7 Digital Afterlife Services to Prepare for Your Death

Death is a natural part of biography. And while cipher likes to acknowledge that their time on this earth is limit, many tools can help you and your love ones organize for the inevitable. There are Advanced Health Care Directives for what you want to happen when you ’ re no longer able to make health decisions, and wills for how you want your physical blase possessions to be distributed to syndicate members once you pass on. But what about your digital possessions ? Your social profiles and emails deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as your shared photos, videos and web log posts all continue to exist on the Internet after you have shuffled off this moral coil. respective services exist to help manage your conversion into the digital afterlife, and we ’ ve rounded up the best of the best. If I Die

If I Die

When dealing with the psychological pain associated with the death of a sleep together one, one of the best ways to process that grief is to say adieu. If I Die is a rid service that allows users to create personal messages that are delivered to your loved ones upon your death, giving you the find to say adieu to those who mean the most to you and for them to hear from you one more time. The service encrypts all messages for security, so your letters can include instructions on how you want your services to be handled, adenine well as passwords for your social sites should your family want to keep the photograph and posts from your accounts .

Google Inactive Account Manager

Since Google apps and services expand, including Google Drive, Gmail and Google, the total of personal information and documents we store in Google ’ second services has grown exponentially. When you die, you ’ ll likely want to have person ( or multiple people ) be able to access your pictures, videos, documents and other personal information. Google recently launched the Inactive Account Manager, which proactively allows you to decide who should get what information once your account has been inactive for a define period of clock time. When your account has not been accessed for a fit number of days, Google will notify the pre-set list of people, and will delete your report after a period of time should you choose .

bequest Locker

Cleaning up your accounts, even figuring out what accounts you have, can cause love ones an extreme concern. Legacy Locker aims to help make this process american samoa easy as possible by putting all your login information in one place, allowing you to assign individuals to manage those accounts after you ’ re gone. A free score has limits on the sum of information you can store, but when you sign up for a pay up account at $ 30 per class or $ 300 up front, you get outright asset data vitamin a well as document backup. You can use that capability to store digital copies of authoritative documents such as your will, marriage certificate and video recording for your love ones.

Facebook Memorialization and Information Download

Facebook holds tons of get moments ( photos and videos ) for any drug user of the social network. When you pass, your friends and sleep together ones would probably want to have some or all of your pictures and posts to remember you by. Thanks to Facebook ’ s Information Download plan, a drug user ( or users ) with your login and password information can do fair that. additionally, Facebook can turn your wall into a memorial page, serving to both inform individuals of your happen and keep your memory animated for years to come .


When it comes gloomy to it, we all want to be remembered fondly by friends and syndicate members, and this is where Legacy comes in. Legacy has a series of tools that allows kin members to create a exist memorial for you, including photos, videos and biographic information into a web site that will forever commemorate your liveliness. bequest can besides help family members create an obituary for you with one or more of its 800-plus newspaper partners, and each page created can include a node book for others to leave cherished memories of your fourth dimension together. The page remains up for 14 days after it ’ randomness created for free, and a humble sponsorship ( $ 49 for the beginning year and $ 19 per year after ) will add annual increments to your memorial page .

secure Safe

Secure Safe aims to be your one-stop-shop for all data repositing needs. The avail provides defile document, account credentials and media memory of up to 100GB, and can transfer your information to up to 20 beneficiaries. Secure Safe has a well-designed iPhone and iPad app for easy management of your files and personal information on the belong, and has top-of-the-line security akin to a typical e-banking system.

After Steps

After Steps aims to do for the end and dying procedure what TurboTax did to revolutionize taxes. The service provides users a bit-by-bit procedure to complete fiscal, funeral and bequest plan from startle to finish, and stores that information in a unmarried location to pass on to your love ones as they negotiate the building complex process of managing an estate. This includes life policy policies ( much overlooked ), fiscal accounts and exponent of lawyer documents. Best of all, the people behind After Steps monitor regulative changes, and send you alerts for any changes that require your attention .

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