How to write a customer service email – 10 best practices & 5 examples

“ A satisfy customer is the best clientele strategy of all. “, Michael LeBoeuf, the author of ‘How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life ‘, said. In this day and historic period, his wisdom is possibly more accurate than ever. due to the rise of social media, companies have more customer touch points than always before – and people have more opportunities to express their dissatisfaction and demand the serve a paying customer deserves. While handling several different customer support channels has proven to be challenging for brands big and minor, one type of customer service has held its head as the go-to way for businesses to correspond with their customers. You guessed right, e-mail. due to this, keyboard-first customer service skills are always on-demand. How to write a customer service email? What are email customer service best practices? Where can I find customer service email examples? This blog post will answer all your questions.

Why is customer service important?

All of us have had adept and bad customer avail experiences – be it over electronic mail, on the phone, on social media, new world chat, or in person. These encounters stay with us, shaping our opinion around the brand or organization that can concluding a long time. When these experiences are negative, it ‘s likely something we parcel with our wide network – a nightmare from the company ‘s position for more than one reason. For exemplar, over 25 % of consumers would stop buy from a brand after just one negative experience. Any business should hate to have a customer feel this way about their mark. particularly as it can be easily avoided – or even turned around into a positivist interaction enhancing public visualize or creating referrals. Since the dawn of deal, there has been customer service, “ Customer is always good ” as the evergreen ethos at the epicenter of the practice. As the trade, engineering, and time have all advanced, so have customer military service channels. The invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell towards the end of the nineteenth century transformed the handiness of companies worldwide, changing everything about how enterprises and customers would interact in modern times. Businesses embraced this opportunity to hear from their consumers, which led to the parturition of call centers. finally, electronic mail emerged as an increasingly convenient touchpoint for companies to service, digest, and care for their customers. today customer avail and customer accompaniment teams master a whole range of activities via electronic mail. They help people make decline and cost-efficient use of products and get the most out of services. The distinctive tasks include resolving complaints, answering feedback, offering guidance in plan and installation, trouble-shoot, and assisting with upgrades and cancellations. naturally, these efforts require the collaboration and expertness of many stakeholders in a company, resulting in an interaction with the customer that answers their question, solves the problem, and puts their mind at facilitate. Needles to say, these customer touchpoints are a valuable opportunity to exceed your customer ‘s expectations .

Types of customer service – why is email (still) a useful customer service tool?

Despite the growing popularity of social media and be chats as customer back channels, most of these interactions are silent happening over electronic mail. And no curiosity, as the benefits of e-mail accompaniment are many. If you ‘re not already convinced, here ‘s a retread on the most authoritative benefits of e-mail customer servicing.

  • Email is a proactive tool that gives you the time and privacy to address an upset customer.
  • Customers value email as a safe space to express their issues.
  • It’s hard to find somebody who doesn’t have an email account instead of many consumers out there without a social media presence.

As you ‘re looking for tips on how to write a professional e-mail to customers, the chances are you already grasp the important function of electronic mail in a customer parallelism. however, if you ‘re person not working in customer accompaniment or service per selenium, you should keep in mind that you are still a example of the company. No matter what your job title is, the be good practices, tips, and examples will help you to navigate electronic mail parallelism with customers with the eyes of a customer support spokesperson .

Best practices on how to write a customer service email

Our goal is to help you feel completely convinced writing customer service emails by providing a clear and concise overview of the subject. That ‘s why we reviewed a number of publications and experimental reports on best customer overhaul emails to pull in concert the essential guidelines and tips for you. With these e-mail customer service best practices, you ‘ll learn how to write a good customer service e-mail in no fourth dimension.

1. Give it a human touch

There ‘s nothing customers hate more than feeling like they ‘re speaking to a automaton. even though they likely opened their e-mail with “ Dear customer service team ”, you should personalize your patronize e-mail by making the interaction friendly from the beginning. The best customer service email greetings address the recipient role by their name. You can learn more about picking the proper salute from our web log post on how to start a master e-mail.

2. Show empathy

The best electronic mail back is empathic, so make surely you acknowledge how the customer is feeling. Regardless of how the topic came about, they felt strongly adequate to get in touch, so pay regard to this early in your electronic mail reply. A bare “ I understand how that must be.” will set you off to a good start.

3. Value their time

sometimes you may not be the first touchpoint a customer has had on the travel with your company. visibility on this is critical, as is having access to any previously logged customer commensurateness. We all hate feel as if we are repeating ourselves, thus do sure to do everything within your baron to be up to date on the customer relationship when offering electronic mail aid. A commodity customer service electronic mail picks up the conversation correct where it was left off the last clock.

4. Remain positive

Yes, there ‘s a trouble, but now you ‘re “ happy to help ! ”. Sometimes you wo n’t have all the answers, but a convinced attitude goes a hanker way in establishing the interaction ‘s temper. It can besides help to increase the customer ‘s confidence in your worry. For exemplar, rather of writing “ Have you checked our FAQ ? “, try “ I do n’t have the answer for that right immediately, but I can find out for you and get back to you in 2-3 hours. ”

5. Be consistent

intersect wires can irritate an already frustrated customer, so do your research and constantly provide quality service. Being given conflicting advice or data in electronic mail aid is confusing. not to mention it makes you and the caller look bad. Being consistent is the key in your e-mail parallelism with customers but is crucial when person emails you for help.

6. Keep the language clear and simple

Do n’t confuse the customer. possibly you ‘re used to the latest technology or diligence jargon, but you should always assume that they are not. Over-formalizing the support e-mail can besides confuse things, indeed be aware of your tone. Simplify where possible and support things to the point – while distillery being civil and friendly, of course. To master the customer service e-mail etiquette, make certain to learn these 25 rules and tips

7. Share resources to help even further

Redirecting to more comprehensive instructions can keep your customer subscribe emails nice and net. This can mean linking your web log posts, FAQs, or even a rival ‘s capacity if it ‘s the most helpful resource. It is a great direction to go above and beyond to help your customer without making your e-mail manner besides long and complicated.

