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Do Hedgehogs Need Baths? And, How to Do It?

Hedgehogs should be bathed from time to time, as they do not clean themselves like some animals .
The good newsworthiness is that hedgehogs are great swimmers and typical delight bath time, so it can be a playfulness know for them and you .
One thing to know is that this little mammals are medium critters, then below we ’ ve answered the most common questions as a template for proper bathe.

last, towards the bottom of the page, I ’ ll discus how to cut your hedgehog’s nails. It ’ randomness important to trim them thus that they don ’ t catch on materials and break .

How often should I bathe my hedgehog?

The frequency of bath depends on how prone to getting dirty your porcupine is .
Based on the African Pygmy Hedgehog breeders at Northern Plains Hedgehogs, suggest no more than one bath per month .
The main reason behind is to avoid drying out their hide .

Most hedgehogs will need a bath even less than once per calendar month .

Hedgehogs become most dirty by stepping in their droppings, so to avoid excess baths, make sure to clean their cage regularly, around once a week or less if required .
If you do notice that your porcupine gets very dirty and needs a wash more than once per calendar month, most breeders suggest using an oatmeal bath (discussed further below) .

As mentioned, they are prone to dry clamber and patronize bathe can dry them out even more .

Oatmeal is much used because it is very alimentary to dry skin .

What supplies do I need for a hedgehog bath?

There are several alternatives you can use to keep them glad and goodly during the summons .
The most important aspect is to ensure their skin gets no annoy as a result of products containing parabens .

Parabens are preservatives that chiefly for cosmetic purposes. Some skins can react to these products .

Only warm water

Some vets and breeders recommend using only water to wash your porcupine, however if you want a deep work, there are several dependable soap options .

Tear-free baby shampoo

Hedgehog skin is prone to dryness and is sensible like a baby ’ randomness skin. Tear-free pamper shampoo makes a great choice for hedgehogs since it ’ s made with sensitivity in mind .

Tear-free baby shampoo for hedgehog bathing

Normal pet shampoo

Since pet shampoos are made specifically to be gentle on animal bark and eyes, this makes a properly option for hedgehogs .
As discussed, these products will be free of fragrances, colorants and sulfates that could be skin irritants .

Cat pet shampoo free of chemical ingredients

Oatmeal bath shampoo

It seems to be the consensus of many reputable porcupine breeders that Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo is an excellent, safe option for washing your porcupine .
Their chief advantage is that it is gentle with the bark and contains oat excerpt .

The oatmeal provides moisture and is identical soothing for the skin .

There are tied pet specific oatmeal shampoo options you can take a look at, such as John Paul Pet Oatmeal Shampoo .

Oatmeal bath shampoo suitable for hedghogs grooming

Where should I bathe my pet hedgehog?

You can prepare your porcupine bath in a clean sink or tub .
Keep in mind that hedgehogs do tend to relieve themselves during a bath, so you may want to avoid a bury where food is prepared .
You can besides disinfect the tub or slump after the process, and it will be absolutely safe for normal use again .

How do I prepare the bath?

The most coarse way to bathe your porcupine is in shallow urine .
however, you can besides use a towel without having to rub their quills with bare hands.

Method 1: Water bath. Fill the cesspool, bathtub or moisten river basin with 2-4 inches of body of water .
Method 2: Towel bath. Fill the sink with about an column inch of water. Four in a dime-size amount of soap, desegregate, and position a towel in to soak up the water. Drape towel over the buttocks of the cesspool .

What should the temperature of the water be?

The body of water should be warm, but not hot .
It would be alike as bathing a baby or a caterpillar – you want the water comfortably warmly, but not therefore warm as to make them uncomfortable .
The whoremaster is to run the urine over your hands until it feels comfortable for you .

How do I wash my hedgehog?

Don ’ thymine feel worried. It is very easy to do and only by following these steps .

Step 1: doing a water or towel bath

Water bath

– Pour a dime-size measure of shampoo onto your hands – a little goes a farseeing way – lather, and rub gently over your porcupine ’ randomness bet on, belly and feet .
– Make sure to avoid their confront, eyes and ears – no necessitate to soap these areas .
– You can take a soup-strainer and lightly brush his quills and feet to remove any rugged crap .

If doing a towel bath

– Place it on top of the towel, and lightly rub the towel over their belly, legs, and back .
– As mentioned, it is crucial to avoid the face and ears, and rub the towel in the direction of the quills .

Step 2

– Take a cup and pour the warm water system over your porcupine ’ s back .
– Continue to pour over the hedgehog until the soap is wholly washed off, avoiding pouring water over his face .
– If your porcupine has very dry hide, mix in a teaspoon of olive oil or flax semen oil into the water, and pour a few cup-fulls over your hedgehog .
– The oil does not need to be foster rinsed off .

Step 3

– If you notice there is hush surfeit dirt in your hedgehog ’ south quills, take a soft-bristled toothbrush and lightly scrub the quills .
– Make certain to go in the focus of the quills, and not “ against the grain ” indeed to speak, to avoid hurting the porcupine and yourself .

Step 4

– lightly wrap up your porcupine in a clean towel, and dab dry .
– They are unmanageable to dry since it ’ randomness hard to pat the body of water between the quills dry, and are very temperature sensitive, then make sure to keep them inside the house as they are drying .
Hamor Hallow Hedgehogs ( licensed breeder and class owned ) suggests putting a decent cuddle sack after their bath ( basically a bantam sheepskin sleeping cup of tea ) or small towel into the hedgehog ’ randomness cage then that they can stay warm while drying out .
They besides warn to take the nestle hammock or towel out after the porcupine is dry, about ten ( 10 ) minutes, so that they do not become bothered by the damp framework .

Trimming Your Hedgehog’s Nails

After bathing your hedgehog is a great clock to trim your porcupine ’ sulfur nails to ensure that they ’ rhenium getting groomed on a regular footing .
however, you may have to trim the nails in between baths if you notice that their nails have become retentive or find them getting caught on fabrics .

Trimming once every two weeks is typically a good baseline .

To trim your hedgie ’ sulfur nails, take a match of collar clippers and take their little foot in your hand firm but lightly .
Clip each collar. You can use any darling nail trimmers if you like, however it is recommended to get ones for small pets, like cats ) .

alternatively, you can use belittled human smash trimmers rather .

Make certain not to cut into the promptly ( the dark part inside the nail ). You should be able to see it, as hedgehog ’ south nails are opaque .
The nail should not bleed – if it does, it means that you cut into the promptly .
It is basic to supervise your hedgehog until the shed blood stop, and be sure to leave more distance between the quick on the rest of the nails .

I recommend to contact a veterinarian on-line ampere soon as possible if things do not improve.

If your hedgehog is boisterous or aggressive during collar trim clock, you may want to ask person to hold it therefore that you can concentrate on carefully clipping his nails .

Another technique is to cover their face with a minor across-the-board .

After clipping its nails or giving a bath, make sure you reward it with a treat for a job well done .
You will see how easier will be next time as they know a honor will come .

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