ” keys ”
2 ) TSA approved keyway
3 ) Zipper tricks

1 ) Exploit lost key surrogate protocol
2 ) Extract key from phone app

Physically cloning the NFC smart tag ( i.e. the keys ) with a tag reader/writer would be the “ Hollywood ” method acting. technically a perfective copy, but requiring an attacker to expend more resources ( people, hardware/software, time, money ) than the measure of whatever is stored in most people ‘s baggage.

Attackers may go after the following most complex physical defense, the TSA bypass lock. The seminal report on TSA compatible locks by security and lock expert Marc Weber Tobias covers the issues quite well. Although legitimate TSA master keys are inventory controlled, restricted, and secured at the goal of shifts, it is still possible to create keys or decode combinations. Tobias ‘ report shows how it ‘s possible to pick or bypass baggage locks through the TSA approved keyway. The price and formulation meter may besides be besides much for the average attacker.

Zippers rather than locks seem to be the actual weak point when looking at physical attacks. There are numerous videos on YouTube that show how one can well open and re-seal the slide fastener on your base with a common ballpoint pen. If an attacker is in more destructive mood they could besides plainly slice into the bag with a tongue.

Given the cost and relative difficulty of physical attacks, it can be easier to use the low hanging fruit of mobile apps. presently the eGeeTouch Manager App is available on the app markets. Per the eGeeTouch FAQ if one loses their call, one can plainly install the Manager App on their new phone and replace/reload a modern code on their locks. The attacker would need to disassemble/decompile the app in decree to figure out how the keys are managed and how to clone or insert their own.

A slightly easier method is to locate how/where the keys are stored on phonograph record. The attacker would merely need to gain access to the password file, decode the store keys, and exfiltrate them to the attackers server. This assail would be most successful on a rout device, allowing access to the password file. A plausible attack would have an optional ancestor exploit, cognition of key repositing ( e.g. filepaths ), and a method to exfiltrate the data.

Smart Luggage Locks: What can go wrong?
Smart Luggage Locks can be attacked. Does that make them insecure ? not inevitably. Attackers face a tradeoff between cost ( money + risk ) and acquired information or goods ( tax income – cost ). Since I ‘m not carrying the formula for Coca-Cola in my baggage it might not be worth the risk for attackers to take on the TSA or other law enforcement barely to bypass my Smart locks. For the regular traveler that besides does n’t carry state/trade secrets, high end electronics or fancy jewelry the locks may be enough to discourage the casual sneak thief.

[ 1 ] once I managed to leave the identify in my baggage as I closed the engage. This led to some fiddling with a butter tongue and price to the zippers on my bag. These are the dangers of forgetting where one placed the key .

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