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They say it takes a greenwich village and eCommerce Week LA™ 2021 proves that. eCommerce Week LA™ is the intersection of Hawke Media ’ s experts collaborating to produce an event know that none of us could have created individually. Our leading host Chidi Ezemma, countless members of the Hawke Media Team, our sponsors, and our partners all made the second base annual eCommerce Week LA™ a smash success. Our mission at Hawke Media is to create accessible selling for everyone. We besides believe that every company deserves to have a CMO-level professional in blame of its marketing. In today ’ s COVID-19 landscape, virtual events like eCommerce Week LA™ sincerely provide accessible marketing and eCommerce advice for businesses of all sizes. This year ’ south eCommerce Week LA™ was different from last year ’ s iteration, and as we continue to host this annually event, we look forward to accommodating the changing market and eCommerce ecosystems.

This class, we have a blend of in-person and virtual events and we think that going forward, hybrid conference models will create accessible experiences for everyone, which very much aligns with our eminent aims hera at Hawke. Each of the sessions we put together reflects our brand values, which are :

  • Get sh*t done
  • Learn quickly
  • Be cool

eCommerce Week LA™ is the result of those values, with sessions designed to help you network ( be cool ), provide relevant information ( learn cursorily ), that you can act upon ( get sh*t done ). here are some of the highlights and insights from eCommerce Week LA™ 2021, compiled for your read pleasure. We ’ ve embedded the daily playlists, a well as linked to particular sessions for the insights we share.

Marketing Monday

We kicked off a workweek of virtual contentedness at eCommerce Week LA™ with ClearCo ’ s Pitch Competition. It featured three incredibly relevant brands. They were :

  • Kind Laundry — A eco-friendly, detergent plane company
  • Zenimal — a meditation and egg white noise device for better sleep
  • FitVille — An athleisure horseshoe company designed for across-the-board feet

All three brands did an incredible job, but there could lone be one winner. Find out which brand win by watching “ Clearco ClearPitch at eCom Week LA™ 2021 ” Some of the key insights from Monday ’ s eCommerce Week LA™ sessions included : overall, Day 1 of eCommerce Week LA™ revealed that constituent, authentic messaging combined with listening to both customers and their data is the secret sauce for successful market.

technical school Tuesday

Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti gave a short address to kick off Tech Tuesday ’ second sessions. His address highlighted the partnership between Hawke Media and the city and how they ’ rhenium working together to foster a feel of plangency and community in Los Angeles. Some of the key insights from Tech Tuesday of eCommerce Week LA™ were :

  • We learned there ’ s a remainder between organic and paid sociable media, and a bunch of that has to do with friction. The buy process should besides be as low clash as potential according to the experts on “ Discovery Commerce with Facebook. ”
  • While buy decisions might seem transactional and cold, it is constantly an aroused process. On “ The Non-Stop shop class : Exploring the Live Stream Shopping Boom ” we learned live hosts help evoke conversations that spark joy, harbor, and finally, change viewers into participants into customers .
  • Ann McFerran said understanding what triggers people to take an action is a key aspect of both sales and market in “ Bootstrapping in Beauty ” : The Glamnetic Story. ”
  • In “ The future of Tech ”, Vance Reavie shared how AI helps answer “ the why ” behind person ’ second actions, which increases performance and helps mitigate/avoid risk .

In summation, Tech Tuesday taught us that while we can buy all the technical school in the world and manipulation AI and data to make our choices, in the end, we are all humans making decisions ( primarily ) based on relationships and emotions.

World Impact Wednesday

The center of the week for eCommerce Week LA™ was world-shifting. Representatives from Shopify and Google taught us how and why eCommerce brands use their tools, particularly during the vacation season. These were some of the most betroth highlights of the workweek. World Impact Wednesday Highlights included : On World Impact Wednesday of eCommerce Week LA™, we learned about the softer side of business. These are the hot topics of diversity, equity, and inclusivity and speakers emphasized their importance. Those topics are intertwined with the conversations about authenticity and personal identity. The pandemic compelled us all to be more substantial, to embrace ourselves, and brands need to embrace that both internally and outwardly.

team efficiency Thursday

Hawke Media CEO & Founder Erik Huberman hosted Team Efficiency Thursday, which contained two stimulate announcements. The first was the winner of the giveaway to the beautiful El Perdido recourse, Katherine Chicoine. Congratulations to the lucky winner, who will be taking a companion on the trip in January ! Erik Huberman besides made his first on-air announcement about his raw book, The Hawke Method, which contains the three pillars of marketing that have helped 3,500+ brands grow their business. Those pillars are :