8. Use customer service email phrases

While you ‘re on a axial rotation, why not step up to the plate ? once you ‘ve resolved the foremost publish, do n’t be afraid to offer aid for any other questions they may have. “ Is there anything else I can help you with nowadays ? ” is besides a civilized way to aim to close customer subscribe e-mail threads. You can find more customer serve email phrases like this in our web log post on responding to customer complaints.

9. Show gratitude

Always remember to thank the customer ! They ‘ve chosen to do business with you, took the time to get in touch, and cared adequate to let you know about the issue. This is invaluable, organic feedback, so show your appreciation for it throughout your electronic mail. Giving thanks ensures your customer will feel in truth valued by your party and increase customer atonement despite a demote in the road.

10. End your email with gusto

How do you end a customer service e-mail ? Summarize the trouble or solution to make it 100 % certain everything is clear up for the customer. Adding extra questions or a personal reach to your electronic mail close besides goes a long way. If you are diffident about what email sign-off to use, check out our guide to end an electronic mail professionally.

Best customer service email examples for different situations

The following customer avail e-mail examples bring our best practices into life. If you feel that none of these samples could n’t have come from your keyboard, do n’t worry : Practice makes arrant when it comes to customer service electronic mail writing – and Flowrite is here to help. The future meter you think about how to write an electronic mail to a customer in a situation that challenges your customer service skills, you can draw inspiration from these customer service email response examples.

Email response to a customer enquiry

seasonably answer to customer patronize emails will make your customers feel acknowledged – even if you would n’t be able to provide all the answers. The key is to let them know that you ‘re doing your best to help and provide information on when they should expect to hear from you. You can even go the extra mile by offering your aid with early topics while they need to wait. To
stephany.s.nolan @
rhenium : order # 300156
Hi Stephany,

Thank you for getting in touch about the rescue of your rate.

Our warehouse team is now looking into this, and I ‘ll be able to update you on the delivery go steady by 5 pm today.

In the meanwhile, if there ‘s anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

Kind regars,

Thank you email sample

A fiddling thanks often can go a long way when it comes to forgetting a minor hiccup and driving customer commitment. so, make sure to show your appreciation when answering to customer feedback. Communicating that you ‘re grateful for receiving it can turn a apparently negative experience into a positive one
kim.p.fraser @
ra : Your web site does n’t work
Hi Kim,

Nice to meet you !

Thank you then much for bringing this bug in our web site to our attention. Our network storehouse team was able to identify the causal agent of the return, and it ‘s being fixed as we speak..

Please enjoy 20 % off from your next order with code “ kim2021 ” as a token of our gratitude. We ‘re lucky to have you as a customer !


Customer feature request response

sport requests from customers come in many sizes and forms, and making users ‘ wishes come true is not always possible. In these situations, honesty is the best policy. Managing expectations and sharing some insightful information around your business ‘s future is excellent customer service bar none. If you ‘re having a unvoiced prison term with this, saying no politely ( but firm ) is a skill that can be learned.
kenneth.o.olsson @
ra : have request
Hi Kenneth,

Thanks for getting in touch ! We love hearing from our customers, and that ‘s a great trace.

That being said, we ‘re not planning on build this feature at this meter. I understand that it would be helpful to you, but it does n’t fit our current roadmap due to competing priorities. I ‘ll share it with our product team if it ‘s something that becomes a precedence for us former on. If anything changes, we ‘ll try and drop you a line.

Thank you again, and let us know if you have any early insights on how you use the product. I would love to hear them.

Best regards,

Technical support email sample

If you receive an electronic mail asking for support in technical issues, you might need to get detailed with your troubleshooting tips. To find a solution, make certain to ask as in-depth questions as necessary to help the customer. Acknowledge that your advice can be intimidating, build trust for your guidance, and make the customer feel that you ‘re working together with them.
peter.k.button @
re : call battery dies fast
Hi Peter,

Thanks for reaching out ! I understand how frustrating it is when your call ‘s battery runs out faster than it should. I ‘m more than happy to help you.

To dive into this, can you share the serial number of your phone ? You can find it from the back of the device. It ‘s 8 chracters long. It will help me to analyze the battery life of your device remotely.

We ‘re dedicated to getting to the penetrate of this, so let me know if you need any far aid finding the consecutive number.

Thank you,

Refund email to customer

When a customer decides to leave you, it ‘s frequently not you. It ‘s them. There ‘s no reason to be bitter over it. If you have a refund policy in place that allows them to get their money back, make the separation procedure a painless as possible for the customer while being clear that you ‘ll miss them. Your response to the refund request should be a helpful as to any other customer support e-mail and leave the door open to rekindle the customer kinship in the future.
kenneth.o.olsson @

re : refund request
Hi Peter,

I ‘ve processed your refund, and you should expect to see the total appear in your bank account in 2-3 business days.

We are sad to see you go, but I understand that our military service is not for everyone. I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity and hope that we can work in concert again in the future.

If you ‘re looking to try other options, let me know, as I ‘d be glad to help you find the right match for your company ‘s needs.

Have a great day !

According to a report, the cost of bad customer service is about $ 75 billion per year. That said, you should most decidedly be in the clear after reading through this blog mail. however, when it comes to writing customer service emails, there ‘s frequently more than you – or your team – has clock to handle. That ‘s where Flowrite comes in.

With Flowrite, you can turn short bullet points into ready-to-send customer support emails faster than ever. Request access to experience the future of writing among the first.

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