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This past Saturday, I finally decided to get down to business and cultivate on the closet in my office. I ultimately had vision for it, and was fix to see some progress .
so equipped with wallpaper glue, a big paint brush, fabric, a run, and my staple gunman, I was ready to go. And the wall was already primed with two coats of fuse, so it was ready to be “ wallpapered ”, or indeed I thought .
Getting the framework on the wall wasn ’ t quite angstrom easy as I thought it would be, but once it was improving, I was thrilled. It was distillery very wet, and the edges of the framework hadn ’ thymine been trimmed, but I was so stimulate about the progress that I took a picture and posted it on the A2D Facebook page .
closet office wall progress 1

I was so anxious for it to dry completely so that I could move on to the following steps…trimming the fabric and painting the side walls .
so what ’ s the trouble ?
well, I ’ ve shown you before how fabulously textured my walls are. If you ’ ll remember, it very gave me problems when I painted the office walls black .
closet office wall progress 2
Isn ’ t that terribly ? ! That was with a satin shininess rouge, so I ended up using a flat black paint which hid the texture a bit. here ’ s a comparison, with the satin finish on the top, and the bland polish on the bottom .
black wall before and after
naturally, the wardrobe walls are textured in precisely the same way. But for some reason, I didn ’ triiodothyronine even consider that the heavy texture would affect the result of fabric-covered wall. so imagine how my kernel sank when I returned about three hours subsequently to see the fully dry wall, expecting enormousness, and rather saw this…
closet office wall progress 5
It doesn ’ thyroxine show up in pictures very well, but if you ’ ll look on the blank parts of the framework, you can see how the fabric looks dimpled and rough. As the framework dried, it settled into all of the divots and ridges of the wall texture, which makes the framework expect identical wrinkled and creates thousands of small shadows all over the framework.

closet office wall progress 3
It looks very insidious in the pictures, but in person, there ’ sulfur nothing insidious about it. It looks at least ten times worse in person .
closet office wall progress 4
Sooo, we ’ ll consider this the practice prevail. The dependable thing is that wallpaper paste is water-based, so it should come off well if I spray it lightly with body of water .
The bad news ? The whole wall has to have a skim coat of wallboard mud, and then has to be sanded completely smooth, and then has to be re-primed before I can re-apply the fabric .
Yep, my “ quick and easy ” project of wallpapering with framework has turned into a frustrating, labor-intensive pain in the neck. But I refuse to be defeated by wall texture ! ! And I truly think the end consequence will be worth the supernumerary attempt. I hope .

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