  • awareness
  • breeding
  • Trust

He shared some prowler peaks about the reserve and invites anyone interest to join his launch team for more exclusive, insider perks. Insights from Team Efficiency Thursday includes :

  • Rob Dyrdek dispensed some kernels of wisdom in “ Building a company : Achieving farcical Goals with Rob Dyrdek. ”
    • Goal-achieving can be approached the lapp way as learning a ( skateboard ) whoremaster. You decide the magic trick you ’ d like to do, then break down how you learn it .
    • failure can be a example, therefore long as you continue to fail forward in the guidance of your objectives .
    • You do one thing like you do everything .
  • today ’ randomness mobile consumers are unlike than they were in 2019, according to Alana Corey in “ Why 2022 is the class of SMS Marketing. ” 2019 ’ second rules no longer apply, and mobile consumers will continue to dominate going forward .
  • Alana Corey shared in “ Why 2022 is the class of SMS Marketing ”, that 89 % of mobile consumers want to receive textbook from their front-runner brands .

For Team Efficiency Thursday, we saw consumer behaviors shifted enormously since 2019, and that fluid will reign supreme in the coming years. We witnessed that failure is a region of success, but making the lapp mistake over and over is a barren of your energy.

finance Friday

The concluding day of eCommerce Week LA™ is Finance Friday, where most sessions highlight getting fund, fiscal duty, and more. Some of the highlights from the final day of eCommerce Week LA™ included :

  • Set an intention to know your numbers. It ’ s not pretty but it is important. Those wise words came from Eric Polatty “ Steal Snow ’ s Playbook : How Snow Made $ 1.2M from SMS in One Month with Postscript. ”
  • Creating backups of your on-line stores is key. You don ’ thymine want to unintentionally delete your integral eCommerce store the night before Black Friday, like Mike Potter related to viewers in “ How to secure your store for BFCM. ”

In two sessions focused on women, business, and finance speakers shared these insights :

  • For women to be equal in the workplace, fiscal equity is needed, according to Sallie Krawcheck in her “ fiscal literacy ” session. money can either be a informant of stress or a reservoir of strength for women. It ’ second tough for anyone to feel batten and confident without money to back it up .
  • intuition and emotion are the gifts of femininity and humanity. They have a place in the boardroom, the position, and the workplace, expressed Tracy Holland in “ executive excellence : Lessons from Female Founders. ”
  • You can ’ t have feminism and police women ’ s clothe and expression, shared Tracy Tutor. She asserted women can be sexy, womanly, and business powerhouses in “ executive excellence : Lessons from Female Founders. ”
  • Michele Finizio expressed the five F ’ s that are authoritative for a life well-lived, which are : finance, class, friends, faith, and fitness. She said finance is the easiest of those to measure in “ executive excellence : Lessons from Female Founders. ”
  • “ Trying to be a homo is a waste of a charwoman, ” said one loudspeaker, quoting Sarah Jessica Parker in the seance “ executive excellence : Lessons from Female Founders ”
  • When purpose reaches heat, you are unstoppable. That hard score quote came from Shelley Zalis in “ executive excellence : Lessons from Female Founders. ”

On Finance Friday, we learned that money is power. many entrepreneurs, marketers, and individuals shy away from handling their finances properly, which is to their detriment. All in all, eCommerce Week LA™ 2021 was a reflection of what eCommerce, market, and business is as we all work in a world reshaped by the global pandemic. Some of the themes of those changes, which popped up across sessions were :

  • Authenticity — Both in the workplace and in commercialize, individuals want to be seen .
  • transparency — There ’ s no more tolerance for omission or concealment of mistakes or weaknesses. today ’ s customers know better and expect brands to do better .
  • Mobile — 89 % of buy is now done on a mobile device. Optimize for it .
  • Emotion — Hiding your feelings is so last decade. Today ’ south leaders and brands are expected to show aroused intelligence and sensitivity .

What was your favorite region of eCommerce Week LA™ ? Did you have a seance you enjoyed in detail ? If you missed a seance, the week, or want to rewatch a seance you missed, you can view the dispatch list here.

here at Hawke Media, we believe every brand deserves to have CMO-quality market, no count its size. Reach out today for a spare consultation with one of Hawke Media ’ s digital marketing experts to learn how. We ’ ra laughably grateful to our generous sponsors and partners for all they ’ ve done to make eCom Week LA 2021 possible. We encourage you to support these leading brands :

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