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The application cycle for the fall 2022 program is now open.

Among the many post-bac programs offered around the state, and even at Drexel University, the Master of Science in Biomedical Studies ( MBS ) program stands out with its unique blend of undergraduate and graduate coursework and MCAT homework. Located on Drexel University ‘s Center City Campus in Philadelphia, Pa., this full-time, biennial special master ‘s broadcast is designed for students with a lower undergraduate skill GPA. It offers a alone opportunity to enhance students ‘ credentials to become competitive applicants for medical or other health professional schools. The structured, carefully balanced biomedical studies curriculum evolved from our erstwhile annual Medical Science Preparatory and sophomore headmaster of Science in Biological Science programs .

What does the Biomedical Studies program offer?

Stepwise academic challenge

In Year 1, advanced undergraduate skill courses in chemistry and physics help boost students ‘ science competencies and undergraduate science GPA ; graduate coursework supports implementing study and time-management skills substantive to succeed in the rigorous sophomore coursework .
In Year 2, students immerse themselves in coursework equivalent to the first year of medical school, taught by the same College of Medicine staff members who teach Drexel medical students. Students ‘ academic success will demonstrate their readiness for checkup and other health professional schools and, if certain criteria are met, guarantees an interview with Drexel ‘s MD program.

Extensive preparation for the MCAT

Both undergraduate and relevant graduate coursework ( including biochemistry and psychology ) are designed to provide the background tested in the assorted sections of the revised MCAT. MBS besides includes a dedicate on-campus, year-long MCAT preparation course offered by Princeton Review, to far enhance the coursework and instill potent test-taking skills .

Building a strong application portfolio

The biomedical Studies program focus extends beyond academics to support the emergence of a all-around applicant by providing opportunities for residential district service and summer research. Our team-based holistic deliberation access helps students calibrate all steps of the checkup school application process .
biomedical Studies students besides benefit from our linkage and affiliation opportunities. Students who take the full Biomedical Studies course of study and fitting particular GPA and MCAT criteria are guaranteed an interview with Drexel University College of Medicine ‘s MD course of study. Additional linkage and affiliation agreements exist with Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine ( New York ) and Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine ( VCOM ) .
Please visit the course of study page for more information

Admission to the MD Program

A number of academically excellent pre-medical and pre-health program graduate students are interviewed each year for admission to Drexel University College of Medicine ‘s MD plan. The MD program enrolls a strong cohort of students from our pre-med and pre-health programs. For the past respective years, pre-med and pre-health graduates comprised about ten percentage of the entering MD class .

Meet Our Students & Alumni

Caroline Illuzzi, Drexel Biomedical Studies Program Alum

Caroline Illuzzi

“ The unique view of the MBS program is that it does not focus entirely on improving one aspect of one ’ s aesculapian school application, such as grades. The platform is comprehensive and designed to improve all aspects of one ’ second lotion, and it besides provides application documentation. ” Read Caroline’s Story
Brian Leonard, Drexel Biomedical Studies Program Alum

Brian Leonard

“ I do n’t think I would be in medical educate if it were n’t for the biomedical Studies program. It not only helped me with my GPA, but I significantly increased my MCAT score besides. additionally, the staff helped me with figuring out where to apply, gave me advice on my essay and prepared me for interviews. ” Read Brian’s Story

In The Media

Erica Riddick, MS Biomedical Studies ’20, MD ’24, wrote about “ Health Disparities During COVID-19 ” in the winter 2021 issue of Pulse. Read more (see page 3).
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